Budget 4K Linden 55" UHD LED LCD TV Unboxing & First Impressions | Tech Man Pat

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This TV is the most basic model you can get with some high specs, when I was younger and I was building my first gaming PC my father told me doesn’t matter what it looks like on the outside put your money into the specs.

I fell like this tv is exactly that on the outside it has no features but has the specs to be brilliant.

let me know if you all even read the description !

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hello friends Patrick here and today we are unboxing a TV and it's not your usual Samsung or LG TV on bending over to try and fit in the frame here on the lens that I've got on this lumix so excuse me but I'll put it up on the table and move it around in a second but I just want to talk about what this is this is a Linden TV and excuse the sound that's also being done a little bit badly but let's move on Linden TV's are well unknowing to me until a few days ago it turns out this is a good guys brand and this TV is on clearance right now for 497 dollars what makes it special first of all it's a 55 inch so it's not crazy big but 55 is a great average pretty much a standard fit for most homes and particularly big home and I didn't want to spend a lot of money it's a little bit about budget and initially when I started this channel I wanted to do a lot of budget stuff kind of turn into more average rather than budget this is definitely a budget setup and I'll talk about what the plan for this is but what makes it special is that 55 inch it is an LCD so it's not Q land or on land or any of that great stuff that's those technologies are definitely saved for Samsung LG and Sony but it is HD so UHD which means it's 4k so the resolution is very good it has three HDMI 1x USB so you can plug in a USB so you can do inbuilt DVR basically even report channels on it and that's it no smart capabilities no Netflix no nothing at all this is a non nonsense monitor so what is actually mean well it's basically a huge monitor that I'm gonna hook up an Apple TV to it and all of a sudden it'll be a smart TV for the price of $600 so 400 so 500 plus the 200 for the Apple $700 for a 4k Smart TV however the smut part of it inside that TV is never going to be good as a $3,000 or $2,000 to you or even $1,500 TV so what you're really getting is premium Smart TV features in your Apple TV and a very good screen now reviews I saw online have been pretty good on the quality of the screen and the audio has been rubbish but I have a solution for that anyway so it's a bit of a DIY DIY TV but for the price and if you putting this in a spare room that's gonna be good so this isn't going as a living room this is going to go in this room right here and I'm gonna use it to play my xbox then I have not been able to play for a while it's always on the main TV near the TV and that's always a new so let me unbox this let me get it on this table we'll hook up the Xbox and we'll play some Forza to see the quality of this Davi so there's not much in the box unfortunately there's obviously the TV there's the remote and it comes with batteries to fate they're just feet they're not even a proper stand they just go inside the TV and remember when you're trying to get out the TV maybe make sure you have two people out of the box very simple these legs slide into it underneath and fairly straight away there's like there is screws so I'll need to put in the screws in a minute in the back that's summarize what we've got we've got TV antenna we've got a USB headphones HDMI one two and three and there's an arc here so you can go back and forth which is great we've got screws for the mounted on a wall which is really cool sometimes you don't get the screws of the TV which is quite impressive and underneath here we have video left and right so this is the old one that you can connect basically your old gaming consoles your retro ones which is awesome and we've got optical sound this is an amazing amount of actual Ione look how thin it is behind here this is pretty darn impressive alright and this is what the fun started I could not get it to connect to my xbox it was sent up for a different 4k TV a Samsung one I have in the other room so connecting it was actually quite troublesome I actually had to connect a monitor to the Xbox turn off a 4k feature even though this TV is 4k and then I was only able to actually connect the Xbox this was extremely frustrating because a computer are connected was able to work at 4k at 60 frames so it was something to do with the Xbox I know the Xbox itself doesn't do 4k but it should still be able to connect and be shown as a 4k compatible device so every time I clicked allow 4k it went to no signal and unfortunately did not work however that's gonna come in the review so thank you very much for watching this unboxing and troubleshooting this is what it looks like and let me just yeah let me just see how it goes and I'll give you guys the full review if this is worthwhile and this stage I'm considering taking it back but I haven't figured out why the 4k on this doesn't work then again this is only the Xbox one the newer once it does do 4k video but not games it's a bit weird so I don't know if it's this because this works guys thank you very much for watching and I'll catch you in another one



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