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I don't know charge hey there Bofur on the lens hold on hold on I got it guys yeah yeah imagine that I'm opening up the weekend vlog drinking a cup of coffee how original can I be how are you guys my name is David Franco and welcome to Z weekend of locative vlog might hear a bit of noise behind me that noise is called anthem and let me tell you despite all the negative and whiny and dramatic reviews I'm having a blast with it like it's so much fun seriously it is pure chaos the pacing is so good with combat and it's a beautiful game it runs silky smooth even when streaming which is a big deal for me so take it from me a positive thinking gamer ignore the negativity ignore the drama give anthem a try hey if you have organ access you get a 10 hour trial now me I bought it and of course shadow my god twitch chat room for maybe not possible guys thank you so much I really really do appreciate it anyway I was up until 4 o clock last night streaming this I don't usually stream late Thursday into Friday but I stream twice yesterday because of anthem it's a huge release and I wanted to be one of the first to experience it you know along with everyone else so I'm gonna stream it again today around 2 or 3 o'clock and stream it again tonight around like 10 or 11 o'clock and go to easily like easily maybe like 4 or 5 a.m. with of course some some you know apex live drinks anyway the point is anthem is a lot of fun and it's a lot coming for me because I got bored fairly quickly with a game like destiny hopefully this doesn't get bored quickly but right now it's just fun it is damn fun it sounds like a paid sponsorship it's not I wish it was okay it's already 12:30 what is yeah what is wrong with me let's make it a good weekend my dad got a new car or is getting a new car like any hour now so I'm looking forward to vlogging that and my dad's so excited – I don't know record like an in-depth tech video because he keeps explaining them he's like David this car has tech that we've never seen before so I'm intrigued am i I'm intrigued so anyway this was a really good week I got some good business related things going on I'm not gonna talk about that right now I'll talk about that later but let's just say 2019 year partnerships is already off to a great start Tony guys I'm going all-in with my brand all-in but first allow me to publish Z weekend blog for non patrons and Z pages only bug for patrons it's making a good weekend guys a lot of content coming out Friday is vlog day and tomorrow Saturday is hangout day so should be fun with of course plenty of coffee get in me watching anthem just make some little anthem I'm hyped to grind harder this weekend cheers guys there's a little intense oh my god I don't have to guess I heard about the fire the campground but it was intense I'll fix that later hmm okay we didn't plug his life pages only vlog is live today's lunch Stouffer's mac and cheese fun fact while we'll use their servers mac and cheese that's why it's so good so do do do of course i'll make this in the oven 350 let's do it let's do it let's do it let's do it 250 start preheat done boom let's check in on malli hey malli hey are you doing you tired yeah your uncle kee I don't know you've actually been a very very bad kitty this week I'm not gonna go into details now but let's just hope it gets better hey malli hi you're a good boy you're so tired so all you do is sleep okay okay sorry enjoy okay guys I can't resist I need this share the good news with you now here we go come on let's go let's go alright so check this out if you go to DeFranco media.com and you click on your host Papa check this out do you guys recall my photo shoot last week it was for this boom that's me guys look at that limited time only incredible deal for first-time bloggers instead of 9 dollars a month for hosting it's only 295 also host Papa told me that this is their first landing page of this kind so how cool is that I'm the first person to be on this kind of landing page guys I cannot express enough how big of a deal this is to me if you've been thinking about websites and you wanted to be as easy as possible I highly recommend you go this route trust me I would not have partnered with host Poppa if I was not confident in their services and believe me Elementor combined with WordPress is a beautiful thing and actually with that said I have an entire video dedicated to elements a triple Oh check it out so the best thing about this is if they start seeing conversions in the next month or two then they're gonna consider setting up a sponsorship with me on Twitch my first sponsorship ever on Twitch this could be huge for me so I'm serious guys I'm so serious yeah if you guys have been thinking about creating a website now is the time use that deal you'll save so much money and you'll also be helping me out as well but not only that's I promise to promote your website if you use my host pop a link so email me your website once it's done I'll share it on Twitter I'll share it on youtube or shared on Facebook I'm serious I want this to be something focused on us me and you the YouTube community the community of creators we need to get out there we need to publish content whether you're a video content creator or a blogger or a musician I strongly believe having a website is important this is my first time ever being featured on a co-branded page with a web host and I'm just very very grateful for this opportunity so if you guys want to start just click that link right below I appreciate it and I promise as easy it is so easy Elementor is a beautiful beautiful thing also it's pre-installed it is pre-installed meaning you don't have to install the plug-in yourself you can literally get right to work without worrying about the backend that's the beauty about this and of course I'll continue to promote this in fresh and original content on the front chameleon calm and stuff like that now this offer at first was gonna be exclusive to patrons but is ours poppin I said now you can you can share it everywhere to get so obviously the more traffic they get the better so it makes them look good it makes me look good so enjoy and of course if you have any questions reach out to me I appreciate it hey guys look at that that is just so awesome and if you're wondering this website was completely built using Elementor and if you ask me it's a beautiful website look at this extremely easy to navigate ton of information to look into oh and how spot was filled with features go back to de frança media there you go I love it and there's Elementor and there's my video got I love it love that music cool thank you guys so much for your support it means a lot so as you can hopefully see by now my focus nowadays is pretty much YouTube vlogs web hosting affiliates sponsorships all that stuff and twitch and patreon so those are my biggest focus is moving forward and I'm excited for the future this this is a big big step guys huge step actually I've never had this kind of partnership with someone before so I'm hoping you can support me along the way thank you so much my shirt is so bright I stand out on a mother I got something in the mail it may have been in my mailbox all week I don't check my mail every day do you cuz I get I get mostly junk mail alright I get mostly junk now this is Amazon I don't think I ordered anything it's a gift it's a gift oh my god oh yes I go to D I need it hope this yep how do you bid hope this will help on that old spy on your stove love Auto Jodi other Jodi thank you so much so I mentioned my stove last week and I admit I'm not the best at cleaning appliances uncle Johnny thank you so this is a cooktop cleaner scraper and pad and all that stuff pretty cool it's like a whole little kit love it thank you oh my dirty I like it already love you dude John Krasinski just tweeted something very exciting time to go back part 2 May 15th 2020 that's obviously a quiet place huh how are they gonna handle that I'm not gonna spoil anything just a guess you haven't seen the movie but I'm kind of hoping part two goes back in time cuz I don't know what they could do about part two moving forward if John himself is tweeting it either way um hi it's a quiet place is so good such a good movie I think I need to watch it again soon probably in the basement oh please watch it if you have not done so yet and that's barnacle is a hair in the background that dude can talk he talks more than me that's for sure actually apparently this was confirmed a while back I guess today's tweet just confirms the day that's pretty cool may 15th in 2024 Vince I'm legit hyped for this by the way did I mention its snowed again yeah we got like five to six inches and check it out that doc in his squad are about to win another match when they FX legends I wish I was better at this game I have maybe seven or eight wins which isn't terrible I mean it's better than zero right I'm just really hard on myself for example we got a win on Wednesday Tuesday I don't know and I felt like I needed to give the win back to respawn excited I feel like I didn't deserve it I don't know I'm just I'm just a kind of person who likes to work for what I earned I don't like things coming easy to put the work in a time in the patient's all right enough whining let's eat some freakin mac and cheese shall we easy lunch oh Stover's is just it's so good guys it's just so good look at it bubbling now yeah easy win he's he's mean sarcastic I like a apex Legends but I really feel like they need to increase the player account from 60 to 80 sometimes the game is just way way too quiet mac and cheese time guys whoo and then twitch it's 2:30 actually we'd live by three I'm gonna watch an episode of the office look who's back it's Dave from Seaside I think I'm gonna put in my gaming room by my loot corner that's perfect right I'm Allie did you just start eating your dinner you gonna regurgitate it what's wrong hey yo Kai the heat finally shut off it was defrosting it makes my noise hi so I'm reacting that page is only blog because I'm an idiot god that lighting looks cool and I supposed to paint these walls I had several people point out tonight and my twitch chat room that a couple clips were repeated in the vlog and how do I let that happen and I previewed it I guess I missed it I don't know it sometimes I preview vlogs in the background I just kind of listen it is what it isn't well what's funny is I fixed two errors before uploading it and I apparently I missed those two errors as well David David David you should be disappointed in yourself I am don't worry I am anyway great stream guys I had a max of 40 viewers which is an insane I mean it's a brand new game anthem so it's gonna be a little hard to climb to the top again I'm gonna give you some solid advice if you're looking a girl on Twitch do not stream popular game yeah great games stream like mid to your games but not games that aren't like not popular at all but like like The Last of Us I think I think the last of us will always have viewers this is the next couple years anyway anthem was a ton of fun you guys it oh my god how can combat be so fluid like it's so enjoyable like it's legit fun alright it's seven oh my god I thirty seven thirty guess I gotta go first I'll target I'm not gonna block there but McDonald's I will vlog there oh come on YouTube always has to judge my eating habits right just a way of life and no honestly that's fine that's fine I'm that man and thanks you're pretty good I'm at McDonald's guys not gonna lie I'm pretty excited I know I know it's not good food it's not good food you guys tell me this every week I'm sure most of you eat poorly though like here and there right I don't have McDonald's all week long I would if I could but I can no I want it I wouldn't really really I wouldn't anyway I just wanna give a shout-out to someone on YouTube I just thought it was funny he thought it was funny that I replied I'll throw it okay I'll totally screenshot right here around there everything's flipped but when you're when you're vlogging says a little confusing I know he said this is my personal opinion but I have a dog and I think dogs are better than cats and I said they're both great and he said thanks for applying it then he edited his original comment saying oh my god he replied now I'm sharing this for a reason not to boost my ego trust me I do that enough that's why I have a lady's face mug and all that stuff I'm doing it because I feel it's important to reply to your community and I cannot stand when I see creators not responding and my freighter doesn't mean like youtubers twitch streamers whatever and I understand like if you're a big twitch streamer like someone like doctor disrespect or shroud or summat you can't reply to everyone it's just impossible it's physically impossible and especially mentally impossible you'll go insane however with that said I've seen smaller streamers and smaller youtubers not reply to their comments or at least I don't now acknowledge them yeah I think it's so important to acknowledge your audience and I'm not setting on perfect I mean I probably have like hundreds of videos with old comments that I never went back to seeing because well eventually they fall through the cracks and I focus on the newer content but I'm just saying focus in your community it's important it's important so that's like my tip for this week because we're grateful enough to have people watching us and you know you know I mean if you think about it we live in a very negative world where people are constantly constantly judging one another and I don't know why but it's important to focus on the positive more than the negative so don't forget kill others with your kindness go out there and murder them with your compliments all right I just want to put that out there I thought I thought it was worth sharing so uh thank you quadri oh hey love eh Oh whale of a wash oh my love I'm sorry I don't know how to say her name so so sorry okay it's my god it's time guys I'll be back whoo I'm hyped I'm thinking a burger tonight I've had enough breakfast I had a lot of breakfast this week it's food acquired did they include the bacon this time let's find out whoa you hear how loud that zoom is it's so bad it's so bad what um close your eyes and watch your video okay there we go here we go [Applause] now when your eyes you perverts I'm eating fries don't blame me for that it's all in your head stretch it out this are hot got a quarter pounder of bacon last time I tried this didn't give me the bacon let's see what happened all right oh my god okay it's got bacon plenty of lettuce this time dude burger actually looks incredible who this witness if that doesn't make you want a burger I don't know what does hot damn McDonald's I'm impressed hi dad bye dad enjoy your Audi just kid I know we'll do a tour on Sunday what how nice I'll be back we're girl runners McDonald's was amazing my answer lock the pants in there it is pretty sure mom's gonna Scaramanga is that's what she does she's immature Carolee see much on night mom I will slit you what do you do what are you doing I'm like I just thought I'll slit you I didn't say throat I didn't say where yeah cuz I'm vlogging I'm like I will slit you it's amazing oh sorry I'm very violent no that's our McDonald's don't judge my waters I notice it oh good your clothes are still there I know okay that looks like a Honda great okay mom how are you well why is it so close I'm good Charlie go to bed but David's making me go to Rutter's I'm already in my PJs just kidding I just wanted to put my PJs I guess I'm here coming up oh god it's scary yeah right my makeup is like oh so sighs I'm sorry I will not be able to see mom and dad tomorrow in the vlog they're ditching me for a party in Jersey yes but fry table Sunday I'll be over to vlog okay why are you dressed up because I've had a lot of people request the tour for dad's car that one yeah why do you think I'm dressed up got a red shirt I am very bright today but I'm not dressed as I want some Monique Maui I'm home he loves his garage good enjoy the garage my dude feels good in here doesn't it I gotta clean this out hey man I have fun okay a target hall because it's already 10:13 I'm a little late tonight but hey it's Friday night Friday night coffee for Mother's Oh baby over here we have white bread like me you are that all right by the way every time I get this now I think of Kareem Kareem I know these are gonna kill me it is what it is dude this sounds banging check it out Heinz barbecue sauce Texas style bold and spicy sign me up whoo peanut butter gonna watch as I bought myself peanut butter sugar and frozen stuff never had these I give a thick and fluffy Belgian style I love breakfast foods Red Baron french bread pizza for lunch and chicken nuggets for lunch because you guys you know what I'm always running out of lunch ideas during the week and water for the Keurig upstairs and yes those are old Christmas cookies give me space all right also I want to give a shout outs with Logan one guy 8:02 on twitch he gifted 10 subs on my twitch channel earlier this week and you give to ten additional subs on my twitch channel two nights Logan dude thank you thank you thank you as check him out right below he's a great guy and he'll actually me at tomorrow night's hangout he should be anyway come here you know he's actually falling asleep on the Hangout before cuz he got so drunk Logan it's okay it's okay it happens to the best of us many hours later it's 5:30 in the morning and tonight it's just one of those nights that reminds me of why I do what I do on Twitch David's which comment telling you if you guys are not following me please consider it because you are truly missing out on some hilarious hilarious memorable moments amongst the twitch community these are not just viewers guys these are friends these are people I talk to daily and I love them for that I do I'm just saying I guess tonight was especially good now as you may know I have a love-hate relationship going on right now with Apex license I love the game because it's incredibly unique for a VR game but I hate it at the same time well your fun hate because it still has the battle royale syndrome I call it BRS where you can die for the stupidest reasons but tonight tonight was especially fun in apex legends now only roll two clips real quick just hilarious times clip number one is our awesome win roll it I'd his armors broken gold arm instruction arm is broken on another Knox one got him knock two on me last guy on me move it in really no no armor over here where is he over here turn around turn around turn around last guy finish them I gosh I'm finishing yeah GG guys ah good shit guys and now for clip number two you know that feeling when you get tired late into the night so we're just tired in general and you just get the laughs the giggles whatever you want to call it you just keep laughing you just you just start crying that's what happened here so they have as you can see we clearly had a great time tonight played a lot of anthem played a lot of siege played a lot of apex Legends overall a great variety night over at David's twitch calm guys thank you so much for your support tomorrow should be fun it's the hangouts which yes I'm gonna say it again I will be streaming on Twitch as well so should be an awesome time all right it's 5:30 which isn't too bad for me I'm gonna have a bowl of cereal pushed up in bed watch some plex Netflix whatever and I'll see you guys technically later today and good night to you too malli nothing all right guys I'm not even going to tell you what time it is oh my god what a late start but I will say I feel well rested so clearly clearly my body was behind on sleep and plus to be fair I don't really get a better to like around 7:00 so it is what it is alright I'm gonna have coffee have a very late lunch then dinner and probably just a few hours so that gives you an idea of what time it is I'm not proud of it I'm not but I'm much much better during the week I'm usually up early during the week you know get work done um so yeah today I'm just gonna it's just gonna be me at home yeah the pretzels are in Jersey for a party so that's cool have fun without me I'll just beer by myself thinking about my life and how much of a failure no seems like it's just me I'm just gonna chill but the Hangout is tonight at 10 p.m. so that should be fine but before now I'm then I'm gonna do a couple unboxings for you guys lights I mean they're not gonna be that exciting but for me they're pretty exciting because it's a sweet addition to my gaming room then later tonight oh that a runner is probably get a couple tacos for lunch because I have to go there anyway to get a 6-pack for the Hangout probably twisted tee or Redd's Apple ale I don't know I don't know but today is gonna be a very very chill day so in other words this vlog is probably not gonna be that long I apologize I apologize the patient's only vlogs are typically at least one like an hour and 20 minutes longest obviously I have a lot more going on during the week I get to see my parents more during the week ironically cuz I typically have dinner with my mom every Monday and Tuesday so if you want to see that content Fletcher below I appreciate it and if not I understand I understand now yeah I'm gonna try to keep you guys entertained for the rest of the weekend it is what it is there's really not a lot going on between now and I guess the beginning of spring but you know once spring is here I'll get outside more and walk around and all that stuff so uh I appreciate your support either way maybe I'm just overthinking I like to entertain that's who I am meanwhile Maui is still obsessed with the garage for some reason hey malli are you doing in here he always sniffs that pretty sure the cat's outside like to brush up against it because I have many many outside cats around here which is pretty cool I gotta clean this and look there's my bike so hopefully I'll start riding that soon good boy come on between my legs go go go score and yes I did shower I just did my laundry last night and I forgot to put him in the dryer well to be fair I did laundry like 7:00 in the morning I woke up I was like crap know how many dry clothes so here I am of course I'll do that later okay Coffee time guys let's make today a nice and relaxing day I guess I should really cover that out of pop I'll get to it oh man such potential look at this closet similar to what I said last week about that closet or is that in the patient's blog I forget either way I definitely get a closet organizer for in here so I can just easily slide stuff in and out of shelving and whatever and four over there as well okay today's unboxing the skylight from bliss lights so guys at bliss lights calm or whatever the website is will link them right below thank you so much for sending us out my way basically is gonna create like a starry night indoors now I have something similar to this but it's much bigger so in theory this is gonna give me this similar effect but in a smaller form factor which I'm always for then way of these star ports laser USB which should give off a similar but smaller effect but in the form of USB yeah you literally just plug it into a USB port and boom you have an indoor starry night effect pretty cool let's unbox them I feel like I don't get to do unboxings that often anymore so this is kind of fun coffee I'm still waking up all right let's do this should be a very quick unboxing pretty much plug-and-play right yeah it's bigger than I imagined that's what she said it's getting old I love the fact that it's white like that it's pretty cool pretty pretty cool let's flip this open guys it's definitely a lot smaller than the other starry night thing I have and in theory quieter the other one I have has like a loud fan which isn't too bad but the less noise the better right so I'm curious to see this one has any kind of cooling mechanism and standard power dancer then let's unbox these Wow oh okay that's tiny this is a USB extender which is pretty cool and okay so this is neat you can plug it into roughly like this you know kind of going straight up but if you want to flex it boom there you go let me untie this and there yeah that's actually really cool this is a throwback to what was that product I had was it a microphone or a light basically it would flex on my PowerBook g4 those were the days those are the days simpler times and I loved it I forget what it was though so I'm gonna have to go back in time when you to today and find that anyway this is really cool in theory it just works and here's the blue one which I'm gonna unbox video real quick same exact thing just a different color there's the light itself and you you X yeah USB extender so it's gonna connected and I'll show you guys full effects alright let's shut off my light turn my PC on just to make sure we have full USB power even though these are always on so in theory the USB port should work just fine but still and yes these are Christmas lights don't judge me all right don't judge me I just like how they look so let's do this one first should just be a plug-and-play I currently have my Xbox controller plugged in the front which I don't need and here we go dude oh my god all of that is coming out of this little big oh my god holy crap yo I did not expect such an insane effect from a tiny device and obviously it's gonna look even better once it's actually dark out but damn dude wow wow wow I am impressed I am definitely impressed so in theory I could just point one back here for like a background on my streams and then we have the blue one which I'm gonna get ready it's getting its head a little twisty tie off I took the LEDs off Christmas lights for now so I'm gonna put it directly on the front and I'll probably get a dedicated us actually hold on this could be the perfect cup that was cool this could be the perfect opportunity to use this this is one of the accessories I bought for my gaming PC setup that I'd never actually ended up using is a 10 port USB hub 10 USB ports that's a lot so I actually might connect this finally just maybe leave it up top or put it down here I don't know but for now I disappeared for the sake of saving time let's just do it right here alright check that out that is so neat guys oh my god this completely changes the way my gaming room looks holy crap and of course I could put one over there if I wanted one directly over here over there that is so so cool and let's not forget we still have this one the Big Daddy so let's see how this one looks okay for now let's just take these off boom back to normal now the power adapter is plugged in over here so let's plug this in now the one thing these don't have the smaller models is motion and because this one's obviously so much bigger I'm assuming it has some form of motion so let's find out okay you guys can watch in real time here we go I'm gonna plug it in you ready for this there we go dude okay let me see yep we have motion motion is confirmed would you look at that now this looks like the one I previously had the effect it looks exactly like it which is obviously a very good thing because honestly I miss it I don't know where it is I think it's in storage somewhere but Dan that looks cool that looks so so cool I actually might keep this one in the basement perhaps like over over the bar area which I think it'd look really cool and I might just dedicate these two well I don't know because I really I really like the power button on the side you could just turn it off oh look at that you could turn the blue off or oh or just have blue that's pretty cool interesting oh there's a brightness setting too so there you go max brightness medium low max pretty sweet I don't know what this one does that might be the motion I don't know yeah so pressing this middle button right here turns on and off the motion it's a little shaky right now is I think it's sitting weird there you go that is really cool guys all right I'm going to link all three products right below treat yourself because I gotta say these are cool these are actually really really cool shut out the Bliss lights for these I really appreciate it guys these are just incredible I love lights I am definitely a sucker for lights I think I think everybody should have some form of LEDs or or lasers or whatever in their life so treat yourself right below I do love pizza god this looks good I'm a little behind the times all right I admit that but I just know James Newton Howard dude I just now watched the Hunger Games Catching Fire I enjoyed the first Hunger Games but I think this one was infinitely better way pounds check oh wait here Sony oh wait it's okay oh wait that's a little better anyway the first time our games it was pretty damn good and please keep in mind I never actually read the books I'm just not a big reader I'm a visual person but uh yeah Catching Fire in my opinion takes everything about the first Hunger Games and just doubles it makes the action better the fight felt longer and there's obviously a lot more going on with the story in regards to the past and her sister and her family and everything at district 12 so with that said I'm actually really really excited to watch Mockingjay part 1 and part 2 so I think tomorrow tomorrow if I have time I'm gonna watch part 1 so what do you guys think are you offended the Hunger Games and plus I'm a huge battle royale fan and this is as BR as I get just just a movie format so cool excellent movie 7:17 should leave here by 7:00 daddy to get writers get dinner and all that stuff to come back and do the hangout let's do it and tomorrow's a family day I promise I will get the family on camera Maui what are your thoughts on Catching Fire was it good no no that's just kind of like your opinion dude doesn't that look amazing guys thank you so much for a memorable hangout that's for sure and I got to my six-pack boom Redd's Apple ale love it let's just say tonight's hangout was a first like I'm not gonna go to details not gonna dwell on it but if you're curious just go to my twitch watch the vaad from tonight skit maybe to like 70% throw it and just watch a very bizarre situation unfold very very bizarre but I thought I handled it well I thought my patrons handled it well but I do want to give a shout-out to my friend honor honor dude thank you I know I know we joke around with each other a lot with like all these insoles like fun insults cuz that's how we you know communicate or whatever but you were especially nice tonight just just the things you said about many things you say to my honor my defense Danny dude the one night you're not here god I wish you were there something you would have reacted in a way that could have escalated things so much more than what actually happened again I'm not gonna go into details I'm not gonna not gonna target this person but if you're watching this video the person who caused all that commotion tonight I'm sure your your your intentions weren't bad but you really have to look at it from our point of view you completely approach that in the wrong way completely the wrong way and honestly you made the situation not only incredibly awkward but difficult me I rarely get uncomfortable on camera but that legit made me feel uncomfortable and I'm sorry I had to eject you from the Hangout like you are the first patron I ever had to eject and block on patreon and if you want your five dollars back let me know I will gladly PayPal you the $5 like today tomorrow tonight whatever just let me know so that's the kind of person I am I like to be there for you but in regards to patreon I'm sorry I guess it's just not working out I get I guess I know I'm being incredibly vague again if you really want to know what happened just check out the vaad anyway guys thank you so much for your supports like tonight we're still incredible a night like the tonight was still incredible tonight was just amazing guys I've reached a max of 60 viewer now 62 viewers on Twitch which is fun and we had a lot of good last lot a lot of good stories a lot of good common interest like with video games on tech and music and all that so there's just an overall a great night I love you guys thank you so much for you support paid runs nine patients which viewers YouTube viewers whatever all that good stuff I am going to get some sleep I like said what time is it it's about it's about 6:00 in the morning guys I'll see you later today I need sleep so I'm gonna shut this down oh hello and happy Sunday I'm feeling good feeling good all caught up with editing I'm gonna try to get this vlog past the hour mark I don't like putting our short vlogs that's not me that's just not me yes sitting really do a lot this weekend you may have noticed I didn't record any of the hangout last night mainly because Dan wasn't there and if Dan's not there I just used the headphones that would there's no audio feedback on the Hangout itself but hopefully next month Dan will find time the commands he's obviously not as close to me anymore not friendship-wise obviously but distance wise he's he's a good maybe I don't I had two hours for me so it's not exactly you know close close whoo that's a bright Sun behind me anyway it's still daytime out we still have daylight so I'm hoping Papapa can give us a brief tour of his new BMW it's kind of like his new baby so he's been asking me to show it on camera I don't really care that much to be honest I'm a simple kind of guy when it comes to cars I'd rather put my money into where it's Tekken and websites and projects and stuff like that but who knows maybe one day I'll have enough you know extra income where I can just buy myself a nicer car than I mazda3 but honestly I love this car I haven't had any serious issues with it knock on wood the mileage has been great it so works just fine of course I say all this and watch begin it's like a major accident this week yep you just jinx yourself David congratulations also you notice I'm wearing my playstation hat gotta have an awareness hat at a long time do I know that I don't think so all right let's go dinner time at the pretzels we're having chicken parm I'm height how many times important guys do it yet you're good yeah you're not going now one person at a time now your limits North Carolina all right I know people in North Carolina actually I think at this point I technically know everyone and every snot everyone that's impossible I think I know someone in every state all right let's make it a good Sunday guys I'm feeling good feeling productive feeling awake yeah I mean considering I went to bed around 6:00 in the morning I don't feel too bad Oh God who kill it's a skunk too dad's watching his van hello beautiful that's her hi handsome hunter pants that's it hey oh good no he's doing a booty road dog hey you love your booty rubs hi yeah there you go good boy jazzing hi oh you're so cute we bought it hardcore off camera I love this dog she's incredible hello mom now he's been perfect ever since I moved the litter box over this spot it's like he's been perfect mom I'm not gonna get ahead of myself but I think I solved the issue so what's up how was your party last night fun actually a lot of fun I learned some old people we haven't seen the walk yeah do you play any s yeah I saw that like it wasn't even a modern NES like a mini one it was a legit NES oh really you should have taken me eighties themed party apparently an invitation to the 80s things that's why they did that that's cool it was a lot of fun cool music all night it was amazing nice I love 80s I'm an 80s baby 85 best year ever hey Jesse Holmes Oh seriously respect explain what being a deacon I visit shut-ins and people in nursing homes and stuff that can't get out anymore yeah so I went to visit two with Dee who's so nice the first lady you went to Dave isn't dead no another Dave foul night he's a very nice he's an older man very nice he took me to show me how to do it you know one place that we went it was right near than half that use with that would you want three Oni other McDonald's oh that house is back on Zillow for some reason I guess it took it down but I didn't see anything new it looked the same did you see yeah that's why it hasn't sold yet yes all that lots of real estate changes in the area yeah I know attacking pant attacking burns good you like that Oh pants is an attention doggie he loves attention where's mom okay mom there's mom why okay dad's too busy to show us okay you know it's cool that it opens by itself it'd be nice if I didn't have to close it oh look at that they put a button there cool that's cool one cool thing about this car you never you don't always have your keys with you but you always have your wallet with you and this car has what they call a BMW passkey so I can actually start the car this with a credit card if I was it to keep a house or you just kind of like tap it yeah this is a proximity come on show us more time I can't do it right now I promise it full-out a full demo but a sneak peek now yeah nice large screen in the middle that's nice dad it's the first hole that heads up this flight right there on the dash sold in Central PA that's cool it does a lot it's still practically clean if you go on the other side I had a leather interior USB in the middle we put the key is that is that wireless charging your phone yep and that's awesome you can I test it quick start that screens actually really clear yes oh it's carplay Wireless scarf lady very nice first night car manufactures anatomies that's a cool finally has I don't know if it'll charge dude dude it's charged that's great and it even lights up blue to tell you very smart that's nice not crazy Germans so this the oh yeah expert it's just too much I can do it promise wanna walk start engine stop then stop you sport covered an eco pro it's not to save gas yeah but do you have sport Sport is cool yeah put on the brake because the keys out there charging my fans lead guarantee really nice dad it's also touchscreen this is a speaker the car started and said you have to put your foot on the brake pedal it's in weird mood right now very nice dad anything in here yet business cards glasses holder you're cool cool oh this is nice you can too that's a really nice strip it's so thin sharp dad Congrats how do you open this it was big oh yeah napkins already of course you do USB and you do have doors in the back which is nice its touchscreen cool as well the other BMF wasn't like that which makes it easier for you right yes really nice no you don't the console a knob through everything well it also does gesture controls you can ask you wave your hand in front of with the answer your phone and all that it's really and as it heads up this way can I do it with music or now it's not it's partially on mobile devices thank you for keeping your feet out of the car that's pretty cool I don't know the UI yet I'm just pressing buttons yeah FM radio talk about a throwback okay I'm just messing with eighth understand very cool we will talk about it more in the future look we even have lighting right here very nice very nice and the red is very very similar to why Mazda I think dad's red might be a shade darker look at that a tad darker cool here's a look at the front that might be the thumbnail what I want to know is can you do music controls with your hands yes it's like next song yeah but I want to know how to set it up it's all linked everything's linked with Google Maps so I don't even give it an address I could say fine Dutch way and gap wait so it's like with Google Maps but not Apple maps but it's carplay interesting a guy that scarf the workplace actually get it in a way of Google Maps I'm actually I might actually disable that yeah is that there's so many things who did you chosen to ever leave the car plan what is the smelly ride what what's so dark in here [Applause] we're taking a walk okay now right here is where I really appreciate the camera the depth of field is so good same one we're taking a walk to the office for what is your mail I need to get some paper awesome doesn't rip on paper what chicken barn for dinner yes height with what Oh good angels my favorite pasta I love it what kind of sauce homemade honorable I just come kid I'm kidding did this lighting right now is perfect David it's so soft did father pester Bob thank you for the pizza yeah no kid he didn't know he's he's very forgetful sometimes really no dad dad paid for his pizza but he didn't know it was a surprise kids and it's family yep move that's what we do in our church yeah help each other and I pick up there pick up there top and discreetly all right discretely discretely no industry industry Lee opt Ernie no dad if you want to be discreet you're quiet about it yeah in discreetly over the opposite so you've been like look I paid for your pizza I wanted to do that this is why we came here for junk mail okay we're not even going up to the office he's really nice cool what a douche company I hate these guys the boss is a real jerk look I can I can take this on the event shall take it with me what when I move out here now where we going it's so moist out 97 years old he still makes his own butter a bread are you serious that's a big step down oh they're doing they're bringing a stand back maybe it's true I mean if they're doing a remake on the stand really did you hear about a quiet place part 2 confirmed May 20-22 and that's weird freaks me out disrespectful why not go over some raisins funny I am dying to get in there dark humor calm down that's a that's a good place to do a vlog is your jacket heated right now still walk Dave loves our house he knew Joe he was a poor soils he knew Joe Anderson he was a balloon some kind of club with him oh and Dave wants you to join a club when you move here full-time why are you yelling like what are clubs hey thank you for everything tonight's dinner just pasta and chicken parm may I show it looking at melting yeah we're under a high wind warning and I think it's starting already what is it 45 degrees out though it's so warm seriously warm at least when compared to recent temperatures ooh Parmesan cheese I'm a fan that's a high yeah so check out dad isn't it's like a really white robe I know money took it off oh I just died of electrocution look at what you guys love your HDTV don't ya battery tester from RadioShack look at this this thing is old it works there right why not hey dummy on camions old but she's incredible I don't know where it is mama dad have like a hole I guess technically a closet dedicated to like batteries and cables which I love that's smart so I hate searching for that stuff doors are kind of weird though they don't say shut Oh daddy daddy daddy daddy doesn't like that looks so good mom thank you who says you don't like a that's a big one okay oh my God look at that jeez viewers are you getting hungry god I even the vegans are hungry right now can you give this supply shop shop back shout bring it in it's not gonna get the rolls yeah there's even bread Texas toast do I love Texas toast thank you for dinner I love you so funny the Friday yeah like mom I will slate you because I thought you were hiding a sneaker alright quick visit the blanks then we're gonna go to rudders yes my treat and then movie time we're gonna watch dates for whatever weddings I'm for you I forget the title you're annoying me the time hi blanks hi oh there you go haven't seen you in a couple days hi oh my god back look at here I like this cat I want to take him in so bad love you too bless you love you too this is like a puppy I've never seen a cat so affectionate so she consider here's a wild cat for solos oh now I have to paint this white the dresser so pops you likey likey right got put everything back together Oh dad suppose our Mitchell joins for me I like it hi blanks hey baby that is cute he's like David's back if you moved in I guarantee you every night he would cuddle with me every night you thought I have to put him in a room when you're trying to do something yeah it's so cute so glad I rescued you place I think blinkx is glad to bomb okay blanks that's actually that I just happen to marry the other day either clean it up actually yesterday that's right that's what cats do they they they overeat and then it comes up I don't know why and there's not like we ovary didn't throw up I mean I don't anyway you know I'm itchy yeah woo Blake's is such a cool cat kind of like sup good boy now go key you're very good boy seriously almost lost my shirt tell him what happened I'm the girl was cleaning at rudders and she's like you guys just have coffee she held across her and were like yeah she's like have a good night nice knowing people we got guys got my license yesterday it's the most horrible picture ever my face looks like a basketball and I am home yep Macao Tower is back in the kitchen my own likes it good boy ma'am I'll come on you can do it go boy go boy Maui high Wow alright okay come down okay okay okay why is everything gonna be a fight with you why can't you just chill you're gonna follow dude oh my port six o'clock it's the second time good boy you're so cute there's our guilt here's a loving life Hey Oh calm down as always good times with the family my lens is a little dirty it's probably from blanks good times good times excellent dinner god I love the fact that my mom and dad moved to PA because it means we can get sundaes back well B is this something one thing I missed when I moved here and they you know we're so in Jersey is every Sunday used to be like family day when you know we were all in Jersey together and then they just kind of stopped for two years to two and a half years but now every Sunday we have dinner together we usually watch a movie together and I love that and I get to have dinner with my mom on Mondays and usually Tuesdays so that's good found this important guys to spend time with them why you can especially for you younger ones out there cuz trust me I know yeah I know I know you probably go into that phase or you think it's not cool to hang out with your parents but one day I guarantee you you will learn to appreciate your family more I know I have I mean I've always appreciated family but obviously the older you get the more mature you get the more you realize how important family truly is hey malli yeah yeah yeah yeah you're part of family I know you guys thank you so much watching another great weekend vlog come so close at least I think it was great right and they go on come on positive vibes all around I love it I love you guys thank you so much for your support patrons stay tuned for another exclusive blog throughout the week at least an hour long I'm excited to just take you along for that journey and now I'm asked for everyone you stay awesome right you stay awesome and I'll see you soon peace



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  1. John's the director/writer of A Quiet Place, it's his baby, so they can do part 2 sequel rather than a prequel. Honestly wouldn't mind a prequel though, seeing the first weeks of destruction and how they managed to survive it would be pretty awesome.

  2. Awesome vlog as usual David and really appreciate the hour long vlogs!! Just got to the point where you went and got McDonald's, and now I have to go to McDonalds and get food to watch your vlog because it looked good lol, anyways, keep up the great work!!

  3. Yay!! It's weekend vlog day!! Congrats to your Dad on his new BMW, I know he will enjoy it!! Love seeing you and your family getting to spend your Sunday evenings together again…spending time with your loved ones is very important, whether it's your family or friends, because bad things can and do happen, and in the blink of an eye, they could be gone. Thanks for sharing your family time with us! Kisses to Maui for me and as always, much love and respect, to you David!! xo

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