My new Klipsch/SVS/DENON home theater update 3/2019

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This a look at my newest addition to my home theater setup, The Klipsch RP-450C reference premiere line. Hope you guys enjoy! Please subscribe
hey YouTube I'm back to give you a quick update on my home theater room it's a new piece that you guys can see in the center which is the reference premiere clips are p450 see and this one is the previous reference premiere line that clich introduced I believe in 2015 it matches my rp2 ATF's towers which are beautiful and sound spectacular as you can see here it has the same features the same finish the ebony finish which I absolutely love got this speaker on a very good deal at Amazon it was a open box cell and I jumped on it because there as you guys know they're hard to find these days because of the new line up the new RP line has a little copper ring right here on the tweeter which personally I like the more simplistic look of this line up here which is why I decided to go with the previous generation and I do not regret it they sound amazing and they look beautiful in my opinion so I had to jump on it glad I did it just brings more of a a larger soundstage for the front and as you can see there in matches perfectly especially with the the center console that I decided to go with I think it looks great I think it looks beautiful together and they paired really well also with my sub the as DSP b12 NSD which is a 12 inch ported subwoofer sounds incredible and then I still have the primal of Asians finalisation speakers from SBS as well and for my surrounds I still have the clinch are 14 m/s which are perfect for my room here and there you see some of my blu-rays this is gonna be a quick little room tour as well as you can see they're still most of the items are the same except for a few changes particularly with the movie collection and the movie figures or movie statues like what I should say and you know just to change things around a little bit but going back to the focus on my center channel it sounds great I couldn't be happier with the performance of this the center channel the vocals are just clear and crisp the sound effects that come out through the front just and they're just jaw-dropping to be honest with you it just it just brings things to a different level you know the art c62 – sounded awesome this one just man I'm just shocked at the at the quality that it pushes out pushing it all out is my receiver which is the Denon X 44 500 H so you see there have the Panamax mr 4300 power conditioner got my Sony X 720 air mice which I have switch right there a few more blu-ray sets that they even got the old Playstation 3 down there so good measures well I'm gonna play a short clip of the movie the dark excuse me not the Dark Knight Batman Begins just to showcase a little bit of the sound quality I can't play a long clip like I usually do because you know for the for the copyright issues so hopefully the sound comes through on the video and this would be a shorter video that I'm not usually upload and hopefully you guys can hear the quality even if it's through this phone just to give you an idea how the sound effects and the vocals come out through the new center here but as you can see it just looks great in my opinion it looks awesome I couldn't be more pleased with the might with my choice of getting this speaker it just completes the entire setup here and without further ado let me go ahead and play the video and hopefully it'll come through the mic so here we go it sounds real really clean we have so many questions posted on the comments new more favors someone is sniffing around a I scratch your back you scratch mine dark I'm bringing in the shipments we are paying you for that really really good Wallace interesting to me is famous let me go ahead and I am more than aware that you are not intimidated by me mr. Falcone go ahead and play a little more and then he gets here I will he's coming to Gotham stop the videos yes and when he kids here thank you for guys for watching any hand if you have a question or up ahead leave a comment thumbs yeah jeez next time take care bye bye



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