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Anthem MRX series:

Anthem’s overbuilt MRX home theater receivers sound great and last a lifetime, but what really sets them apart is their Anthem Room Correction (ARC). It’s a more robust system than the one that accompanies most receivers, and it helps the MRX receivers reach their full potential.

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hey I'm jr. and I'm here today to talk about anthem home theater receivers there's three models the MRX 522 720 which we have here and the 1120 I want to start by what by telling you what makes anthem so special and that would be anthem room correction sometimes it's called a RC this is special to anthem so anthem room correction differentiates itself from the room calibration software found in many other receivers by being more sophisticated more advanced enabling you to do even more very detailed room correction using better quality stuff like this microphone even the mic stand is significantly more stronger robust and sturdy than the mic stand you're gonna find included with many other receivers so they really spared no expense to make sure that your anthem room correction is done right you can use the included microphone connected to a PC that is connected to the receiver and the software on your PC and it is a very robust system it will measure multiple points of your room and take into account the ceilings the drapes the floors well how your room is shaped and it will even show you a graph of exactly what it's doing to each speakers channel and how it's fixing the sound so that you get perfectly placed objects in your surround sound system if you don't want to do the whole Windows version of their software you can download the arc mobile app either to your iPhone or Android device and use the microphone built into your device or purchase an optional Universal arc mobile microphone to get the job done wirelessly from your phone of course another reason to buy an anthem is just how well they're built they are heavy well-built sturdy receivers when you go to take this out of the box and put it up in your audio/video cabinet lift with your legs it's heavy and that's because of the power supply the circuitry built in and just the overall build quality of all of the components if you were to take a look inside you would really be impressed by just how well everything is put together there's a pretty great DAC in there it's a premium 32-bit 768 kilohertz differential output digital audio converter so that is one of the reasons audio sounds amazing on this thing of course it has all the modern conveniences there are seven HDMI inputs those are HDMI 2.0 a there's two parallel output so if you wanted to send video out to a TV and a projector at the same time you could certainly do that there's plenty of analog and digital inputs on the back and of course two subwoofer output these are all point two receivers now there's three models there's the MRX 520 which as you might expect from the name is a five channel 100 watt by five receiver with two subwoofer outputs when you step up to the MRX 720 that's this model here not only will you get two more channels of power seven total but you'll get a hundred and forty watts per channel so more channels more power the ability to do Dolby Atmos in the receiver you can even use the eleven point two channel preamp outputs to add extra amplification if you wanted to add more speakers for anything like Dolby Atmos last but not least the MRX 1120 steps it up to a full eleven channels of a hundred and forty watts of power per speaker enabling you to do a full seven point two point for dolby atmos or DTS X surround system so those are the anthem home theater receivers the MRX five twenty seven twenty and eleven twenty you have any questions on these or any other home theater receivers please give us a call chat with us online or send us an email advisers love talking about home theater receivers believe me



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  1. Are they new? Why haven't I seen or heard of this brand before? Were they super high-end, audiophile equipment only and are just now entering the (regular) consumer market? More info on the company would be nice

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