2019 VIZIO 36” 5.1.4 Soundbar Dolby Atmos Gaming Demo

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Learn how Dolby Atmos can make a difference in your gaming and howe the new VIZIO 36” 5.1.4 Soundbar can bring it to almost any room for less than you’d expect.
everyone Josh got a mobile on here with Visio we're checking out the 36 five one four this is a new south bar for 2019 and it has Dolby Atmos technology and what's really great about this one of the implementations is for gaming so I game and a lot of times a game with a headset because I have a headset that's patmos enabled but if you want to immerse everyone in the room especially good play something like this which is really cool to play with other members of your family or with friends in person the Dolby Atmos really brings you into the game so I'm going to show you and let you hear what this sounds like you won't get the full experience because we don't have that technology to bring that into your home but you're gonna get an idea of what this can do and one of the really cool things is for gaining you'll actually see better performance of you the gamer what you have Atmos is because you're hearing where things are spatially around you so you're gonna hear someone's above you or behind you over your left shoulder you'll be able to spin and address that trebles just lost terribly [Applause] [Applause] extra joy to me checking out some little cooler products more busier we also have a look at some of their cooling TVs and some smart cast tech that's coming as a free update to existing Vizio TVs if you found this video useful please give us a like leave us a comment let us know what your favorite thing in this video was and subscribe for more we got to be mobile



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