RWATCH M26 Smartwatch REVIEW

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The review of the RWATCH M26 Smartwatch
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what's going on everyone I'm Alex and this is the review of the our watch m26 this is a very cheap SmartWatch I left a link in the video description if you wanna check out or I got a swatch from but let's begin and take a look at this watch the watch is entirely made of plastic so it's not an expensive watch is a very cheap watch on the front we just have three buttons and the touch screen the straps are made of rubber and it's not the bad quality rubber I mean I've seen worse for this type of money back of the device is sealed off so we can't exactly access it so we don't have access to the battery or anything inside on this side of the device you just have the speaker the microphone and the USB charging port and on this side of the device we just have the power button you will be using this button quite a lot even though this watch is quite cheap is not such a bad looking device I mean I could wear this for like sports or something like that the watch is connected the phone to this app bluetooth notification basically you don't really have any settings here you can just select what apps should send you notifications I have everything selected so basically any notification that you get on the phone you don't have on the watch as well so basically the first thing you're going to notice about this watch is the screen that's not very bright you will have trouble seeing the watch in bright daylight we have three buttons on the bottom here this is a very turn button this will always like pop up the menu and this one will take the watch's menu so basically here we can just scroll left and right through the apps that are installed we do have a menu style so basically you can change how the apps in that look and you're gonna see now they look different and you have three styles that one and another one right here I think this is the ugliest one I like the second on the most however aside from that we have a pedometer I haven't actually walked today at all but this was on anyways so I basically just walked around in the room here seems to measure steps quite good we do get a barometer here and the temperature I'm not sure how accurate this is I mean the pressure have nothing to check it with so I'm assuming it's correct if we go to settings here I'm just gonna scroll to the languages that the watch has so you can see what languages are supported so not that many however more than other devices so it even has a Romanian there Oh dollar basically just set alarm so the watch wakes you up this is the backlight so how long the screen will stay on and if we go to about the watch are going to see the name of the watch which is n 26 and that's about it for settings the Power Save mode here I noticed doesn't do anything so it's kind of pointless you will make it run entire day with the one charge but another second day so basically until lost we'll just ring something on the phone if it's connect the app if we go into clock typos we can basically change the watch faces we have for our watch faces available it's that one we have this one here and we have another one which is quite similar to that one so the a bit ugly SHhhh I kind of like this on the most I think the Sun is the the best looking out of the three time and data just set the time and date their Bluetooth basically so you can sync with your phone so I'm gonna connect my phone right now so you can see the phone is connected right there so basically all the notifications that you get are gonna look like this however you can't really replied notifications so if you have a whatsapp notification you can reply to it and so on if we go to the dialer basically you're going to dial whatever number you want and then press this to call and it's going to make that phone call on the phone and you can talk on to the the watch just like in the James Bond movies the phone book here basically is going to get all the numbers from the phone so very straightforward the camera app right here and so I'm gonna disconnect this so I'm going to launch the rear camera onto the phone so I have my phone right here and eventually to launch the camera eventually sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't let me try that again okay so now it's working so whatever the phone sees this will see as well and I can just take a picture with the watch basically I'm gonna go into ringtone so you can hear how the watch sounds so it does have a vibration I don't really like the vibration it's quite strong so we have a couple of ringtones here let me just make one now make noise so you can hear the speaker I have to say that ringtones are a bit annoying I mean they sound like one of those old watches toys and that's about it we have a stopwatch it's very easy to use nothing special about it and that's about it so for about 20 bucks 25 bucks depending what you buy this washroom I mean it's a pretty cool thing to have you can have it as a Sports Tracker like if you run a lot and you make steps and so on so it's a it's good to have a SmartWatch they're not so good parties that you have to charge it every day which could be quite annoying thanks for watching and don't forget subscribe



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  1. I have just got mine. I am very pleased with it, except two features are missing, Barometer&altimeter. Anyone has any idea how to get them? or Should I contact the seller? Thank you

  2. This watch does not work on Galaxy S7 for some reason. I have downloaded numerous apps and none work. I was even supplied another M26 because the supplier thought the original watch was faulty. Both watches show a quaver in the top left corner and neither have ever shown the 'headphone" like icon………'s always telling me to "install BT Notifier". I cannot get it to work….its crap, I'm over it so I am about to drive my car over it.

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