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hi I'm Dustin Abbott and I'm here today to do a review of something a little bit different a lot of you have asked about the fitness tracker that I've worn over the years and my videos and I'm actually on the third generation of the show me me band and this is me band 3 so I started off with the first one that had no screen it was just a basic tracker the second generation added a screen and a lot of new functionality this third generation really ups the ante in what this fitness tracker can do and it is for this reason I believe that this is the best budget fitness tracker on the market let's jump in and let's take a look at the me band 3 today one of the best ways to illustrate what I'm talking about is this summer and this is actually before I had the me band 3 I was still using the me band 2 I was going to the beach with my some one of my children and one of his friends my wife and so in the vehicle we had my wife was wearing an Apple watch first-generation the two boys were wearing two different styles of Fitbit and so we were kind of wandering about going into the water with our fitness trackers so we began to do the research as we drove and discovered that out of the four items in the vehicle mine of course by far being the least expensive it was the only one that actually got worn into the water that day because it was actually waterproof this newest version is actually a water rated down to 50 meters of swimming depth and so incredible amount of weather sealing and I know this to be true firsthand it was probably about a year and a half ago maybe somewhere around April and so a winter just passed here in Ontario and I was out on one of my many treks and so everything was kind of very moist and cold and but some greenery was starting to come up and somewhere inadvertently at the time I had a actual band that was wearing out and the actual fitness tracker itself this little egg inside had actually popped out of my a band and it was lost and so I was you know I was frustrated not because it's expensive fortunately it's not very expensive at all but because you know I I don't like losing things I like taking care of my stuff and so anyway I I went out I looked for it in the area I thought it was and I couldn't find it and so it was a couple of days later and I thought well you know I kind of given up on it and then I remembered that you know what it does when I'm close to it'll actually show up on the app on my phone and so I begin to get close to it and sure enough it was still transmitting signal even though it had been out it had rained during that time it was cold it was damp it was down in wet grasses and yet when I arrived on the spot sure enough that picked up the signal and after some pawing around I eventually found it and I used it up until about a month ago when I switched to the me band 3 and it was still working great and so that kind of you know spoke to me about how durable these are in fact in the generations of these that I've had I do everything win them all the fitness activities that I like to do I like to cycle run hike you know cross-country ski you name it I do tons of stuff I play softball and basketball etc etc and and I have worn it while doing all kinds of construction work and I finally did start to scratch up the face of my last one but until the day I took it off my wrist it was still functioning perfectly and so these really do a pretty fantastic job and so let's jump in let's take a closer look at it itself and the various functionality that's now a part of the me band 3 so let's take a quick look at some of the changes that have been made to the me band 3 and so as we have already seen the general bezel has grown a little bit in shape it now has a rounded edge to it and now the center button is depressed instead of raised now the center button actually in some ways has less functionality than before and that it pretty much did everything but now what we have is we have a touch-sensitive whole screen that allows us to access different things the center button really serves two purposes number one you can use it to awake it up you can also waken it just by bringing it up to a kind of a looking position if you have that enabled but this is kind of a surefire way of turning it on checking it so now you have the ability to move in kind of in a stroking motion in two different directions and so in this case you can move up and down for different options there and then in each one of these you have the option of scrolling to the side back and forth and this button will kind of bring you back one level and so in this case for example you've got steps you've got distance you scroll over calories burned your battery life and so then if I move back however heart rate and it's got some of these functionality where it's it's cruel where you actually touch and hold if you want to attest you know for example heart rate or some other functionalities like stopwatch you can enable those to where it's not happening as accidentally as it used to now you have to be a little bit more intentional which i think is a an improvement when it comes to that you also now have the ability to a program whether to be put on there and so in this case you have a three day forecast and so you can program it either to follow you to some degree though it's not going to be as precise as say your iphone or you know smartphone but you do have the option or also to program if you're mostly in one one different place you can use you can kind of refine that a little bit more and so you can have a three day forecast obviously you can choose you know Fahrenheit or Celsius and you can see you know a basic forecast there so a nice you know additional functionality that's added there and and then moving on past that you also have under the more screen there are a few other options showed on that as previously mentioned there is a stopwatch functionality that you can now use which is certainly a handy addition there you can also find your device and so whatever you're connected to by it via bluetooth in this case it's my iPhone I can hold that down and I will send a signal to my iPhone and make it beep you have some options here too what is shown onto this on the screen itself and then the about screen can check your kind of firmware position and where you're at on that now one other option that you have here that is nice is that you now have the ability to have notifications sent through there and so either a variety of different things be it through you know a text or facebook Messenger and while you know it's a fairly small amount of screen real estate I find that it's enough to get the general impression of someone's message that is sent to me and then you know I can quickly see what they have they have said you know example here Twitter someone has followed me basic things like this notification showing up and so it's enough to give you the general impression and at least give you the sense of whether or not you need to look at your actual smartphone for you know you know more functionality or if you want further information or to follow up now with the me band 3 you also have more functionality through the basic app and so you know as always you can take a look at your history you can take a look at different things like that but what I really like now is that there's more precision now under the activity screen and so you have the option you know when you're out even to cycle which I often use or running things like that which is handy in that it can leverage the GPS signal in your device and so give you more options on that I also find that it's quite practical when it comes to sleeping while it's not perfect when it comes to that it gives you a fairly decent you know tracking of your sleep and by the way I find that enabling the enhanced sleep mode on the me band itself it does have an impact on battery but it's fairly insignificant however if you have the full time monitoring of your heart rate that will definitely use up the battery life much more quickly if you don't have that setting on you do have the sleep setting on I find that I can go for about 9 days 10 days maybe even up to 12 days before I need to recharge now the me band itself you do have a lot of different here when it comes to that and and so I I do like the fact that with the various apps you have the ability to control that and and have it to contact you on that you do have options when it comes to lift not only when you lift your your wrist to to look at things but you can also set almost like a do do not disturb mode and so you can see in my case I've turned it off overnight and so it's not coming on during the night and here heart rate detection this is what I mentioned when it comes to you have some options either you can do the automatic heart rate detection and it's going all the time the sleep assistant is the mode that I choose you can also choose to turn that right off if you just want to maximize battery life and so you've got a lot of different options here and and I find that they've made a lot of progress I've been using me band since the first generation and I've seen just a lot of progress that has been made in terms of the apps functionality and how well everything works and so when it comes to the actual fitness tracking which is really kind of the main thing that these are about I find that the me band does a really great job I use it for a variety of activities and when you couple it with the GPS of your smartphone you really get a tremendous amount of accuracy I do find that it may be under reports calories at least compared to other fitness trackers doing exact same activity sometimes I've synced up with other people when we're doing the exact same thing and I'm not working any less hard than them it does a little more grudging with the calorie burning but in terms of measuring the actual activity and sleep monitoring it really does an impressive job and the thing is is that at the end of the day right now if you look in the description down below I have a coupon code there for the company gearbest which is you know kind of a Chinese amazon kind of type company but there is a coupon code there and you can actually order one of these for 26 bucks us and and so for under 30 bucks to get a fitness tracker that does all this does I think it is a pretty fantastic deal and so this is why I think for the money this is the best budget fitness tracker on the market and so the next time you see me wearing something in one of my videos and you say what is it that's it it's the show me me band three I'm Justin Abbot if you look in the description down below you can find those buying links I mentioned you can also follow me on social media become a patron and if you haven't already please click Subscribe right here on YouTube thanks for watching have a great day



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