Soulja Boy’s Laughable Game Console Exposed

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Soulja Boy’s Laughable Game Console Exposed – In today’s episode of the News You Missed, I cover the Soulja Boy’s really bad game console that is a clone of a GBA and Xbox One S, but lies.

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Soulja Boy is selling questionably legal plug-n-play consoles and what is 2018 anymore?

Donkey Kong 99

The Revo K101 Plus IS ONE OF THE BEST GBA Clone Console Ever

Support 4K HDMI Output 64 bit X Game Console Dual core Video Game Console Built-In 600 Classic Games For GBA/SMD/NES/FC Format

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36 thoughts on “Soulja Boy’s Laughable Game Console Exposed”

  1. microsoft and sony have also knocked off nintendo…who wen it comes to gaming hardware…doesn't really rip off themselves…seriously just wait till they come out with there OWN switch

  2. A raspberry pie, running retro pie, is a much better option for emulation. This is just pure bullshit. Soulja boy is a joke, I hope this bullshit comes back to bite him on the ass. His next game console will claim to come with PlayStation 10 compatability and render games in 80k, that's how rediculous the guy is.

  3. From one veteran to another thank you for your service with that said I personally reported Soulja boy to Nintendo I personally hope they sue him harder then they did love roms I feel Sony and Microsoft should also get in on it and make that pirate penniless

  4. Okay, got a joke for you.

    So PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch meet up at a bar to celebrate their achievements and remanice over their legacies and put aside their rivalries for this one night while they share a cold one.

    In walks in SouljaBoi and sits among them. The other three exchange looks among each other and laugh.

    SouljaBoi takes the beer from Nintendo and starts chugging. Finishes it and reaches over for the other two while flipping them off.

    The next day gamers found the broken SouljaBoi shattered in the mud outside the bar.

  5. The Revo K was ripped off.
    There is an emulator handheld that uses the same shell called the "Retro Game" (brilliant name right?)

    The system Soulja Boy is selling is a rebranded "Retro Game"

  6. I stray away from those kind bnb of things usually anyways, no thanks, I did buy a Retron system for NES and SNES games, but I don't take my chances with this stuff.

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