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My thoughts and opinions on these Classic mini consoles that became so popular over the past few years.
I just wanted to make a quick video talking about these these classic you know mini consoles that have come out in the last few years just kind of wanted to give my opinion on them maybe a little bit different perspective because you know it seems like people either love these things or they hate them and I think the people that hate them think that really only casuals or people who aren't familiar with emulation would like these and I just wanted to say for me that's definitely not the case I have all right here on my home theater PC I've got retroarch set up with lots of emulators and I've got that set up on my gaming PC as well and needless to say retroarch with different cores will emulate any of the games at least can emulate just as well as these can if not better so for me it's a little bit of the novelty I will admit I like the fact that these just look the way they look I like that this is a little mini Super Nintendo a little mini NES the build quality on the mall is very good even on the Sony one a little PlayStation you know I like the the novelty of the fact that it so it's the tiny little console and I think they look cool the included controllers are great the NES not so much obviously huh it only came with one and the controller or the cord is very short and the Super Nintendo classic it came with two and the PlayStation classic also came with two and the quality on all of these controllers is superb I've modded the NES and the PlayStation I never did bother with the Super Nintendo one with the the NES came with 30 games I added about 35 so it's got about 65 inside of that and with the PlayStation I just use a USB stick so that is a 32 gigabyte USB stick and it has about 50 game I'll show how that looks on my TV there but basically if you turn it on with the USB stick in the second controller port it'll load into a different menu a different operating system and it's got 50 games on that USB stick that will play but if I take the USB stick out and turn it on without the USB stick in there it just loads into the stock 20 games so you're not actually modifying any of the memory internally when you do the modding on the PlayStation Classic using auto Blee whereas you are on the NES and the SNES classic when you add more games to those you're changing the some of the software and obviously you're flashing the memory inside the system so if you were on the fence with modding these systems but you have a PlayStation Classic you should check out audibly because again you do not modify the system whatsoever and no internal changes are made and the stock 20 games are still there inside the system and you can just put games on a USB stick so that's pretty neat you know inside of these probably a very similar you know ARM based processor running the software emulation and you know you can basically load the nes roms that are in here and put them in here and and they'll play just as well you can take the Super Nintendo arms out of here and put them in here and with with the set up I've got on there with retro art you could play the Super Nintendo roms in there but I don't like doing that I like that false sense of the NES plays NES games put the Super Nintendo plays Super Nintendo games in the PlayStation plays PlayStation games even though I know it's fake and I admit it is a little bit of a novelty I still like that I think these things make a great gift if you're buying these for someone who's into classic gaming you know whether you think these are a novelty whether you want to modify them or not I think you can agree they do make a great gift yeah all three of these things I like I admit there a little bit of a novelty I admit they don't do anything I couldn't do on my home theater PC set-up with retroarch I've got Genesis 6 button controller x' on there I've also got some Super Nintendo controllers the USB 2 Super Nintendo port little adapters that let you use Super Nintendo controllers on there and that all works great you know there's more I can do on that then I can do on these and I admit that so it is part of the novelty um but I still like them nonetheless I think they were excluding that at 129 I think they are all fair price I think the quality of the included controllers was great and yeah that's about it I mean I liked them I don't fall to anyone for buying one whether you want to leave it stock or modify it I just think there are there need



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  1. OMG i cant believe you are still around making videos. i was like 10 when i first watched your videos and im amazed on how much time flies. i think if it wasn't for you, i doubt i'd be into retro gaming like i am now. all i have to say is keep on bringing the content mate.

  2. I dig these Classic systems as well. I've gone a step further and hooked them up to an old-school CRT, to kinda complete the feel of nostalgia. Yeah I'm a little nuts for doing that. No doubt. :p
    Speaking of the PS Classic, the mods for it are coming along very nicely. Looking forward for when it matures to the point where there might be the possibility of light-gun support. That would be cool.

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