DJI Osmo Pocket – Landscape Photography Filters – Review

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Don’t you just love landscape photography! Well, take it to the next level with these Freewell Landscape Filters. You can find out more details about the Freewell Landscape Filters here:

Here is my review of these LANDSCAPE FILTERS on the DJI MAVIC 2 PRO (you get the same results with the ZOOM as well):


Drone Footage by Parrot Anafi:




hey welcome to my channel well that thing over there where is it over here I don't know someplace over there that's an ice fishing shack and I'm actually on a river right now which is frozen because it's obviously winter here in Canada and it gets very cold and you can drive your cars on the ice which is what everybody's doing behind me so back there are tons of ice fishing huts and lots of cars lots of wait that road behind me where that car is going that takes you all the way out on the ice and you can see that the ice fishing huts just go and go and go and go and they never end they go all the way to the mouth of the river the Ottawa River so what I'm doing is heading that way and why am i heading that way towards the huts well I have these filters where are they can you see it in the picture these are the landscape series filters for the Osmo pocket so I've showed these before on the Matic 2 Pro and I thought they were really cool so what they do is they put a gradient filter on the top and then less gradient as it goes down but you can spin it you can do the opposite it make it more gradient on the bottom less on the top or more on the side less on the other side and the whole reason for that men that set us bright the whole reason for that is so that when this Osmo or any camera for that matter makes an exposure it always exposes for the brightest thing in the image like right now my huge white head is probably the brightest thing but if I've been doing landscape photography that's why they're called landscape series the sky is usually really bright but it's winter now so the snow is really bright but I'm gonna go take some pictures down there and put these filters on and just try them out and we'll see what happens so let's go try that now so on the ice there's a speed limit and there's also a fee five-dollar fee for all visitor vehicles good thing I'm walking so essentially what it is back here it's pretty much a village on the ice and everybody has the same thing in common that is they come out here fish have a few beers and have a lot of fun I've got the Osmo over here and I've got my little GoPro there and I'm gonna pop it on my head cause it's on a GoPro hat and then we're going to try a few filters on the oz bow and see what happens when I'm holding that camera up right all right here we go okay the Osmo is in photo mode and I'm going to snap a photo that was a photo with no filter there's a photo with filter so can you see a difference photo without filter photo with filter does the sky look a little darker with the photo with filter because it's no longer exposing for this guy it's exposing for this No well let's jump it up a bit so let me take that filter off all right I'll take a picture no filter there's two people walking and I'm gonna put a filter on there we go and that filter was an nd8 all the way up to a 32 all right I'm just gonna spin the camera around there's no filter on it see it moving nice and slow and there we go I'm looking over there and now I'm gonna toss the filter on I'm gonna put the nd 32 goes from a 32 down to an eight to beat this guy should get darker can you see that so now that we're looking more at the sky doesn't that look like that would be a cool pitcher and let's see I'll just move the camera back there we go so this guy should look really cool the higher you go up in the blues it should look really nice and I thought bring it down that's going up let's bring it down there we go all right a quick comparison test what is on the Osmo right now is an ND 32 all the way down to an nd8 so the top part is a 32 all the way down to an nd8 so you should see a nice dark blue sky next I'm gonna put on an ND 16 all the way down to an ND 4 there we go do you see any difference now I'm gonna put on an nd8 all the way down to a zero just clear glass at the bottom there we go that's an nd8 all the way down to clear glass at the bottom so you should see the sky getting less and less dark as we go and the last one is gonna be just the Osmo itself there you go there's the Osmo by itself in the sky should look a less blue like not as dark blue because now the Osmo has to expose for the entire image of ice just the lower portion and we'll do that test one more time here we have the Osmo there's no filter on it I'm doing a looking all the way down to a far away distance you see a lot of sky a lot of snow now I'm gonna put the nd 8 to 0 on it there's the nd 8 to 0 do you see the sky turning a little bit more blue looks pretty nice because as you go up into the sky it gets a little bluer so that's why it's landscape there we go there's an ND 32 all the way down to and then d 8 and let me just show you I'm going to pan up to the sky and this guy should be locating like dark blue at the top and less blue at the bottom and if I come back down to the ground alright I'm done here I've got my little GoPro hat on and now I'm not gonna make my way to the end but the end is pretty far goes all the way down there well ago is a good kilometer all the way to the end so I got a walk into the Sun now because I'm walking into the Sun back this way see if I spin I've left the filter on sir I have the filter that's gradient so an ND 32 at the top down to an nd8 in a previous video I showed this was a skating rink but now look at it it's just the snow everywhere and well the goalie net is now part of the ice this is just like solid ice here this is what happens hey this is the only thing in skate on this a little bit here so I hope you enjoyed this review of the Osmo pocket free well filters landscape free well filters I'm gonna put a link below to where you can pick these filters up and yeah check them out now I gotta get going because everybody on the ice is like what is that guy doing what is he he's talking into some little electric shaver like woman's leg electric shaver thing that's my Osmo pocket anyways guys take care catch you the next video



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  1. Thank you Captain! These types of videos are so necessary. I always look forward to any video you upload lol makes me happy. Also is this the same place you were where you were doing the filters for the Mavic I think? And you said that area would eventually fill with ice fishing huts? Or is this a different place. It's so beautiful.

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