Yashica Y35 – $1.2M POS Kickstarter Camera

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Somebody stop them from making cameras!

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Yashica Y35 Kickstarter:


Jordan Edmonds – So Bad
Yeshe kauai 35 was held as yes chicas come back it met its Kickstarter goal in fact it reached 12 times Durham own so let's take a look e at the final product but first a quick shout out response of this video is Squarespace the place to go to if you want to set up your own domain website or online store this is the camera itself I sound like I sound that old digital Web TV guy and here inside the box we have the carrot itself helped we just we just kind of help it but this is it I got this straight out of box of its it's kind of come off now I've rubbed it a little bit it came with three fingerprints well they're quite small prints probably from the kids at work in the sweatshop in China guess it shows that they're hand assembled so every cloud a we did boat grows before and we mentioned that it's it's cram basically and I said I felt bad because I knew it was crap from the beginning and I didn't tell anyone away not to invest in the Kickstarter I felt so bad I had to go out and buy one myself but I didn't go to the Kickstarter I didn't go to shops because I don't think no in these shops that sell it at a minute so into eBay and I managed to find one even though this was an eBay still this was still 85 pounds he's five pounds brand-new sealed in box somebody had received their kickstart camera already and for you know what a wasted alone money I know this is bad I'm gonna start the eBay quickly before anybody realizes what I've done and rightly so because looking at it look tell me what what you feel at think of that feels like those toy is hippos cannot there's not an expensive one it's some like 20 something's u.s. dollars but this is this is it I think about $200 or some another from a hundred $24 to the basic one if you got in early or closer to 200 if not I'm too over $300 you fancy being financially fisted 4y 35 it comes with this whole film cartridge system it's just like film and you know what it's probably just as crap as aps-c even worse yeah because aps-c is a bigger format but it's such a gimmick you slot this in and that's supposed to give you a different like filter effect that's film 1600 digi film 6×6 did you film 200 digi film B&W black-and-white it's not even really good Troy so after up to we do all of it you don't have to waste oh thank you feel mine battery you just take your AAA batteries and use it for something more useful like a remote control but I think this is the best bit about it it wines taste as analog camera what is supposed to lick the finger what need to load a digi film to create your album a brief pause is required to wind on the film before shooting at this milli second of pulse it grants us time to inspire and think the exact moment the shutter snaps bollocks no it's pretty bad actually it's pretty cheap feeling and then we've got an exposure come dial here oh I'm always broke it look at that it's got electronic cat it's got electronic shutter zone the shutter sound happens about 1 to 2 seconds after you press the shutter button alright maybe not two seconds but there is a significant delay if you press the shutter and the subject moves or you move too quick you might miss the shot but the confusing thing is when you're using that 1600 and 200 film you're not shooting at ISO 1600 at no ISO 200 it's still auto ISO it's just a fancy name not very fancy name to be honest but it's just a name 1600 200 essentially what happens when you shoot of 1600 is that it just adds grain or noise basically ISO 1600 digi film that doesn't actually shoot at ISO 1600 high-speed high contrast for shooting fast-moving objects okay well how does that work if it's ISO 1600 you want to shoot fast-moving subjects but it still uses like I say 300 ISO 400 I don't know why I'm doing I'm doing the dance but you this is whatever ISO it likes to pick so that's not necessarily good for shooting fast-moving objects these photos might be rough yeah no Sherlock and incomplete and faulty you might be fitting these photos a little bit faulty yeah the only thing that's faulty is my brain for thinking is such a great idea too by such an asshat of a camera but what I see there's something touching something spiritual something meaningful know what this means is the carrot is we just look at the packaging they've used their own and presumably their own photos to make the packaging what it looks like some psycho is just sent you package and inside is a letter written with their own feces it's what you find inside is some fecal matter of a different kind if you want the patching to look kind of semi acceptable don't use the photos taken from this slightly ease undertone color just random words put together random words from the English dictionary boom boom boom flick boom boom boom put it to given a sentence should make sense and worn-out effect rings silence roughness simplicity intimacy and appreciation of the ingenious integrity of them permanence I mean well I can tell you that this camp produces an abundance of aqueous excrement even that ISO 200 doesn't shooter ISO 200 doesn't look different than ISO 1600 apart from the grain even though 1600 is supposed to be high contrast it looks like the same crappy image Jess what born noise and you know what it just gets worse digi film 120 format 6×6 now there's a problem there with this one the digi film 6×6 you have to totally guess the the crop it does shoot square although you can't see the frame lines in the finder unsurprisingly but it's not just that look at his photograph look at Boka it was not taken with this carrot there's no way this tiny sensor created that bokeh what's more there's no way it focuses that close I can get any shots in focus that's my problem with this camera and this Kickstarter and I love how on the lens was it going on there silence silence of story written on your lens as well as Yashica Japan that has not touched anything Japanese I am sure it's not even come near a slice of sushi a piece of sushi sorry yes she could stop being a Japanese company in 2005 when its parent company Kyocera a Japanese company stopped production of ESU cameras but then in 2008 Jebsen took over Jepsen is a marketing and distribution company based in Hong Kong and look this is not some random dodgy company in Hong Kong this is a huge company in Hong Kong I've dealt with them before they're responsible for marketing and distribution for Pentax Ricoh Casio Cara's and it seems like they still own the brand Yashica but it's under its subsidiary JNC datum tech international limited occasion ok and what the pledged money the goal it's all in the Hong Kong dollars because in Japan they famously use Hong Kong dollars as a currency there's not even just the surface that stinks scratch beneath the surface and it starts falling apart and like a rotten egg this is just a reference photo with a low thumb that's all so by them saying this is just a reference photo just to deliver the mood or whatever yeah basically it means it's not necessarily shot with the Yashica y55 right but as much bullcrap languages used in the Kickstarter campaign photos that weren't necessarily taken by the Yashica they haven't lied this is a carefully put together Kickstarter in fact it was put together by professional Kickstarter putting together campaign company it doesn't say made in Japan the location might be Tokyo Japan but that doesn't mean anything from Ovid Shaw in Japan means nothing oh this videos got lots of banker it must be Japanese promote photos on Tokyo means the promo shots were taken in Japan there's a lot of mention about Japan but everything is purposely vague it means that if you think it's made in Japan they'll say that it's your fault for thinking that and that's the thing about this kickstart when I first saw it there is just something not right about it the thing that bothers me is that they're making it sound like it's the og Yashica that needs to help kick-start the brand the brand with lots of history Japanese care around since 1949 almost 70 years experience in camera and optics development almost seven years because they killed off before it hit 70 years I mean they the people who took it over because it's no longer owned I guess you could the holding call me that is a marketing heavy way in Hong Kong they know this is a poor product hidden behind a fin shiny shiny veneer of marketing bollocks it's just a joke I mean I don't believe they have good intention no hating did the thing with kick-start is that you don't actually need to roll out a product because you've taken the orders already you've taken all the money so therefore you don't have to wait for people to buy your product because you've made the load cells already and that's a good thing for them because that doesn't mean there won't be the first batch of people to buy the product and then they'll spread the word about how bad the care is and then the second batch of people will think no I don't wanna buy it this way they've made a load of money even before people found out just how bad this camera is and that is the master con I mean this and most is a 30 to 40 maybe 50 dollar camera even the cheapest 24 hour deal is not a good deal you can get a decent spec compact for less than that sorry so so how many megapixels does it have how many I don't know if you want to shoot with a carrot that has the film novelty get a film Cara get the og film camera it was based on it can be had for next to sweet f a conventionally marketing peeps are just the messages but here when you let the marketing peeps take over what they've essentially done is shafted the brand with lots of history and the consumers have bought it this is depressing I film myself getting more depressed just holding it here hold it hold this there you go just take away just be be gone be gone but alas a camera is a camera it takes pictures the best carrot is the one that you it might cost me a bit to send it on top the cost of the camera but who knows maybe someone at Yeshe cos Tokyo Japan aka Hong Kong HQ will get the hint if at least one of us sends it back in a better state than when it left the factory so there we have it to use their terminology we have come to an unexpected end of story silence roughness yeah right thank you very much for watching I hope you enjoyed it it was just basically one long rant but that long rant was sponsored by Squarespace if you ever need a website domain name go to them 24 hours seven days a week service so yeah check it out with a load of templates to choose from award-winning 24/7 customer service a simple way of changing domain names over I do it it's great for people who want to create personal website or one for e-commerce he could start a free trial today and get temp s'en off your first purchase with the code I know you mean there's no there's no Fred in there this everything about it I mean why's got date on the camera as well that's the date that this idea expired



36 thoughts on “Yashica Y35 – $1.2M POS Kickstarter Camera”

  1. Thanks, Kai. Enjoyed this video. I have an original Electro35. I seem to remember it's tough to find the battery for it, but since I don't shoot film any longer, it joins my extensive collection of obsolete cameras, from several Nikon F's and F2's to Canon AE-1's to many other smaller 35mm cameras. All wonderful in their time. Now just relics. Never owned a YashicaMat, but used one for a time at an employer. I remember Shutterbug magazine, and endless ads for beautiful Japanese cameras, including Minolta, Olympus, Pentax, Ricoh, and others.

  2. I love my Nikon D800.
    If I get a Nikon D850 one day, as a weekly street photographer in Detroit, what differences might I notice when using it for photos and videos and time-lapses, etc.?

  3. Good stuff, unexpected but a good episode too. It's sad, I have a Yashica 124G roll film camera which I still use alongside my digital gear from time to time, it was great value for money when I bought it back in the 1980s, still is today, shame to have the "brand" trashed in this way.

  4. It’s a campaign alright, they’re trying to push people to digital. What they don’t realize is most enthusiasts and professionals want a new 35mm film camera they can take out occasionally and use with all those great used lenses out there or are already have in their collection as they upgrade to the latest greatest mirrorless. The companies that produce a $500-$1000 dollar camera is going to make bank. About the only options out there right now is Leica, but 5k is too much for most for just a body.

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