SAMSUNG GALAXY M10&M20 – Malayalam Review | 5000mah battery,Camera,Gaming? REDMI KILLER?

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Samsung galaxy M20 Camera
Samsung galaxy m20 Review
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so when I read synergism Skyrim upon what you assigned our unity latinum cocktail to powerful second I know about that is moving problem-solve I in a continuous iDVD updated on it for two topics in today under formula take that same with mechanic for auto pixel delay a little bit then a maximum there's no sign a covering in the banana I thought of a perforated jovially media on him a Pollyanna and is answer a tiny dose of eternity officially Howard and MC is formula don't see the Samsung Galaxy impendence Samsung Galaxy M to be over lambda M 20 record started to a week another either the best gym in particular are no uniform on are now they pay a bill pedal but red neon oh I see something another core areum comments we do not accommodate one there is no I thought about eise am saying and I am intending I really wanted a particular for Nana in the Odeon about a video oh come on so better choice known alias attribute we do it on a banana they will see everything a la sala de de carga hello dumb Indian first impression of an eyeball of it Samsung lovers angle hate assignment since India complain at all the combined some party ramanamma difference with more than the euro are and devices Allah so he's finished will be denied here share g- you crying Phil state without a hammer over six commands yeah another be Instagram video to the whole ogia Kyrie description within limited under a lot about nobody nothing videos for today maybe another for phenomena insults you humble opinion I do that I discuss with your pedaling Maxima Indian Alcazar and is proven link it under and guys without wasting your time let's get it started so again someone Omega Samsung Galaxy MTV a person named Eldon inverse sin Omega 4 self-inspect to arraign ii i technic opinions press impressions okay a poor article in a samsung galaxy amp in the aspect to the quad again it's 6.2 in G minor corner HTV plus eight is fairly because I it to the plus an uncharted 1080p according to your level you do send the material carne asada Gunilla YouTube had Italian maximum quality 720 pixels i Liam other HTTP it is by infinity we know it's available on ax are either water of nodes and are willing to pay $8 gigantic infinitely we know it's uniform debatable honor Timothy Nikora wanna see me there correlation quarks outputs in on the I need persuasion crispy into port iteration of another 19.5 is denied an aspect ratio on a display in the mechanic another so malaria display infinity display epidemic you know Samsung Galaxy MW no battery over the moment you know when I'm a channel a big another type clf normal microwave safe a sturdy support illa because it is a package phone ok appalling in an ascetic another Yammer sectional corner unit you will get mine back Olympic another for the moon applause engine be a devotee can set up an F 1.9 appraisal relevance on a back he'll flip another friend in a 5 megapixel every selfie cam Monica Tom the other one number three point five millimeter over Jacob and Amana dual SIM it up aluminum again is regarded I knew deep under the GBA amicus Turin experience sorry Ellen plus I did the processor Marilla SEO sin is 787 Sailor of the processor and illuminating another command to stop writing 425 to 450 linear encoder you performance a you do I see offset a seven and seven zero there is a loop okay now do that across karana here I found a processor never sick or ad-hoc William Holden item fuzzy element you're not eating another uniform in pops your again I did low in the settings a high in dynamic in agony boredom Samsung Alexei intended and amazing down a bit another to achieve is really crazy busy first evading the relevant into the 7010 Nigerian naira dooba second reading you may live in another eight the planks are on a nine thousand rupees so you to price regular then I counted my crops in salt or each other under this is it a max into atomic a panther section of Alabama even a processor in the bar another snap right 631 and come back to its no cenna77 zero a 6:32 very morbid Rana Philip I'd rather you do performance in okay so ended of Dracula is in a max and you are a more vector but the section level Oh Samson is to put the make the unequal if they have set of Samsung Galaxy America let me why to show video course over time a shake my little performance are for in it put in them okay to begin under so with the master guiding light it clear yourself on ionic character I attempt any person can go to the other parameter for an app or another okay first impression of coordinate display mega 6.3 in Jaipur the voltage red plus in display LED you know infinity we know it's you under a unique idea number I intend upon the Quran with doing the Makaha day for dinner fingerprint up a little and a face Sundberg mother on a Samsung Galaxy m10 will go to Julian the mother no a point okay new year phone is a acceptable no particle the Mucca fingerprint of a laburnum plus some K at a face I hope available on this place almost white okay Samsung it okay now let u infinity despair Caribbean and so on therefore over dinner processor on the marina this is Neos in a 7904 other processor on here the processor the Snapdragon is six is stating embarrassing up okay ironic casinos it is 7 9 0 po I'm gonna here image in a bad way on your phone and a beak another type C port until faster you support under so now let a big battery unicorn in labor you know 3.5 mm jack Aveda Branagh is cigarette and you did pathology building expand yeah you will seem doable for G volte normally a minor features I get a fall under cameras at you know porn again if 2.0 operational I ate two megapixel a selfie diem on our friend El Corte leaner backside in our negative party mother placenta minute you will consider from F 1.9 operation Allah then it's not a bag he'll go to the unit so again I did a camera sent upon you the name camera ever alright John Iskander its Olivia so consistent they originally shorts the Libyan liqueur XE money cannula are correct rain some you know we can provide you under so jamborees if I get that wonder are they know logically and the video user has been sending a parameter in the done so an idol God Allah a best Olivia second okay wrap it in a cameras okay about Madonna then little battle a big in the under almost nothing to buy a filter mechanically in the working yarn I get over I need a back you put them USB type-c port though my gonna be you know well it is sleek design Samsung always rock smile and then let you don't love would be st. Asaph's are provided another but be here affording this over-engineering same price in accordingly 3gb 4gb very serene around 32gb 64gb from fading Sun first to begin evaluating another 10 xxx around 11,000 rupees second wait a minute together Tony temple nine zero on line thirteen thousand rupees so you do price range in Europe on based on the US Senate almost miss China okay 10:39 0 you can either do value for money phone Anna Samsung Galaxy m20 gave me new video regular there to 4gb rating the Joseon era in the neck cutting Metro options or no user and they do person of be never iron again I put up any theatres company at node 5 node six frozen Jana yam reception so yeah Mariah thing get to more than a focus on either link where a devices in rotation with GM wen u mm mm any 1500 it Thailand income North says prohibitum a lingual vanilla the homeowner ie takes place is in a Max and Max pro-am do you look around in your phone and I begin let me know what's it spoiler bogus 636 across our Olympic another package a camera or put the world on a little plane camera Delhi be another portrait okay very to the shorts and eternal soul guys when you come around a focus on getting aware yeah gaming him another button limited on again a samsung galaxy m2 DNA cannot a better so it is a poly uniform the concealer modernity but I don't look Erica I am saying it is in a now a circuit topology is demanding it we do like either in a stop order a pizza will do hunter plus hundred I do wonder person I am Rosa she you know do attending 200 mother mother person at the British you know share they become you too good I like Chinese of space of scary I don't like we didn't have did you decode Ilhabela could anybody singer plus Saints theorem in topology undisclosed meaning you determine other one we just want to do that for moon upon insult see you humble you debating your state of thyroid dyskinesia the lending it to come down so this is another video and thank you for this video upon anthony lumens and knowledge updated in honoring its be able signing your fun follow a dream escape them alive and have a great day okay



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  1. അറിവുള്ളവർ ചൈന ഫോണുകൾ ഒഴി വാക്കുക. ചിലർ എത്ര പറഞ്ഞാലും കേൾക്കില്ല. അവർ അനുഭവിക്കും

  2. ബ്രോ എല്ലാ ഫോണും മിക്കവാറും made in china ആണ്. ചൈന ഫോണുകൾ വലിയ റേഡിയേഷൻ ആണ് ഉണ്ടാക്കുന്നത്. Redmi, oppo, kippo, pocco, എല്ലാം വലിയ റേഡിയേഷൻ ഉള്ള ഫോണുകൾ അല്ലെ?

  3. സ്പോണ്സരോട് പറ unboxingnu ഒരു മൊബൈൽ തരാൻ എങ്കിൽ കാണുമ്പോൾ ഒരു intrest ഒക്കെ ഉണ്ടാവും വല്ലപ്പോഴും കേട്ടോ. Like ഒരു1000 തരാം നോ problem

  4. Bro redmi note 6 pro nallathenne paranjille.ath chilappol swontham ayathukondaayirikkum

    Kaaranam swontham muthal eppolum ellarkkum better aane

    Anne sambathuch not 6pro athra perfect Alla not 5pro ok

    Because nte 4 friends use cheyyunnunde

    Don't compare…..beo

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