A body worn Camera with Infrared LEDs and Laser!

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The review of the Meknic Q3 Body Worn Camera.
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In this video I review a pretty interesting body camera; something that you see police man or security guards wear.
This cameras has features like Night vision, with the built in infrared LEDs, 6 to 7h of recording with the internal battery and much more.

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what's happening everyone my name is Alex and welcome back to a new review today we are checking out something a bit different and something that we haven't had on the channel before so this right here it's a body-worn camera camera that you'd see policemen wearing or security guards wearing um they usually have it on their vest like this so basically the camera records um throughout the day but in a way this is like a fancy action camera and anyone can use this as an action camera really and I'm calling this a fancy action camera because it has a lot of added features so for example on the front here we have two infrared LEDs and with those if you turn them on you can see in complete darkness something that an action camera can not do and this is a quick example and so I can show you what those infrared LEDs can do so this is the regular recording mode it is extremely dark and I can barely see anything with my own eyes and this is how it looks some on the camera so next I'm gonna stop the recording and then I'll turn on the infrared LED so I can show you how this looks onto the infrared LEDs so now I'm in the exact same spot and um I'm recording with the infrared LEDs turned on and as you can probably see now you can see everything so this camera can basically see in total darkness which is very very cool and um something that I haven't actually seen before and as you've seen those infrared LEDs could come in very handy in a lot of situations we also have an LED right here so you can use that as a flashlight or up to get more light on every recording at night and we also have a laser pointer so if you want to point at something in a recording you can just um turn that on so that's what I said this is like an action camera with more features we also have internal storage so you don't need to buy an SD card for it but at the same time you cannot expand an internal storage item so you can get this with either 32 64 or 128 gigs of internal storage me personally I have the version that comes with 32 gigs of internal storage and just in case you're wondering if you're recording in 1080p each minute of recording is about 80 megabytes and abscissa have 32 gigs of internal storage that gives me about six hours and a half of recording um on on the internal memory basically so if you'd get the version 64 gigs then you'd have about twelve hours of recording we also have an or removable 3100 milli power battery and one church can get between six to seven hours of recording which is much much better than any action camera that I have tried in the past now charging this camera takes about four to five hours depending on the charger that you are using and charging it is done through a mini USB port I haven't seen or not run these ports in a while and if you want to take the footage out from the camera so basically to import it on the computer you're gonna have to use that mini USB cable however there is a cable that comes in the box the camera itself is mostly made out of plastic and it is also waterproof so if it rains or if you have to go in water nothing will happen to the camera on the front here we have glass covering the lens and all those sensors that I mentioned before and on the left hand side we have all the buttons that we need so the recording button the picture taking part and the microphone recording button and so on and on the other side we have the AV out or AV in the HDMI port and that USB mini USB port that I mentioned earlier on the back we have a clip that allows you to mount this pretty much anywhere and you can also rotate this 360 degrees and there is another clip that comes in the box which is a bigger just below that we have a two inch screen so if you wanna see previous recordings or if you wanna see what the camera sees or if you wanna change menus that some will have the screen on the back there and of course we have some buttons on the back there as well so you can access the menus and stuff so this you can record on videos of the maximum resolution of 1440 P but of course you can do 1080p as well and me personally I've just used it for 1080p and it can also take pictures and we have the picture button on on the left hand side now I took a bunch of pictures but I have to say that the picture quality isn't that amazing I mean the pictures look okay you can definitely see what's happening in those pictures but up there and that sharp and they don't look that great mostly if you take pictures in low light they become very very grainy and that these are some examples of pictures that I took of this camera and next I guess we should check out some videos that I've recorded too did during the day and during the night and as I mentioned earlier I've recorded everything in 1080p but what I've noticed I was hoping that this camera would have his electronic image stabilization so no there is no electronic image stabilization therefore if you are running if you are walking whatever you're doing the food is gonna look kind of shaking and yeah they should have definitely had some electronic image stabilization so let's check out those recordings that I've done all right so this is our first microphone test with this new camera that I'm trying out as always I'm recording in 1080p I believe it's 30 frames per second but I will have to check that on when I get home on the computer so under these conditions so basically working with a bit of wind I can hear some birds and maybe some traffic this is how a sound recording from this camera would sound like and as you've seen first of the quality of the recordings isn't amazing but it is kind of on par with what we see on TV from those police body worn cameras because the quality from those isn't great either so yeah it definitely reminds me of data quality but I was expecting a bit more because the camera is fairly big it's not that cheap so they could have had like a bigger sensor in there and stuff like them like that so definitely not the best video quality out there but at least you can still see what's happening in there but this is not gonna replace your GoPro anytime soon so there you have it this is the Magna q3 body-worn camera and I have to say that I love those infrared LEDs I love the battery life because I haven't seen any action camera that can go for like six to seven hours on one charge and I also love the fact that I don't need an SD card to use it but I wish to have had electronic image stabilization and somewhat better video quality alright guys hopefully enjoyed this video if you did like it press that like button don't forget to subscribe and I'll see you in the next one thanks for watching



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