Prusa MK2 vs LOG – 3D Printer Race – Chris's Basement

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We race LOG up against a Prusa MK2 just to see what the results will be.

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the time has come my friends today it is the original Peru so mark 2 up against log this is one of my favorite types of video to do where we take two 3d printers we run the same g-code side by side we compare speed and quality of print just to see how it turns out this really isn't a scientific effort as much as it is a fun exercise but I do really enjoy doing it if you watch the last log upgrade video we swapped the board out with a mini Rambo from ulta machine so both of these printers are getting pretty close to the same thing they even both run Prusa firmware the biggest difference is log has a clone v6 ion with a PTFE tube in it and the genuine Prusa has a genuine v6 all-metal hotend so we're going to take the Sanji code all in SD cards run them side-by-side and then compare the results we're even using the same filament we have orange PLA from IC 3d because I have a ton of it so let's get started will queue up the prints and see how it turns out [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] and we're done it was a really close race I even ran two Vinci's just to make sure there's a look at the Perot so one hour and 30 minutes and there's log one hour and 31 minutes so log was a minute behind the mark too but that was all in heat up time when it was heating the bed in the hot end and I'm guessing that's because the mark 2 uses a lot higher quality power supply then log does but print time and speed was pretty much identical but how did the prints look let's check that out now [Applause] so which print do you think is better I'm going to give the quality to the mark too but just slightly the print off a log was a lot better than I thought it would be it did have a few strings and a few inconsistencies also the print was a lot shinier than on the mark too so I'm guessing log is printing a little hotter than it says it is and the inconsistency I'm gonna chalk that up to the mark to having a lot higher grade hot end as well as a Regent aluminum frame so maybe with a few more upgrades to log we could achieve cruces status I hope you enjoyed watching this video as much as I did making it if you did please consider giving it a thumbs up or subscribe to my channel if not leave your thoughts in the comments below and as always thanks for watching



18 thoughts on “Prusa MK2 vs LOG – 3D Printer Race – Chris's Basement”

  1. That’s pretty darn close! I’d call Log pretty much done! (Because DIY printers are never totally done.) Put a 5kg spool on her and put her to work! Great Video!

  2. It was hard to tell given the display base was the same color as the prints, but I could definitely see the differences. Logs' benchy looked a little more rough on the sides and some flat surfaces than the Prusa.

  3. I wonder Pre Board upgrade what would have happened? My question is how much did the board change affect the print?
    All said and done I think the MK2 as purchased from Prusa may be cheaper if you consider paying yourself $8.00 per hour to build it.
    EXCEPT I LEARNED A TON OF NEW STUFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Thanks Chris, any thoughts on a video of a working Prusa MMU2 s. I have been trying and I simply can not get consistent prints. I think consumers should have a solid non biased reference.

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