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Hi, simple way to invert the rotation of 3d printers step motors.
Basically you need reverse a one phase of the motor .. you need extract two wires from connector and invert them .. you can see that in video .. enjoy 😉

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Hi guys in this video I show a simple way to change rotation direction of a step motor typically used in our printers first of all let's say that the phases of the motor with the colors of these wires .. are red and blue is a phase green and black is other phase now .. to change rotation direction without change nothing in firmware or electronics you need to invert one phase for example we can invert the red with blue or we can invert green with black look here here .. the new mod for C5, require invert the motor direction so .. I inverted the wire red with blue to invert the wires, you need remove them from connector for this .. use a knife blade you have to lift the flap and then pulls the cable here there are flaps insert the blade underneath and then pull the cable after that .. insert them in new position well .. for this video is all have a good inversion job .. ciao .. to next video



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