DIY Glowing Mushroom Lights ( with AND without a 3D printer )

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Shopping List:
– MeltInk Aqua Glow Filament :
– 3DSimo 3D Pen :
– Lumina Air Dry Clay :
– Sculpey Translucent Clay :
– E6000 Glue :

Mushroom Cap STL files :

It’s DIY day with these enchanting mushroom lights! Watch as I go over two different ways to make these really cool glowing mushrooms. One method uses 3D printing and 3D pens, while the other is more old school.



35 thoughts on “DIY Glowing Mushroom Lights ( with AND without a 3D printer )”

  1. Don't listen to reddit. The battery powered LEDs won't last for long at all. You should use the formula for finding Resistance for LEDs. If Ut=The total voltage running throug your system (whitch in a paralell curcuit like youres will be the same for all the LEDs and the same as your input). And Uf=the voltage the resistor is supposed to take.(with theese small LEDs that is usaly somewhere around 1.5v if you don't have the data form the manufacturor). And lastly If= the current that your led is supposed to take. (This value can change a lot. I would experiment a litle with different values to find out what works. Gennerally somewhere around 20-60mA.) Then you need only to muliply the current by how many resistors you have and subtract Uf from Ut and call that what you get Ur. Then lastly use the R=Ur/Ir formula. (Ir is the same as If for 1 resistor) and there you have it. I don't know what power source you used for the mushrooms but i am sure that you won't get good results by just guessing.

    (Sorry for the bad english. Was written on tiny phone keyboard by non native english speaker)

  2. i think your uv leds combined with that clay would have been even better, clay would look natural and the uv would activate its glow in the dark ability, even a small 1-2 second light would keep em powered, like make a sistem, every 5min, it lights for 1-3 seconds, enough to give em some light, then turns off…would run forever this way, since it is on battery power, also the light should be gradual, from off to on for like 3 seconds, stay on 3 seconds, turns off in 3 seconds slowly, then stays off 5min or so, then repeat

  3. I think both of them look awesome, but I kind of like yours a little more Devin. I've been wanting to make a live edge desk top out of this slab of pecan. I plan to epoxy resin fill the void to make it resemble water and now I am picturing some mushrooms integrated into the project. Thank you.

  4. Great projects. Very inspiring. I'd take Devon's for the two color mushroom caps. The stones were cool but some crafting moss would have completed the forest floor motif. Terrific work you two!

  5. This was an inspiration. I love both. I can only make one but the side by side steps show how to to advance to a 3d version. I am going to make my own soon from clay on or bathroom sealant for the caps. Super job thank you

  6. I would decorate the white box a bit more to look like a brick wall or something. That would make the whole thing look much more realistic. I Like both of them a lot though I think I'd go with the sculpted one because it seems easier to do (also I don't have a 3d printer available so yeah.)

  7. Uhm…sorry for saying this but, it doesn't look great at all. There is another video on yt, and the guy is using silicon and watercolor paint. And as an electronic enthusiast I must say, your wiring looks terrible. ๐Ÿ™‚ that hot glue might not protect from shorting the circuit. I would suggest using the heat-shrink tubing.

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