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23 thoughts on “Cetus 3D Printer Unboxing and Review”

  1. Hi Naomi. Have been enjoying your videos for several months now. Finally clicked follow and the bell. Purchased one of your tagless tee on the sponsors site. Hope you get a bunch of other subscribers to buy these cool shirts, and make some extra cash. Sure I am a guy, but anyone can wear something this nice. I have bought shirts from other YouTubers, and am always surprised when strangers on the street or in the store say they are fans of that channel as well.
    I know I have heard this song before. I seem to recall it was in an anime? What and who is it? I really need to get it back on my hard drive.
    Keep up the great work and don't let the jealous haters get you down!! (Or the ignorant journalists 🙂 )

  2. Hello Naomi,
    I love the videos you provide. I am sorry that people gravitate to your great looks instead of your beautiful mind. I appreciate the time and energy that you spend in creating your videos.

  3. Hey love your channel! What would you recommend to a total noob? I need some relatively cheap and cheap to maintain and opperate, but good enough printer for small architectural models. Thank you in advance. You are an absolute gorgie 🙂

  4. Cetus3D is a nice printer for a beginner, very easy to assemble and start, but there is a price for simplicity. really long custom nozzles makes it susceptible for partial or full blockage. Cold pull for cleaning is also difficult-to-impossible to perform. price for a nozzle replacement and the fact that there are no cheap worldwide delivery is also not very pleasant. I still do not regret buying it as my first printer as it was good intro to the world of 3d printing.
    Printer is optimized for 0.4 nozzle. But 0.4 is good only for smaller parts as you said. For bigger prints, 0.6 (supplied with the printer) works much better and i didn't have any adhesion problems with bigger prints aven with cheapest PLA. 0.2 has beggest layer adhesion problem in my experience.
    Thanks for the review, I hope you will get current issues sorted out.

  5. I love that dress you are wearing. The color really suites you really nicely. What kind of laptop is that you are using there?
    Let us know if that problem could be fixed

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