Huawei MediaPad M5 10.8 & 8.4 | THE Multimedia-Tablet

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Review: Huawei MediaPad M5 10.8 & 8.4
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44 thoughts on “Huawei MediaPad M5 10.8 & 8.4 | THE Multimedia-Tablet”

  1. For me, media consumption includes youtube and spotify as the most important……one thing i have to point Youtube on this device(i bought it) without stutter is playable in full HD(1080 with 60p)and if you go above that, you will get stutter and lag….. as you know this is 1440 display, it can play some 30p content but with the 60p in 1440, struggles…… I agree about loudspeakers, best in class

  2. I am thinking about getting a 10" tablet just for watching media, surfing the web and a bit of light gaming. Would the new Huawei Media pad M5 lite be a better option or even the new budget T5. Would I really notice that much difference from the full HD of the M5 lite to the 2K of the M5 when watching videos on Amazon Prime, or football on BT sport?

  3. I have the mediapad m3 8. 4, now im thinking to buy the m5 10 but not sure if it worth to upgrade. The m5 looks a lot better then the m3, but there is no much improvement over the m3, or there is lol

  4. Hey damir, i have the tab s3, i use it mostly for watching netflix! nothing to complain about it! my only gripe is that is a little heavy for watching while laying down! you think the mediapad 8.4 is a good buy? i love amoled screen cause the black lines of netflix dont lit up in a dark room!

  5. Huawei Brightness: Not sure it this still applies to this device: "Go to power saving features and switch from smart to performance. Huawei still has the annoying method of changing display brightness depending on the app on the lower energy profiles. Especially annoying since Chrome is one of the apps that use a lower brightness… I found that most android tablets take a couple of days to settle in / learn. Although the power savings are okay, turning them off during this period will speed up the settling / learn period. You may be able to turn the power savings back on after a few days"

  6. Looking to pick this up as a replacement for my Nexus 9. I plan on using it mostly for movies, reading comics, Google play books, browsing the internet. Very light usage. So this would be the best tablet for that use case you're saying?

  7. I had a Nvidia K1 tablet which has given up on me =C I am looking for a replacement to consume media and play a fair bit of games. Is this the best option out there at the moment?

  8. With Google no longer supporting their tablets after Android P I would not recommend an Android tablet anymore, it has lost to Apple. Of course if you don’t need it to be as useful as an iPad , maybe just as a media player then it’s OK, but I would just buy the cheapest iPad! Amazon use FireOS so can still sell especially as they are sold at a loss to promote Amazon products and are great at the low cost end. However the flagship Android tablets are bad, even the Tab s3 from Samsung is poorly supported and I would doubt it will ever get an Android update. The Pixel tablet stopped selling last year and Google have moved onto Chromebooks with Android support. Why flog a dead horse, the ipad is a far superior tablet in the premium sector and Apple actually updates iOS for iPad with extra features year on year. RIP Android tablets.

  9. I was waiting for your review thank you.
    You didn't talk about the headphone jack that is missing on both versions and for an media consumption device it's unfortunate…
    I'm surprised that the performance is just ok while I think that the kirin 960 is better than the s820 on the Tab S3 ?
    No DRM security level 1 so no HD streaming (Netflix, Amazon video, Molotov TV for french people) :(.
    I think i'm going to wait the Samsung Tab S4 but the price should be higher than the tab S3 and I don't want to swtich to Apple :/.
    For the moment i bought the Teclast T8 for 155€, it's a great 8" tablet but no DRM security level 1 too…

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