Are Android Tablets Dead, Console Gaming on Mobile, More Tech Talk Part 2!

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alright go ahead so every month what's dead fortune nothing can keep you from reaching your goals just do it like to thank you see alright so I'm a part too I'm in part too and it's conversation we're bout to go again to it let's get started and there she go being funny that's all right back that's all right baby you deserve it you deserve it all right you deserve yeah bodyguard yes IL Batman hey you know how to go pick up the kid all stay in the background eat you know guys feed the kiddos no wrong with it what baby – phones in the building baby – four three two fouls she can eat to get ready to eat to get ready wait look baby goodbye alright so we're gonna get back into this conversation of Android tablet look there is all about eleazar Kindles Kindle Fires I passed outside Galaxy Tabs unfortunately we have to go down to that mall ah I mean can we throw Microsoft Surface in them can we throw my cap anybody can we can we also Microsoft Surface in a mix let me know let me know that okay look we we don't make a circus in weeks ghost was when all right so this go ahead get it's alright okay we all got happy we all got oh I'm looking at that aces tyr point went out a Seuss yeah you know where I had a transformer book myself and I thought it was the Ishmael like man no tablet shutting this one now you get the dot the keyboard dock full slamming into it food close it up open it up like a real laptop but you know what you know we're really chance to Gary and I have to say it man I'd say it was the surface it was the surface black also I think the person I think the company implemented correctly and precisely HP HP was one of the pioneers in a tech game a shot the HP moonshot the Dell chapter you know HP and Dell and Microsoft and then the pioneers we just laptop computer on it you know so the PC is on its top three okay Oh put apple and then let's play Apple Mac but we taught my tablets now let's get back to the tablet business all right I still got this HP Envy 360 for the past almost four years going on for years I got it a 2014 all right I'm on it right now in this silo screaming I'm streaming it from the HP Envy 360 15.6 inch 1080p screen man shout out sounds – HP man because for the sole fact that we already know that Apple took some of their employees and Ronald relevant Apple come on I already know the store mr. goes are we back to the age 30 years 30 years of destruction man oh it just just his craziness okay so we already know about if you don't shots the cold fusion look there bro up he's got though he got mad history about Apple mash with my HP he got mad he bought all the tech companies right shots the Black History Month once again he's black he's African he's not having to the bracket but he's African we've tried interactive way he's African straight up straight up just just just look up the bro it's like he's like the PPS for you to man telling you I come I told the dude in the comment section I'm like cold fusion you are the PBS a technology of YouTube I promise you man you you learn a lot from me he got history Yahoo Tesla air by anybody Google everybody Emilie's I love man just just just follow cold fusion man from documents documents coffees dinner bleh let's get back to it all right let's get back to it Android is Android tablets dead man Edgewood cells day cuz it looks like it's just the Kindle Fires all right look like the fire fire tablet is just just crush it again I don't understand why Google can't produce or man I'm in sound son Ben did it okay Samsung Ben did I guess Samsung credit for for one Samsung it's right underneath Google with that the Android tablets alright so let's get them with a credit a soos with when Android tablets were popular let's say when the Motorola zooms in the view tablets and all it was our view site see people a lot of people don't even remember view side how many people real new sonic look doc DD you don't even know me do you no no no hue sonic look you sonic at TVs man you saw I got the TVs the PC my lenders that will stay here alright that's what they focus on that's how much money they made off the PC monitors and after the TVs I've you son I lift them up straight up um so so the tablet games starting with Samsung alright Android when you dump my entry is all right so Samsung Motorola all right then we have you sunny they got in the game LG I guess they got a HTC they tried their chance to game with the whole you know dadelus style is with it too don't get me wrong you know they they follow the uh the whole sound something alright what's up Sally welcome hey talk to me man that wasn't me man shot two sets Ella oh that one me man so telling he he didn't want thrown me that um he was pushing that out and um everybody else's live strange day he was like I I did was Freddie I saw Hill pulsky I saw him post it on another live stream I think it was like Eric's Eric's um easy computer solutions I think one of his snot screens I was watching or the one I was featured in after here I mention it like yo go check out I'll take you all God you got he got all the top top deals on you know top pay phone plans and all that stuff like that and to be honest it is startled me shadow shock too potent without a PC without boy I see you Tony Tony Tony P needy jumping ability you know what is all good man we just having some fun we just talked about know the history talk about the background and Ray tabla zing you know like yeah iGoogle you know they jump to any less like hey we're gonna bring on a 7-inch we're gonna bring out a seven inch device that's gonna blow your minds and then when I first released it at the way our line still don't talked about the Google out what was it 2011 2012 or something like that it's like Nexus 7 everybody went nuts oh like yo yo hit that pre-order but there was I hit that pre-order bling what was the price like 199 or something like that or $200 it was it was something that ranged it was like we you get all the the latest Google updates you get all the latest cool exclusives you know like the playbook and get everything included with this Nexus 7 tablet everybody was next the body and what play people forgot about I passed people forgot about the Samsung tablets beautiful got about you know even everything Kindles the Nexus and then all of a sudden it just got quiet for a little bit there come Asus hey SUSE transformers we got the transformer pad we got the transformer probe look like what ace was just just throw it out there we're gonna turn the doc look to the keyboard it's up to a full downside what's up little ball chicken they're gonna chicken thank you but I mean it like at one point between it was like a it was like a big error like the light which what do you swear I was like at least 2015-2016 we was going crazy over town they all decide at the last year was like man what happens that's what happened yeah you can you kept em you got it you got you gotta give me get up look alright I'm gonna be right back the little one watch me hold I'm just looking like it come on oh yeah you honey sorry all right back y'all was good on I'm the youngest Samuel this man he's to do so for giveaway Sam like okay this is the thing man look if you want me to do some giveaway like I'm gonna be honest with you all right so look the phones down actually how only out of real two phones men that's why I'm called suppose I'll only actually have two phones or other phones is my lady's and then another phone is actually a Prius it's a reviewing it so technically I really need to give it back but they asked for it back I'm not gonna lady just give it back again like I can't get man enough so they I gave me something else she really give baby to fuzzy she wanted some cheese she wanted to change a bait see what is so cheesy said cheese jeez she was a cheese I mean what do you want me to give her but I appreciated man look but look hey seven you think I should give Western falling donate man shoutouts to a team and Big Boss this doula realto go back to my previous story your bodyguard you'll witness broke my bodyguard Oh gang and Bob is you guys are my witnesses you are like my top moderators you are witness that bro gave me a hundred dollars man hundred dollars in donations man so you talking you talking giveaways I could give away some with day if you donate I could give away that's giving back whatever money people donate to my youtube channel I donate cuz I make some dope content so cool content based on you know it is all about my experience it's all about what I've seen what I witnessed what I've done it's not about this other stuff that's out here man and if you if you want to go based on all that then you need to follow my challenge I'm sorry I'm not that dude I'm not that guy that's gonna bad people I'm sorry That's not me but if you yeah go go take her to the party but if if you like my cutscene and you know you say I'm worthy of you know oh you know I'm worthy of that stuff man you would donate on your own I don't have to tell you to donate that's not my thing I'm not gonna say donate donate I'm not like all these other people that begging I'm not begging nobody man this is me this just swore I am I like doing this stuff I don't care I don't care this is me it's my feelings I don't care man I do it cuz I like doing it I enjoy doing I like feedback dine do i shut up everybody that comments shout outs to everybody in free to comment south to ace sounds so night shot took a man you know you know became like blue actually like I actually can like you know represent right now no that is boss man like you you real man like this dude is like super seizure hey it's going to be a table up and we got an emergency on ahead look I'm gonna do a life flossy going to say I will be right back the tops amongst yourselves but I will be right back you know shots to the savage light sauce to the dual slim sluts you don't say wait I will help to call timeout right now shouts the earth and ka easy computer solution go grab your popcorn where the other so that's a yes thinking how did it happen y'all know oh look sit up each other the TV okay yeah you got something so changing its changing okay whoa well then you got a flat back he still stood I'm sorry we still hey hey I'm still you want the loo what it's nice a little bad but it's nothing 6,000 here need a bank buddy yeah tape it off yeah put up there if I want it cool it's all well currently ago this blew itself up hurry up top wha-hey she's gonna fly I know stop people help stop sweet okay no sorry hey yeah alright time talking about I'm back y'all good okay I got shoe sis I got some sister to piggyback if everyone donates who says this man could be a fall give away here for so textile was good man if they're supposed to be live yes was wrong yeah is this man living the humble life what are you talking about me only time off from living a humble life look look are you talking about living the humble line man yeah you lean them in the harbor life man what is you giving away bro let me know let me know man yo yeah you don't even know that what this channel been through straight up oh it's just don't beat the left oh speaking of Giveaways okay sis just this man thing and I ain't giving away now look tune in every Tuesday and every Friday starting this coming up week I'm giving away some codes yes your boy giving away some digital codes for my t-mobile tools new count which is one percent free shouts t-mobile and I'm giving away some internet access man I'm giving away Internet access every Friday free data Fridays it's coming back no I'm saying and I'm throwing out that free ebook I thrown out that free ebook Friday so I'm gonna bring that in a play on it so if all these these people time I ain't giving away nothing look I'm talking about it to my homeboys shots to the memory King on Facebook man look I I got it doing like a personal video about me me King on Facebook this dude is one of my old classmates from back in grade school I mean that's how far we go back I mean Oh recently we you know each other up or you know I ran into him and he's gay or whatever and I was like yo man you be calling on Facebook broke you'd be calling on Facebook and I told him this again and the facebook messenger we chatted it up how this light little bro look I'm gonna anybody that to support me I get on the shoutout I like I might I might I might pull a eggs I might pull a smo me you know say like this dude he personally does a special video for a particular person that you know he follows or he feels like that's great content on a YouTube channel or Google+ or something like that and he likes what they do he'll personally give you a shout out explaining to his viewers why they should follow know why he likes them and check them out so I think I might pull of a song full of ice moment out so I might do a special video for my boy Mimi King on Facebook he is – Mimi King I was not seeing anybody on Facebook Instagram atwitter thoughts of Mimi's like my boy Jean uh maybe you don't want me to punch you punch on I just watched first name I ain't go potty and you polish a whole gun in a monster like that but Mimi King aka Jonathan or John John whatever people in the hood call you bro bro but I might do a personal video for this guy because you guys need to follow him he is hilarious with the Miche on Instagram and Facebook I have to give him some he blew my mind right I never seen nobody just drop those Mimi he's like you know man he is too true Mimi King on Facebook and Instagram just to you bro man like real talk Oh like I said like me and go way back to like probably the four gray man and I just recently you know got back in contact with face to face small men like myself I but that soul mate is Dean we start chopping it up and then after that we really start chopping it up in facebook Messenger and on Facebook even like supports me on my YouTube stuff he shots on my blocks just some more videos so close to the solution to the king of the meanies man but yeah I miss all these haters and these trolls somehow give away stuff man he's coming back coming back if you don't think I don't do don't give away I might not do tech giveaways but I'm gonna do some giveaways to get you up and running get you started on something what is some ebooks in magazines where some movie rentals I give you a rare box cold so you've got some free movies or something like that I mean if you don't like you know download late stuff from Cody or download from rhenium TV or hulu hulu well whatever you know cuz there's a lot of streaming stuff out there man but yeah we're gonna do that but ok so I never did finish the tablet game thing are you feeling okay but uh yeah man so like my thing is like man and Rick in training day man like I really don't enjoy did I just think it's just one to another another when his face man shot Asus shots tomorrow no shoutouts to LG Samsung you know what ZTE misses he got tablets on AT&T you know I'm Sam so I could tell you even got tablets on t-mobile some shots they're all yours they're still putting out you know Android tablets me cuz they still won't do it and they who dollars menos de 2018 gonna bring out Android Oreo tablets we gotta wait and see my face all you have to do is go to your local carriers you know going to the t-mobile store bought some Verizon store going to AT&T store and just talks on my yo yeah I got a tablet Android is money and we're you like y'all let me know and then when y'all found that out man let me know hit me up maybe I can do a review about them but right now like I said like we in reality truthfully in reality Android 7 anybody on Android 7 and up is fully updated that's that's how I see it with the Android world is your Android 7 and up your update I'm sorry like no no offense I mean cuz goo is the only one throwing that Oreo and everybody hey Sony man why I hate no so be so horrible man y'all ain't no Sony Xperia I so bad we had this conversation just a big big house productions shoutouts to Tony P shots and said channel everybody that was in total peace of livestream this morning man we talked about this man everybody a Sony o the way I hate so doing a smartphone is having gay man well these day keep they phones up to date man I like Samsung anyway and you know I mean this is the problem and this is your real this is the problem I feel like if if the if y'all don't get Maggie's oels will not update name devices why y'all support them look why I like just like man how much is rack up my wedding they gave me a pixel cuz look at all these Apple users Betty record up things money get an iPhone why aren't you all reckon of money to get a pizza that's my question if you if you truly want the updates man come on let's get rid of ought to get it tomorrow what's what's my god what's my god ESPN First Take man I'm gonna get eaten by Stephen ain't rollin man are you serious why you guys do it are you serious what your family oh hello hello ah y'all but for beauty gear I'm the Steven amen are you serious we really gonna go through this stuff really go go through this stuff art are you kidding we would really go don't do this man don't don't make me do it don't make me do a shout that tease a man TJ I see you I see you don't don't make me do it there don't make me hurt your feelings made on don't make me uh hit don't make me make y'all hit the dislike button cuz I ain't about that man I don't want shopping like I really watch out ahead man you know I'm sound really one shot hey don't make me do it man don't make me go there look I'm gonna use my line host even I get it and Max and all of my ESPN stop playing with you man just just stop he just stop playing with your hand don't make me go there man if y'all so focused on updates why aren't you all spinning money you'll go it's been a money on Samsung LG Motorola spend money Apple tears put money on blue ZTE you spend money on a Suz man spitting money all of no much spending money on sony dog almost bit of money on experience hey update your entry Oreo before Sampson come on man stop playing yeah you know what you know what yeah I need to stop flick cuz I ain't even invested in the Xperia life I got one phone I said help I got one for less then forget it man forget it read it was running mediatek I think that's what he was not Snapdragon it's not self side X knows you know that's what it was I feel that's what's that's where everybody so used to everybody so used to the snap dream man what is it about five pound man what is it about Qualcomm that we can't let government we can't let go here scrip you know we can tell y'all man I am the Steven and Tech game it don't don't make don't get me started I'm telling you don't get me started no one is supporting no much support me man no what's up when Sony it's just horrible man it's just Dan they're doing a good job man they pushed out if you buy some Edward or young man while we gotta wait on a samsung galaxy s 9 and the s-type plus to get Android Oriol on the Samsung device it's been a lot of reports a lot of push everyone look man what goes is external every point oh myself my s7 is still 7.0 my s7 still 7.0 my s6 still 7.0 I mean we got all these we put some Google+ we got all these requests of Twitter people in the comments on YouTube videos still talking about this dumb man y'all steady supporting Samsung bro like this is great okay I'm for real I'm just that series I'm deaf focus on that focus for my hands were fan base if you all are that serious about security patches hey you know what my lady got January security pass or the LGB 20 both a stick at the bottle too he still got the one a second engine okay let's get my policies I'm sorry is give my father I'll be back with you to follow the baby phones but man my boy box a still rocking tomorrow's stooge in bro the mother-to-mother easy-to-eat still rocking the Moto e – Evan you know it's a lot of people come through the strange sounds they're rocking it s7 I'm still rocking the s6 I'm still rocking the LG g4 I'm still rocking the Nexus 5 still rocking the Nexus 6 like Android users don't care this is the this is the their Alec we problem the stats don't lie the stats don't lie I'm telling you if we all came together as one as the nation of Android users and I'll just say elf Samsung elf LG if it were rolling every everybody it's just joining the Google pixel line will all be updated what I'll be like look at that the iPhone and I'm cheap hahaha yeah talk about that how I see 11.3 what 8.0 Android Beam that's what it's all about but don't worry we're not we're not not buying together because we don't care we like what we have and that's okay that's okay because we don't want to be the same we don't want to have where everybody else and we don't want the everybody walking along with a iPhone uh-huh oh I got iPhone 6 home what is yoga oh sorry yours got oh okay don't like that man we don't want to go around walking around with iPads I help I got the iPad so I got a happier three oh wait we are they oh I got this I got this oh that's the same thing we don't want dead people we don't wait there you don't want and you know it if you did if you didn't want that you will get a Google piece you would get a sunny experience you would get a HTC ue laughs you would get that mortal X 4 you will get the Moto X 4 man 4 generation of the Moto X is Android or you man it might be Android with might be the baby it might be a teenager you know I guess that would you got a teenager and win I guess Android watch the teenager Android Google go is the baby alright so you gonna say you want a teenager you want a teenager operates to write because 8.1 is do you don't mind all right that's what that's what the brain yet all right let's just say to Android eight-point ones for the brainiacs man bring in some analysis all right people I run it you did the the people that only here and I was only people that that that got it they got that don't y'all instead of million billionaires you know they rock an eight point one injury but under rest of us we okay we satisfy was seven point no he says five over seven point win satisfy was seven point one point one we satisfy was six point on point we satisfy with 6.0 he says fine I will 5.0 wait wait that's how far we go on Batman KitKat is dead all right be the KitKat man it's lollipop enough man like you're talking about this still running go check the stats crumbs go check those stats you all hating on dislike in my video right now but this that's where we are and to be honest that's where the town is right everyone says what what the hell if they did they will go and feed back hit ready hit ready up hey Google+ up hit Twitter up tag Google put Google blast put the Samsung on blast put LG on blast footballer on blacks put HTC on blast put Sony on everyone put them on blast football away put AT&T or Verizon man stop playing with well stop sinner I just just being okay with y'all just okay with it man pile tech talk to him man Paula tech salt or broke straight up Tony Pete talks will set telling come on man a job you did it man no a nice boss where you went broke I know I know man oh he's cats man talk – I don't know man no no what's the witness I hear hear they don't know straight up so that's where we at man that's where we a not a game consoles the console gave it away on a mobile device or Android how is what do you like that where do you like to do we need more I mean it's is it enough isn't enough power in mobile devices to play console type games late late Assassin's Creed all right Pete to the next beer I miss them it's the razor baby the razor it's the razor now it ain't no aura Peter let me ride me it's the razor no man it's revived that's bad very bad but I raised them so and night one no gaming console type device broke the razor foam razor fall it's a console gaming mobile device man can have them anything you throw a my boy Tony P my project 13 I think he dropped want a video about the razor phone you know Eric Griffin I think Erica Griffin I think she dropped when you know I'm sad so it's a few few youtubers ire and got this phone in hand get a review like the device i think i'll mkbhd drop the review for it so hey I think mr. mogill I cannot forget my Baba my boy mr. mogul man Michael Fisher man Michael Fisher man check his channel he's very precise and accurate with his reviews man I don't care if he's whatever type of race he is I don't care he might not be all the way one person way this dude has this got something else in America's he's from another plant a me from Earth kofi name from Earth man mkbhd earth man these doors enough earth right now man I just thought it tech knowledge because knowledge is power man up well we don't look at it like it but it is many they they got that stuff whole lot they follow them for this though no don't follow me for good I hate they do I'm here to free the world man we slaves still broke we still slaving are here man we still saving stop playing man ain't nobody treatment ain't nobody you got to pay to be free and that's true so with this council gaming on mobile devices man the only thing killing is iPhones and the razor man I don't think I mean don't get me wrong if you get your muddled phone and look I've got I got a collection man I've got a collection I've got a collection of my high-end games I did I did I did a screenshot with this grace on this man like anywhere from Nintendo games Sega Playstation sony sony sony Sony again I'm throwing out Sony Microsoft man Microsoft Mary Kay my xbox baby if you're an Xbox gamer man darling deuce is up there don't do some stuff your Xbox gaming man like okay before the smartphone game got really handy enough ready G Reggie in the building everybody go it's already amaldi but man look look we talking about the console gaming on mobile devices if y'all gonna do that man like make sure you got a little ram make sure you got no storage on your phone that's why I still support SD micro micro SD card slice that's why I support anything in three gigs and up on an Android device because you don't need them for high-end of high-end game like grand theft auto max Payne NBA Live Madden NFL mad up4 look I ain't gonna lie I was killing FIFA for a minute on Android I was like man I need to drop some videos on FIFA bro like I can't lie I just feel fat I mean I'm still a small fan of soccer football you know I'm saying doctor aka football you know I'm saying two shots to the football game shots of the second game man I mean I'm crossing over people with the soccer ball like I was sitting on recording in be a man I got I got the skills with that G don't know play me a soccer man like I got the body for it like so straight up like a man don't know don't play with me with soccer and football man straight up and that's how about American football I'm talking about Spain I'm talking about the dog you know I'm saying it the other coaches Europe Ronaldo and do football that football not soccer soccer soccer is in America okay that's how we saw all right that's how Americans taught me a charge soccer HR quote above all it's the soccer over here right and whatever they're interfering is my house to be honest I really don't understand why are we calling in a football I read on the car why we come for my football when other countries out there like Spain and Africa no call football soccer on soccer football see sound getting too messed up man what was the country teaching us bro tell me man come on now are you European you you came Australians may come on man get in the car man station kitty the common sex so people may I'll kill you I kill young FIFA man come on man somebody challenged me on the moment on a mobile game man it's over it's over you do not want to I got it down like man and I can do the touchscreen I'm used to I'm used to it I bought Friday 13 do all these videos with foam it put everything from your smartphone your tablet master plan was that maybe maybe Steve Jobs Tim Cook onto something maybe they are do you did not read my title bro I said or edge with tablets day I moved on in there you all won't respond I moved on in there bro you could get the apks and all eggs do you know silo the apps and all that stuff like they still do all that you still have SD cards on the androids Elvis man like that's why I like it that's why I like Android Windows over Apple and Mac man cuz don't give you enough storage bro like come on man y'all spending thousands of dollars on a 64 gig farm bro when this this model g5 + this model g5 + I have in hand it's a Ford getting rammed and bikes with 64 years onboard storage extended is 256 isn't Cortland no yeah those talks we've done there the tongue no talk to me down man yeah here you go never get updated it's just uncle South Wales already gonna get updating but that's besides the point and this is what that's why I brought up that's why we don't care we don't bother going you know you don't care of it you know you don't care you be rocking a picture it's a Luger you'll be rocking a sodding experior it see one where it is we don't care of it alright so oh you can get o games like mad man you can get games like crazy taxi from Sega their original Sega games or free on an Android Play Store I'm gonna drop a video about this yeah yeah yeah buddy go yeah we we we don't surround him to be see me cry a little TV yeah we know that man no more cable man's dead cables dead DirecTV Dan selling like this network all that is dead charter you're dead you're dead only thing you need to be selling us is Internet and you probably bride shouldn't be selling us death but look out man somebody some right my hacker friend pop uh somebody by Hector free to fly rather this get like honey gigs hello yo it'll probably do like y'all I gotta know he games free oh wow is cold man like people with other countries man people in India man like they killing me bro they killing blob you know man I sent y'all all the links man you know you see my life's on Twitter and Facebook when I like them the videos from Hindu did the Hindi boy shot to the Hindi boys man cuz they put me on game man and look and this is what's crazy people think of the Internet to play your games look look exactly exactly my do at tena HD man it's your ex an HD man my pops got it at his crib in every freakin room man we got it over here at almost every freak with two little tools we got here in the main room and then we got and the kids woman so they can get you know free TV month so I mean row row cool oh man my boy dare oh we've been what's out you know chatting up we'd be going and in about this whole Google Apple Samsung view yay but man look I'm just saying man we go through this all night in our date fuck hey control like I said man on a sail like this boy he thought but man you gotta leave and after the last ring not doing a love spring broke cuz if they not watching this live dangle see homie dango see you comment that stuff from disappear I mean I wish I woulda did it like Tony and J wheels where they had the comments in the screen I gotta figure that out I might hear one in the mall and see how they did it what program they using to have the actual chats um oh maybe I can maybe I can figure it out real quick ah bullshit pop out check set the pop I'll check instead what it is maybe that's how I do it out on they're already donating your line I just I'm just playing out with some real quick Oh Lucy participants Sam feedback man it's moderators participation maybe it's working now let me see I'm sure that nice it's probably not working with if it is just let me know man um yeah just to just let me know if it's working tonight if not it is what it is wait I'm gonna hit one of them boys up and add in some sad Channel man check good call look bro look okay everything can't be about Cody bodyguard energy kb about Cody everybody that's a model right in this building man that's crazy yeah everyone is easier obviously is a moderate weight oh look man look this this ridiculous bro said tell her you missed the first frame man somebody donated said Trevor somebody donated $100 man I'm telling you donate $100 nobody Gloria tried to he tried to compete with him but he can hang bro he's a man that's all my way my birthday come on I try to go broke I'm glad I do yeah yeah but oh yeah I meant so you could play sonic the hair tribe when your Android device I'm gonna drop a video about that a price drop dead tomorrow it might be pre-recorded when you know I'll try to get them thumbnails man I feel like kill a thumbnail game it's got shots or the thumbnails fly man y'all might think that's clickbait mine's gonna be true mine's gonna be true to the core when I put that thumbnail out there it's gonna be the real thing Hey yes oh my goodness man hey everybody I'm so – man look look Fredo Santana right we're talking about right now we all went to tablet we always obligate Android tablets movie you know who knows damn there oh go get you some rubber oh oh Malaysia allergic Oh it'll be Jack look I got knocked up Lazard a man lay a said Telegraph lost the quarter you represent the hammer sign shots at Amazon warriors man y'all hey Dad low heavens Iron Man ya hate that he's still in the game man like Google gave up like you just gave up LG gave up everybody else's game was up self they only was trying to turn us stay relevant to a program sorry but unless they represent Android in a heavy weight where we still use tablets in this asshole bro I like I said I still got my ZT for AT&T she got an LG from AT&T and it's on Android said adult so now then okay say that bro if you want a bigger screen and did a six inch phone then you got it you got to get the NH we bumped that eight inches like baby too far she got mozzie zebra with front-facing speakers man look that's how she learned her ABC's her colors the nursery rhymes all they said that yeah I said telling you to a man like is on a bigger screen you not swing your eyes she can put it on the stand and that's another trick I'm gonna drop I'm gonna drop a video about uh how to turn a business card holders it to smartphone stance and tablet stance so you want to go out and spend extra you know Lulu Oh small stuff like that man cuz it don't make sense to do all that wet oh yeah that's where we at right now Oh techies don't use tablets what they use damn bro what they use tell me nah know taking use everything bro to use Google home they use a Lexus they use the fire stick tech techniques use roll cool to use on it oh my lady she go drop a video and 11 so look out for Tiffany we got a tip Tiffany Hamilton YouTube channel I'll put a link in description um at the end of the videos it's always me you know I miss in it shot some up wetlands visuals if you drop in the music video y'all seriously all right Oh shall we find out my lady videos yeah you don't matter go first go second y'all good y'all know y'all but oh man I had to cut my throat guys how frog it in our kid or so yeah something some bizarre devil stop talking to y'all but I'm back baby I'm back all right so we gonna do smoke TechTalk but like I like I said man i'ma drop a video or my blog prices uploaded after this video I don't down low council tight games like me from speed sports Oh Marvel Comics take mortal kombat has some decent games are all like yeah man like a lot of people I guess a lot of people don't know that they can download like Xbox type games Microsoft you know PlayStation type games on today Android or iOS device you can't man I mean the those smartphones I've gotten that advanced to where we could play like RPG like me and my lady we've some RPG fans like Pokemon Final Fantasy V Fire Emblem real tight as legend is a little type of players man like don't get me wrong you know I played Madden games I play the NBA he's saying that I'm an unusual female because I play a lot of video games she is made one a little one maybe one or two other females that are Danny out of my life that was willing to play video games with me and was cool with like oh that's boy Stella I'm pretty sure a lot we don't know what that is so you know you have to explain that to them very like okay okay what okay see like if you have a follow me like five six years ago I was dead dude for me to know through the years I was thank God I will see gold like well if I were to stay with the channel I would amend the goat of it you know thirty years late that was one of the best selling handhelds since Game Boy I promised those one of the best selling handle since game weight Nintendo was the only one to implement the 3d in a handheld device properly properly yeah I love to play the ball where my eyes get is your eye get blurry ah well okay if you don't like 3d vision in you know you could turn it off you could turn off Blake right just take a blade just just put them put the game down for a second I mean I've heard so many stories you cold too cold but I've heard so many stories about people actually dying – playing video games it was even reports on websites like somebody put up a stream of the planet he actually died Oh a blob straight like look do that and it's in our we control and we still rocking away over it man we still walk rocking a wheel very strong maybe we already strong with the we thi with J William Muruga says was a world away yes whooping Ruby hey super uber cut through the street Muruga a stroke up those threes let's go nowhere you have it we're broke mad look we have so much flight at night and that's a good thing with my man my Vegas man is you could play console type games on Android and iOS man they just a physical type of device you guys it's lagging his leg you know don't mean you don't have to you know how to process you know how to GPU CPU forward I mean you get the look get the look of what Crossy road yeah it's a running game Super Mario run get the Pokemon go y'all say you can't you can't get to the moderate combats and a Call of Duty's you know if they get to the limit – look baby – look baby games strip it on this one people don't like me this one – um – Falls with two patties we can't find a way why they with the camcorder oh where was he no you check inside the couch wish we had it over there sorry but you gave minor chord man you gotta get out my channel bro um you know blah you know I get all white shall we could he create him a new gmail account man that's not plan we met stop playing with I'll tell you what you were going in it was going in I will always go me oh gentle woman I'm going in for the truth baby I'm a villain the truth I'm revealing the truth man Google Haiti Facebook Haiti Twitter Haiti so lady big baby that's how I'm going on but shots to grow flu shots to Burger man but look man I'm telling you I'm telling you Bob mellow no Mary no joke man Helena flows so you know what a lot of people think I'm copying flawless you know I'm not messed up clever man I hit up lucky and all the time on Instagram it y'all see him without blood drop a comment when I drop a comment on flossy car Instagram or YouTube videos he always hits the like button that means he he's cool with my comic he's cool heart response it's not that he don't like me he's not trying to communicate with me cuz y'all ready no yeah I read all these haters and trolls man that it was trying to ruin it my name was warning you stood right now as it is that reasons why we can't even that revenue that we wanted kid is these trolls and haters man just just just straight from nothing dawg for nothing so that's what we're I'm trying to get the s na+ man I need some more donations yo yo achieve a boss Qi man boss man like that dude yeah I got a top pick oh man I got top man I've never gotten $100 in 20 minutes of anything not even a real job $100 donation in less than 20 minutes that's a freaking has Flossie Carter done that hey let me see flowers acquired put that number bro let me see floss Sakura put up $100 in less than 20 minutes awful stream that's a challenge man that's a chance to fly see Cardiff I chose lost quarter you what is where subscribers they don't pay him $100 in less than 15 minutes on YouTube last place that's Guinea let's get total check where you win boy let's get it man TK let's get it Bella I'm sorry I'm trying out my lady father fun in front of court man I'm trying to help her real quick duty why do this yeah man she made a video about me hey Bob they better stop playing me I better stop playing where he made a video by him let me guess he he faked it though she may have faked it I bet he did bro man hey if T man come back through the stream hey it's see me I could come back to the stream and donate $154 I get that bonus for so tell her I'm sorry man you missed the first three but once the first three bath it is go watch part one is partook hey Bob you know hey Bob a bodyguard man what a dango he just he was just here for the Ferger stream when eating left me hey Bob me you know I'm talking about you he straight up Bob man you really be calling me what's out though me boss said chatter bodyguard Jer when he called me what's up you know about what's up man shouts in Hindi boys once again shot city they go handle what's out is dominating India I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry you are just love Facebook message of Google Hangouts you just plug you know it's all good it'll be bad oh my go check that out save me the late Bob Simmi it sent me the link to know what's on home beyond the Moto G bar simulator area I'll be on the ball early G look away every bar say they do better video right crazy crazy oh hey why did you say how crazy you know yeah please making so much noise something good I be somewhere in morning okay again the grain OD s children somewhere in a mall in ammonia we gotta keep accessories right talking about talking about this think about not enough earthers I wish they would come out with a Pokemon I start hearing all the pokémon chattering Pokemon store like superstar or just or that will make sisters you got the son of the moon Pokemon I guess right here think about that title for the new cover my game Pokemon ultra star like man that's on a Pokemon fan now go play the Pokemon yeah there was little preteens you know yeah I'll play poem RN boom boom you plan ahead try your PC they go that's what it's a mom I'm telling that's what we saw over console type games tell my tablets everything in between why because of course what you remember the last did you did you check the Bailey couch some other needs [Laughter] well it's it's week three table are you someone in the water supply see corn suck some wild yourselves [Applause] yo [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] hasta la refresh it here oh I said Santa what happened why we disconnected the internet accidental that's why we had this disconnecting the enemy I was trying to I was child Tiffani find the USB cord to the Sony camera to look for the after the video if I find the I technically wine I don't like you can find so it is what it is man you gotta tell her to use like LGB 20 to make up videos man hey hey that last video drop those from the s7 edge man goes for the s7 edge yeah tonight we'll stop playing with me but now yeah that last video I shot was for the SM age so yeah you could shoot videos you can record you could make YouTube video content from your smartphone anybody was afraid or scared or mice or my videos who look how the quality of it phone camera will look all those type of devices it looks nice um even jQuery shot videos from this HTC you 11 Oh No 8 Galaxy s8 plus I think of my project 13 I think it's never said so no – you shoot issues videos from his phone so yeah I know just a front I used to 8 megapixel camera broke that was the egg bagel pixel camera sigh just a miracle pills count on s7 edge and shoot that last video okay bye-bye you know there's another one right off dharma counterwallet oh yeah what I understand the basic oh wait wait wait when they came up all which is now junk the black one drop the extra black let me – it's right in outside it was Franklin no way yes it sounded like you saw your boy easy father sell some funny carols man but man the last video I posted should be high bay but uh yeah the last video post about front pound for review of 2018 that was all sat with the s7 edge facing camera man I was impressed I went look I went to my pops house you know I wasn't my pops I was to watch it a roku TV we got YouTube or Roku shots of a rock wall on YouTube anyways I did that and then oh I watched the video on the Roku and it was clearance day almost like wow the front-facing camera the camera on this bad boy I was I shot on this phone bed crazy but uh yeah so I mean that was don't they yeah it was freaking her earlier but took me saying wondering about this man see God you mad with the s7 edge bro you can hear everything you're tiffany in the background you know we've been in the kitchen bro you're on you heard her whooping of the kids learners kill it sizzling it hurt me the cabin is closing and opening like you can't do it you can't hurt and a pixel man hey ain't no good device book sorry I'm sorry take a hell for that g UK hear every sound if you came every sound in the background kids learning to paint them a choice I do bro I'm sorry man sets hello you know you and Jay hurry I'll be go hard at me someone really should get a piss should get a pill bad the estimate is killing the pixels in audio bro what I look like okay that's the back camera but people using grow people FaceTime bro people front face man people itself easy livestreams and our lady don't do it from the back camera dog I should still get a pencil man we'll see we'll see let's see let's see it let's eat eat man don't ask someone win team a God donate 500 more dollars don't aim that food Donald Trump god knows maybe a million that food down the Trump character the stray when the first I'm telling you said telling you missed the first frame man that was that was crazy mister first life screaming man earlier but uh where we stand right now man look like the s9 + is gonna kill every phone balance it cloning the pixel xl2 bro go check bad go check top guy dog they got the whole they got it man Tom guy you got it locked shut Tom god calm all you haters all the trolls hang on these these websites is linking the best phones ever Li the best folks I tell ya I looked it up man you go you will see you don't see me at Tiffany's reaction but uh yeah man like Tom guy said another video some of my best android games now see we was just talking about that the games on Android I was talking about there boy let's say imma jump video about there imma drop a video I'm get ya my full review of the UH ok out a full review or the front part messaging app as of right now as of today how is the perform how is the sound quality to call quality I was texted as y'all can see I'm rocking a ZZ mini does he see xr-7 minion got the frontal popping day Oh star saw that the chest watch Scott what's out no syntax now Facebook messaging hangouts shots to the text text shout to the chat game but oh yeah dang what service but uh yeah man so like I said I'm dropping the reviews of the gaming or Android Hollis um I'm gonna drop that rental pop review or the messaging app oh I'm gonna do a full review at X now 2018 and I would just get y'all to scoop right now they're like the better and this is the deal now this is the deal you guys gotta listen and pants this and closely me and meet and said Taylor and probably Bobby bodyguard okay bummer and probably BA we all know that's a way you can get sex now wise fruit even I mean even through text now do they let you know even through their tweets man text now go ham on the tweaks man a tweet every day free to pop is slowly starting to catch up on a tee game but man text now hate hustling broke a hustling heart for the customers no I'm saying like I know said senator I know you don't like they call finally duties you think they'd still like ain't all that good and all that we're on and everything like that over Wi-Fi LTE but i'ma let you know my experience right now he will sneak peek all right today I went to go get my taxes done alright with the H&R Block I was on my way it's not black I was running a little late I was you know trying to get trying to get on touring to our thing I'm sorry gets our concert Widow so I was right I'm on my mother g5 + which I got with text 9 I got the s7 edge intakes now you know so you can write any fungal checks now no matter what device you got iPhone 10 iPhone 20 don't it don't matter man but look okay it said something you already know deal man you already know to do if you know the deal I'm not talking to you bro talk to the other piece alright you week we talk in hangouts whatsapp text now we talk everywhere alright so this ain't about you bro no but I'm sample my experience my experience oh man you might have different Spencer in Florida I'm in Illinois networks the connections are totally different and this is the problem and we're using different devices broke this is the issue all right this is the issue you gonna let toy will probably that fight you're gonna run into it with t-mobile rising and it don't even matter bro but look this is based on my experiences I mean you can go edit between me you know we go ahead alright we always go ahead I give you this we always go ahead alright so I'm like calling up H&R Block late hey oh yeah I'm running a little late they hear me crystal clear and I'm gonna tell you like I told September I was on LTE alright that's LTE down that's that's LTR LZ is Lt right I'm on this text now it says cellular network full bars full balls alright said I mean it should be crystal clear and fro from from what I expect and for what it seems like the lady on the other line she heard me loud and clear she was okay yeah alright sure yeah yeah alright you run it like okay I'll let your your rep know that you'll be on your way well then cuz I was I was probably like maybe eight minutes only hey 810 minutes away you know I'm saying so the car quality or LTE bro it's not it's not 2g we're now talking to G without saga 3G without talking 4G Chucky's LTE I know are you all a Wi-Fi like me Wi-Fi crap more fuck crap alright you know saying everyone fuckin exiting I am say every Wi-Fi connection ain't the best I'm saying though if you want to say ready do or use that Wi-Fi hey bro bro it's got okay voiceover okay okay so view i peeing and sell do what is it one European cellular okay bill LT eating then had to be real LTE alright so so it was vol 2 evening if it was over LTE that that's my that's my this is what you mean no I said see what was sucks when you're indoors it just depends it says sell your network I mean look even Google okay we can get it to discussing about Google Voice it's gotta be look look look you don't understand what text not doing huh go ask them personally ask them they say bro that's what they say man that's what they say is vol t wait ah hold on y'all okay I got do a little favor change went oh okay so okay so wait t-mobile not use it sell your network now what are you talking about you know what cellular network is you know what selling your network is mammy way to sell your network then if it's not okay you gotta sell your network and then you use LT that stuff voice over Ltd your call you want over LTE so that's not voice over LTE you you're calling your own voice broke your own voice using voice you're now over LT man so that's not viola LTE okay VoIP is over Wi-Fi dog with what does it matter what doesn't matter man I could be using I could be using the galaxy s7 edge bro I could be using the galaxy s7 edge for the hi phone dude okay yeah okay bro okay I understand is spring but the fact that I'm on voice over LTE this is what you're not you I ordered voice I'm calling I'm using voice cell your network I got the little icon and I know what Island me bro I got the little icon with the little other phone icon someone know it all I mean it so that that's what it is bro because I had the same symbol or project fiber team and back in the building the boss the boss with the most boss with the most in the building y'all said salad instead dude I was telling you about me I'm gonna promote another promote if he if you got dog I don't promote know I would okay next up I'm on the car bro I'm talking about text now I'm not talking about nothing else bro I'm telling you man I I said sell if you don't believe me personally there are everyone else probably pranking be like testing it up you tested out – bro turn off the Wi-Fi alright make a call over LTE dawg I'm telling that's voice over LTE it don't matter it don't have it's text now Wireless man it's there soft word I'm telling you dog I'm even okay even even even on Frito pie yo even though free to pop on a TNT I made a call over LTE it didn't blink out then it the LTE low golden blink out a run like that okay when they blink out you're not using LTE not using down you just using cellular signal I got that but when I was on this particular call even when I was talking to my mother she called LTE bro I'm telling you using Dallas Internet that's Internet Dallas internet right no bro you didn't do what I me me you must you must know how to text now that's the default down that's what it is I got text now they they tell you this okay and this is what I'm gonna drop in my full review cassette tena he's obvious obviously his GE he's going back and fluffing me on this and everybody said in the comments on y'all sit in the Commons chats right now he's going back to flirting he sees he's saying that okay spring doesn't have a voice over LTE but I'm telling him sex now has voice over LTE or whatever it'll pop even has it broke if you're okay listen no I know for me I don't for me it does he okay next time I'm gonna call or LTE and I was great shot it for everybody I'm after I thought I did I must go a shot at it I'm where spring I'm using the LTE no Wi-Fi around I'm driving homie I out driving I'm driving to my next destination I'm calling these people hook it was clear as day bright lights with the LTE symbol turned on I'm on the call it says LTE did a sell your network connection because that's what text now is letting you know you use the cellular connection but I was also on the data connection which was the LTE because that was the highest I think it I can't get 5g five years now out right now it didn't drop down a little itchy HSPA+ or no 4G or no 3G or no 2g or no blank it was nothing that broke okay they didn't that's that works then that's what that means oh I mean yeah I used the dollar I used to stop dollar to dial up within it jumped right back into the text now app and then it still allowed me to use it over LTE that still voice over LTE and still voice over Internet that's still real on TV loyalty whichever one you wanna call it it's still the same thing and it might look up the definition but it's to me it's still safe they don't matter how you put it it don't matter what network you want you don't matter how you look at it to me it's still the same thing if you using download or internet connection now if you use a Wi-Fi then that's why fine collar now unless it don't say Wi-Fi calling then you're using your internet service then you're using a cellular network because text now will let you know if your Wi-Fi or if you want silly so it don't matter room it's all good it's all right old you I Sam you using the text now at home you let's say you you will stop down see that's where you getting this awful fuels dead man it's all good man it's all good I watched the movie Anza radio but this is entertaining bodyguard this man like I said I'm just it's based on my experience based on my usage how I'm using service that's what they want you to do man and that's what I'm most Brian to y'all that's what was plenty honest text not wise for you coming in the next couple of days I'm gonna drop that too along with my my gaming video along with my friend up our app review I mean they and Google Voice okay we will get into the conversation with Google Voice what do you think Google YC is home what do you think voice is with the VoIP when it's dead okay will you make a Google Voice call and using LT when it's dead mean what is that I mean that's technically you're selling your dad so that's still down that still declan's technically is voice over LTE because using your LTE Devon you're not using Wi-Fi Wi-Fi Stu Internet see this is the difference man we kept do we have to go back to Wikipedia or something and look up the definition west internet it was down come on bro come on let's get really I'm ghost even a in the tech gang man dude do we have to do that do we really have to do that do I really have to put you back in the books do I really have to put you back in the books back on the stats are you serious oh yes there's not playing with me I am I'm using me as because it works man I mean really to be honest you really nowaday now no you really don't have a choice or text now Wireless blank if you use a text now that's the app you have a choice you're not using you ain't using another cell your network bro man come on man I'm not going through this with you I'm not going through this with you I'm up look we don't go through it okay we gonna battle each other we gonna debate about this on on the on we go debate about this or what's up hangouts text now I'm gonna debate about this I'm mad fat I will give you a call and let you know maybe tomorrow some huggy you call call you up and I'll let you know I turn off the Wi-Fi signal I use the data cuz it's free yours the data cause it's free I am crying for the freedom Papa let you know what's up the air and say time man yes where futurist I don't know why you don't like it I don't know what a lot of people don't like it we all use the Internet we all use the Internet you don't matter how you use it but we use it and that's where it comes down student that's what it comes down to man this was all about Internet access it's all about the gala all about it that's it it's about nothing else if it was the people would plan about it all over the day nation about cars about cars no people don't care about this stuff bro it kind of our connection body going tell it bro man all we can boss down there and connection man talking Texas been free food right bro come on man come on man yeah you might be like wait why are you paying for it I'm ready hey I really ain't sorry everything why are you paying for you already know that's where Google that's where Google trying to go with Google Voice man that's what hey if they implemented it right text now for the Python and I told you I bet I told y'all maybe a year and a half ago Microsoft implemented that Skype voice over Internet Protocol oh wait I promise you on I don't know how they did it Oh No Microsoft did Skype or eBay another name is I don't know hot idea Deborah oh no Holly did there but the sound and Carl Kwan no matter what network he was on it was crisp it was crisp I used to know spring I used to know a team oh I just don't eighty I even used to the horizon that one of the time I did that level rise and prepaid I used it was a game how do you microsoft no one no one's bitches in the Microsoft escape what petunia because there that's the og in again just like yahoo messenger all them to the oh geez and again I'm a maker but they don't buy use y'all messenger by you Skype number one man we all about their Facebook messages we all about that on hangouts gang we all about their Twitter gang what about the Instagram snapchat their desired by whatsapp whatsapp right one throw to the ground the game what about that telegram game you know air that that's what we area that's where we at right now man okay if you want to stop dollar but but even with t-mobile you don't use the stock dollars and Channel I guarantee or usual stock dollar on t-mobile bro he said that's the only way it works but good to you on the text now outfit now hi oh alright okay alright this riddle that spring roll I was using my moody man fat doesn't know let's go turn it off right now I'm gonna do it right now on camera just to prove this stuff he see he said I'll confuse minute oh we I'm just gonna call myself I become a freedom pop number right we go see right we go we go see we don't solve on it's look look look bro LT LT bro that's al that's white that's that's not blacked out that's not grayed out watch this bro look look okay I got the pixel down I got the whole oyaji I got to fix a dollar he's scared it was scary he's scared to tell you scared you're scared already knows you know I'm just going in this on me nd right now I'm in there right now it's funny it's funny laughing it's all good though it's all good I'm on spring y'all see the screen I'm or LTE I turned off the Wi-Fi it is all good man he's scared he's scared let me see okay you go I'm gonna show you bro I was shocked his skin Oh No okay I see right now all right it's grayed out okay that mean I'm not okay look I look okay let's say sell your network all right that's nice sell your network but the LT grayed out though okay great out let me know voiceover LTE okay that's the difference though but I promise you all right all right let me let me call it 100 over there I'm call away ugly Noble he's gay I would kind of way you know okay all right so right now okay so right now he's sewing soaring right that's what I saw right now oh hey man I ain't gonna be mad that's what it's all right now when I was out and about it had to wait okay no when I was in the car I promise you all right yeah I want me to cry chin are black let's all right see look all right that's what it show right now look okay that's clear as day that's clear as day that's spring that's pretty we could drop down will you drop down okay it's a spring down at the bottom let's say spring down it's all Probie Road that's what it is each other it's right that's what it doing right now it's acting funny I said that's what's actually I'll do it at 20 it does did all right all right let me know though shut up oh no I'm fine anomaly Oh fine old father double your work oh yeah right as to this time you don't want to work right you don't want to work all right No enjoy hey hey hey hey alright okay okay okay you cloudy okay you can cloud me now bro I'm telling you I might get out on the boat like Hubble screenshot that call I was critical know there are a said no anybody going I've got a spring silk cord I got a spring it's just like it's just like a friend you you can like I said in my review you can buy you're gonna you can order a spread sale and then tell them that you know activating this deceit no this is not a this is not a friend of my phone broke this is a moto G this is a moto g 5 plus fully unlike I got this from Best Buy I spit I put cash money on the phone right so it's fully alike at Best Buy I got it fully unlock man you can buy a sprint still coin and put it in this phone alright so now know I'm going to show you the difference this is the text now galaxy s7 age all right so this is the one you have to order from text now and because it's got the sprint bootloader and all that stuff like that when like go check out my Samsung Galaxy s7 edge unboxing or whatever first set up or something like that you will see at the spring lt+ whatever on it are they on the screen but see at the same time he he goes just cloudy for everyone else but oh you could get a sprint sprint sale and getting in a fully unlike device like a nexus of pixels of muddle emo X mochi with whichever one it is it was fully unlock I'm just using the same fart right right yeah that's all it is man right yeah simple I said Tennyson to silk or cuz and that's another seat man I'm throwing this text now Rises you all in this this live stream but my point was broke like if you using if you calling over LC okay it don't matter it didn't work right you did one but if you use the LTE to call you use the ill to either using data using internet as VoIP vol T whatever you want to call it if that's what you use on t-mobile project fine alright doing the project file sets out to our project file you got vol T usual t-mobile and that's voice over Internet voiceover that s same thing yeah oh and I I'm giving away my 4G are we were man [Laughter] now she drunk on his birthday so what are you give me a check now there's no flavor your for us widow I love me ecology the stream playing to chase now help 80k my gonna stream yeah okay yeah I got that rally so get that the rally's got that old strawberry shake she wants to be she want this she won't they're safe no see what they say what they stop selling themselves will sick I wonder how much they will charge yeah they're probably a dollar man like 99 cents or $4.99 some like that but uh though I strode in but uh man I tried to tell you how to get on it man I try to play everybody can afford a pig sale guard man that is ridiculous and you could all you had to do was set up a PayPal man everybody set up a PayPal yeah putting your real information to get a PayPal account man this is what's wrong with people are like why would you like come on you wanna internet everybody used a real F are y'all serious I been on his game man I'm bail on the game I got my mother g5 plus I'm old Boost Mobile strong with you you try to do a bride's and you'll be good on the bride's answered man hey I am the real of Brian James hater may not know LeBron James nothing here dog hey buddy gardener nothing a bride a bride James ha ha hey that way by living up through the boss he says silk course $15 go hey hey look I'm pretty sure by hey hey ba no no man no no you get on the hook up bro no no man I don't know you who set him up with Swilly Swilly are free everything man and that's what's funny though that's what's real pop is basically selling them for totally I mean that's what they selling them for totally Manny give me the full hooker they giving you the full hooker that's what they selling before they give they giving you the full hooker and they're like ok so the secret is that everybody wants some everybody wants to all what is it they want to opt out to the downgrade but then you know you gotta go down to the bottom ah man I mean what doesn't matter about megabytes per second I mean and those are stuff don't but for me oh it's pretty shrewd a pop throttles if you are the free sergeant they thought it's one megabyte per second man bodyguard you know there bro you know spring day throttle Brook let me see let me see about to find a device somewhere not a Haiti unless I put it down somewhere else finite model eat is odd yeah you take gravity no free free service man then one megabyte per second hey hey Bob hey Bob and body going I got that uh the hot spot bro hey man sees a few we hate on a free internet for libel pity I know they're free internet fly no don't don't play to play I own a me Fozzie I mean in our people who live in I guess they live enough Wi-Fi near and if you gotta see my all a tweet the I see my tweet you have you phone to phones once winner follows two phones on Twitter oh I was trying to tell the people in my city man dad there's free Wi-Fi on State Street if you watching this video you live he say Louis Illinois there's free Wi-Fi up and down station with the whole state street you'll find free Wi-Fi so you'll need a limited area your I found it okay next time I would go stake tomorrow I'm gonna go else take the more when I go right out and we're gonna stake tomorrow I'm a screenshot where I found free Wi-Fi ed all up and down State Street free Wi-Fi promise I'm a screenshot day and I was started to everybody on Facebook Twitter and – Braille I I woulda did it tonight boy you know I wanna think it goes just like oh snap I like I was trying gonna sit the rice house you get some rice going yeah rice for dinner so I'll should I go to the rice house – just those back tonight man anyway it was back you diabetic so I'm sorry you know you can shoot Wafaa you need those things and go white strip ooh sleep or true sleep it's true know what's true on the couch on the couch yeah lay down we're gonna watch but anyways but yeah meows next time was free shot they're using Google dolly or Facebook VPN or why man I got man look I told y'all man open Wi-Fi everywhere its own job I'll find a Wi-Fi at the gas State freaking motels across the street man y'all trippin bro nobody need a limited Battlement okay you ain't got chartered like Xfinity at the krill spectrum you ain't got no that the career of man yeah okay I guess I guess you go along I'll let me do that at home I guess would you go morning you ain't got a little pop whole internet I guess you gonna want that the krill bodyguard or what I'm talking about the five dollars a month Verizon me Fire Blast at joint Madhu you be Pierrot upp if it's a a it's negative I mean how many people get hacked on their gear I got Google at the krills now we got Google here where we got Google at the Crim name you got project fire I mean you got an essence or pixel or model Explorer pretty sure you got Google's VPN any weight off it don't mean light weight don't mean nothing it don't mean nothing don't matter right said I don't matter you don't matter it don't matter you won't find that man way a lot of people use this a lot of people use Wi-Fi lot of people live on Wi-Fi I know what you maybe a lot of people use Wi-Fi like I said man a lot of people living on Wi-Fi you go on YouTube right now bro we'll see a lot of stories people saying I just okay back you got go sleep don't watch true go what's true what's true no you need to go to sleep don't count yourself okay over look this is right foot first oh right constant topic okay okay okay okay sushi way no they say bro she weighed on they say of course man she find her sleep man and though you could do about this hey they get Maggie cranky and then their day I want you to there oh no leave it alone man you got no Whitley today ring boy better telly let's hear it today ready dog and really it man shaking ready I got a little bit more it's all good but uh yeah like I said I don't want to get it to the hole see I get away a little bit of I was gonna drop in a review and all this man down frustrated me okay it's all good I like these conversations we have this is the only way you can do it make us see people don't see this stuff like personally like on a video or something like that and they will never know this stuff exists like I mean I'm a unless you Eiling about you got this stuff all you did over like that how you phone salesman or something do cetera I'm not even good today I'm go through them with you in a minute out there man man it was just a man was you know I put me on blast decided it exposed me alright it spoke to phones guy expose the night of any two phones got exposed live string not a screenshot I can make Mimi's of me talking to Oliver it is what it is where it is what it is such a no man light with this cool road you've been exposed me I could that could make movies about music to Falls been exposed fake from on voiceover LT tastes like a voice a loyalty the boy the boy handlebars it's all good hey hey hey celebrities get exposed to all the child bro clarity's get exposed out of town but hey idiot Letty you let it keep you down or you move on from it yeah that's all I gotta do drugs I gotta move on for me I gotta damn it man they got me tonight right Bob Bob bodyguard he got me tonight man he got me a night I've been exposed your boy to Falls big spose man that's all it is man I was exposed as funny we can laugh I'll be I can laugh a lot about fine I'm fine I've been exposed man you could post it on Twitter Instagram you can send it flossy you can see the total tank instead of the politic you can sit it's a diving suit Island boys racing in J wheels hey hey you Blake bit exposed it's okay it's all part of the game though this is operating out of there I had that one coming up hey don't go I had that coming man I know I fry do it yes oh man man it's all good though man it's all good me now now for the opener I felt I liked the way and be talking it is deep in it where he only serve depend on the situation whatever I got I gotta go big soldier gotta go big salty so some man man I knew I knew I had said ten oh right my hair right I was telling them about LC for someone else eat whistle I was like chicks I got whistle morels eat Oh spring I saw him look like [Laughter] it was taking all the critics you to go take our money from yo you text I'll go take oh oh yeah I'll be like bow my dog just ain't got nothin man I got no but this leverage it a outside dog they got no for the love we give you it down ready mm and I still really bright oh my stomach dude oh joke Oh for real no you can't run out of that man you know what we ran out of this sparkling water man we gotta go buy some more fast man you gotta get some you got your two packs this time okay we got you got to pop here two packs yeah I get to pop occitan me we gotta get two more pots there there hey hey hey this doesn't a this hey it's all eyes on me oh hey hey you know you know you know you be reppin that Cali Manny oh you have for that Kelly know you'd be reppin that Kelly cat on your little hey Oh Kelly I'm Kelly Ocala for the Oakland dreaming baby I'm Cali an Oakland dream hey y'all see that yeah see yeah see the hashtag break free oh she caught it on your phone hello what's up nobody nobody was there that's messed up man that's messed up again they do that some ways man she's still up you can't believe it well you gotta work tomorrow – right see I was by tomorrow night yeah it got a galley heated between me and said time oh we got we we got a lady oh it's all good though we we you know we know you know each other doctor yep said I was right well you were right right now it would working right now wait wait I get out in the Bob man I was gonna cop I tried to prove them stuff that I did it end up not working on on the stream so then he called me all about it so now I'm like man okay expose me I've been exposed to Lagos Greece I'd be said to follow big expose uh Tom boss will sell your network stuff and like how I was getting calls over a subnetwork in it and he's saying you're not supposed to worry you're not because of the carrier's or the network he's like you can't do it and that was like yeah I did do it I did it was just like I was trying to do it over the the street did it didn't happy so they they start laughing at me he started laughing it get everybody Ronnie like hey it didn't work I told you ha ha ha oh yeah yeah see hey hey sit down sit down y'all get off this get off there on don't you do that don't you ah hold on you clown clunk oh stop me stop you got mice to go pass through damn one spider I see okay my phone oh man money to England and the actual speed no see our outfits are oh oh alright why did it go forward you in the street you miss me [Laughter] Oh [Laughter] Maji y'all killing me right now it's all good man I love my audience I love my subscribers to let my followers shouts all by moderators man yeah man when I tell me oh oh you know how all this stuff would go me hey Bob bodyguard so tell her Tiffany rangy dang all y'all man I'm surprised a saint cane don't make as I made them a moderator a surprised Landis didn't come through cuz I made them a moderator my my new moderators that man got plus to become better and stronger than ever man everybody look this is what the problem is everybody went to Flossie Carter stream everybody uh it easy B is prey on uh my boys c14 everybody for telling us well we'd be kicking you bro I slowly be kicking in Flossie never else is back that's that hey we did it get all them about there man look no no well yeah okay I can't say it I can't say it about though to I really care cuz oh you know where is no way to be honest it's really not they fart dobra I mean you look look at look at my subscribers compared to theirs they got like Mike right Flossie got like 100,000 subs or something like that 70 hundredths or something like that right or honey I don't know how me I don't keep over these subs way he asked more than me alright and so does J wheel and you gotta look at how many people call me through the stream though haha right right you say closed down you you miss something else's Oh 2011 Wow yes Amen they will stay c HC a gang game of way uh J wheels a CC Ganga dub way oh man oh man hey girl I'm at gaben so no man he asked for it man like don't you cry roll with an ACC you 11 no way we got that dog you cried look I'll call him on our last ring okay bro you crying look how many people take the goblins let's get the numbers homie let's get the numbers I know I know you you rep them hard like you rep ZTE whore and you know hotties he's on an unknown you know oh use that you be right this way when with Klaus y'all be packing our book but don't nobody be rocking on phones dog who rocked the falls on in the army HTC you 11 I don't anything Falls like a sea level hey AJ will spray drinking all the salsa you know you probably drinking all this stuff so I forgot he broke up hey you know what I did – no I did I did on my first model G y'all seen that video there and I know all checks are character well since I can't do all the videos like that that is jacked up cuz I'm glad it went me maze-like may I think about that so yeah I like to be honest I will let these companies get to me I would like no matter how much publicity to give me how much credit they give me or whatever like that like if it's somehow like um tell you Oh like you oh I mean I I mean yeah I probably put you on blast but that's so you know there's somebody else having the same situation happen they can hit the like bling they can come in they can reply they can read sweet let's say Oh same stuff happen to me they do nothing like you know I'm saying like I was talking a little like a google reprise their fire blast there's time I so you can get the model it's for four to forty now I was like yeah I'm trying give it with my credits and there's somebody hit like with so I hit the like button at that you know you know I tank TED Prize in fire and Google I was like yeah if y'all allow me use my credits I'm get there there's somebody hits like Wendell truly so I mean hey it is what it is your Gil hey subscribe for my lady channel man she feeling down about the soaps man she feeling down she fill it out about ourselves white man sucks man follow Tiffany helmeted man she has some great content about fitness health about just just pair literally lifestyle all that stuff like just-just-just ears and house of a day-in-the-life that and they're like you know what another person I used to like they did that stuff was was the superstar producer Jermaine Dupri he used to like everything he done like in his life right he didn't matter where it was him with a lady or Jenna Jets in didn't matter he was in the studio with bow or I don't know so dragon heads or somebody like that like Jermaine Dupri kept it one honey is vlogs man that's what I really liked about their do when he was doing it on over he's doing the life of a in a life like Jermaine Dupri all know if you're doing any more but as a music producer you know a record label owner and whatever you doing like I think to be honest I think that would make people watch you that will make people want to see more of your channel or your videos because your soul you're so honest and you're so real a body and you put not your feelings and you know you expressing how you feel about a subject a topic of my life about whatever you like whatever you hate this is what this is what YouTube is missing man we we did crap man we need to stop being commercialized that's what's coming to us all commercialize now we need to start going back to that and go back to the main core and broadcast yourself that was the model YouTube broadcast George selfie not to go ahead and you know get you know what I say I just did just to get views man like we need to stop doing that we need to stop doing it just to get views man we need to start putting out real content that makes real sense like while I mean you know like don't get me wrong like when it first came out like you know you got all these people that they hit a million boom 15-second video click hit million views how you hit the million views in the fifty second video clip man tell me that man how you hit a million views in a 30 seconds to one minute clip like people don't freakin videos about cats flipping off ceilings and stuff like how do you get a million bills off there they had to be Biden broke had to be vibe but you know they think they Google crap down on it Google crap down and crap down on the net but you know I'm saying and that's that's what's good though I will find it I will find it all right I will help you find it okay help you find it the USB I know sweetie bro I will a so said I ought to show how to do that she's not techie man remember that Tiffany's not techie like that alright she just know the basics and that's it then you know you know it's just it's cool if you got you know got keep it real you know say it's not take it all you know we'll work we gotta you know like you're doing though like you're talking right yeah bro just just talk man that's all you gotta do is talk me that's just what we here for we're to take will it take criticism that we're gonna take criticism in my videos horrible not like a do about that Menace decide with my videos I'm sorry but like I said I broke that video I talked about the Friddle pop in 2018 that was all done on my galaxy s7 edge front-facing camera so I'm haters hanging on a SM edge or galaxy or samsung man it is what it is yes babe I know I'm everybody's new squad but uh yeah man so she gets leaked we see Paul alive she walk but man I'm just saying like like man it's just time to get back to the tube and you know just just pressing yourself broadcasting you still tiffany is boss do negativity in boss man you know what I'm glad you're out late you rail for that man you can't quit that and just Google flesh using anything I will blame them for that I'm gonna blame donate his boss blade donate his boss man I'm pretty sure he's watching this now oh hey oh quit it stop listen boss hey he like that I said did you like that I said did though he gave me a thumbs up on it you're okay you're okay view those off energy a hashtag galaxy I asked ed s star Plus's boss hey EJ you gotta be credit for that road kill their ace on this galaxy Sam Stein nice man chefs are nice and a bit of mist and oh it's that many with it sounds love women March it's over over hey mama I'm like I'm like I'm like Eric get your popcorn ready you're cheap I'll cook firmware hey everybody mark your calendars for the samsung galaxy event February 25th get your popcorn ready and follow me on this journey it's papa yes no I mean people just trippin Martin get a you some point Sam son but then dissing them at the same time you ain't lawyer you man and then look this is my thing these same people that's coming out crying about why did not assess the not obtain the operations the wedding going stock injury or nothing that these were the same people Google+ giving me crap the same people you know who you are man don't frickin play with me no I'll get him my serious mode now man don't frickin play with me when I came out of failures back after a copy the Nexus 6 and I was like dang I was everybody was wondering who goggle and next oh yeah I'm gonna be for the Nexus line or whatever they was gonna come on way after that at the Nexus 6 when I came out and destroy it was talking about high like TouchWiz on Samsung and when I was looking at the concepts everybody was dropping for the news yes 6 I think s6 s7 high I was like man y'all see on the Google now launcher looks with the s7 that's how the Samsung selling everybody hated me for that broke everybody hated me for the – no – Twitter's the best man she look experienced the best man now a few years later they said I asked laggy it's horrible if B is B or whatever like they're all the cameras all blah blah blah come on come on come on man it's not even cool I said now and then a car I thought you say people I'll call them on a few days ago Google+ I left more commie I was like oh no I'm asleep y'all want to talk smack about Samsung in a you are no I want to diss them about no updates they've been doing this man this is nothing new with Samsung's record track record nothing to Versailles on track breaking either hate them a Louisville ain't no in-betweens man you can't do both ain't no in-betweens me a lot of people used to hate GU I can used to hate the Nexus now versa all pics a little best phone ever come on jump on a bad way stop jumping on the bandwagon same thing in the music game same thing in the splits game now all of a sudden in a video game industry people whose table off of Xbox was whacked or PlayStation was better now I'm seeing these people switched from PlayStation Xbox or switching for Xbox the PlayStation man stop switching signs like that man and stuff ain't even cool girl ain't even cool at all yes is it to be honest it's not even giving nice these companies credit because I used to just drop drop them silly people used to get mad like I said just used to you know put dirt on my name you know used to try to put me on blast like oh hey give me Samsung on credit oh he said samsung way he see Samsung suck on all again with a s7 edge or something like that and no it wasn't even about their bro it was about what y'all talking about right now I said that a few years back though but now I was saying the same people they wanted to diss me on Google+ when a disc me on Facebook probably diss me on Twitter and I just didn't pay no attention the body now they want to come on and say something that's not even right man that's not even right yeah I didn't go back to the drawing board yeah straight up yeah you go to drug with I know what I was just saying I'm just saying like for the ones that did for the ones that was jumping on a bandwagon was trying to get it was like hopping because there by yourself and Oney was saying this is saying that and then later later homie fine now it ain't no I wouldn't craft to be da do you wanna switch sighs not even wanna say oh well I want Xbox the world PlayStation oh come on Xbox it was vice versa it was vice versa I play both I hate the plate okay to be honest this is my leg this is my last Oh this was my last Oh Woodward I had a 360 had 360 and I had the PlayStation 3 else that was the last like hi and hey we Xbox and place I had them all all right at that time I had one that went even got why I told all of God I was right maybe 2012-2013 something like that you know and you know I played them all so I mean I had a few guys liked our Xbox and if you guys like PlayStation like was it God guild award downward god war I like don't play Stacey was it Gears of War I like don't Xbox and then of course the we have my mark because of Super Mario Pokemon Donkey Kong the usual suspects on the Tendo so you always go hide your favorites I mean to be truthfully out as you should have a mom because you never know know know what you gonna like what you don't like I mean all experiences are different like la people think it's the same no it's nice you could either get you would get mad in for all three systems hey if you get colds all the calls gonna be different you're gonna like different characters and different exclusives so I mean to be struffoli on it you got to go with the exclusive right xbox was was go for hello everybody wit that's what everybody went for the xbox room hello everybody went for the PlayStation 4 crash medical aspiring to Dragon Ratchet and Clank your Webber was called you know I'm saying the and then I mean everybody could play Carla do it if they call the duty on the week I got Call of Duty 3 on a week or something like that yeah a Call of Duty's to three a week I mean yeah it's not gonna be the same experience but it's there you know I'm saying had that event I mean it's noe isn't a hardcore system it's a family or a little system although Nintendo had tried that you know the resin the evils the Final Fantasies the fire in balloons you know but those still weren't like I mean on we you know hey you know they chucked down a little bit so I mean we can we can get Eddie and still Scott yes if you're saying anything else distraught hey don't worry about what I'm doing what I'm doing well I'm just saying like we it don't matter man ladies we are okay we all been disloyal to our stuff I've been destroyed we all been but my thing is like don't act Brad dual body though though and relu dope don't come out there like this ain't never happened before you ain't never did it before cuz you did do it yes I say that said some who got that money though you got done when you go of this you got ten grand yeah you got you go you go invest a greater Bitcoin you go investor 9 grand a Bitcoin are you angry go ahead said to I mean see I mean I told y'all man get PayPal investor paper I still a hot PayPal still hot you can still get free money from paper out man you can still get free money from PayPal man tell you get you the app like man good to go get you a gift loop without support PayPal it's a lot of stuff supporting PayPal you know who not supported PayPal texts now it's all to them about their and i told them i toted available today engineer oh he dropped he dropped so many community on google+ about the new updates no net you know about the updates so their engineer like young I know a lot I used to claim our Google play cribbage look into paper Evan look it's a PayPal man like you get more options I know we got gift cards oh no we got to live free credits nobody got the referrals I mean that's three ways to paint in your debit card a credit card but let's add PayPal let's tag Google Play credits to the to the old situation that's a iTunes Apple we're paying whatever you know I'm saying like give it give people more options to pay for the phone plants so I think freedom pop I mean yeah I mean like I said in my review you gonna do freely pop you see a PayPal account I will leave all my links in description boxes these videos y'all think I'm click waiting but it's legit I've got people to sign up some of y'all signed up some y'all hit me up in the inbox like man you got a link y'all ain't for the paper man I mamasan up on the I'm signed up on the I'm gonna click on your link and and I'm gonna get that free PayPal account because it's free man it's 100% free farling these haters and trolls no no you gonna pray you gonna pay really hey she dropped her pass he the pass he is out the mouth it flew out but I'm saying man like ya ain't no paper out there people praise a big hole right he is it's not too much we do a Bitcoin right there it's not so much you do beat : no they don't man I mean I'm sure they do yeah I mean like I mean of course a debit card bro PayPal debit card PayPal prepay is a debit card so any debit card is deceptive but I'm talking about the X will PayPal account that's what I'm saying man don't matter you know I don't matter how you look at it man just regular PayPal oh man just get a regular PayPal account all they gonna do is check save your accounts in the negative as in a positive that's it did they're not even gonna take money out they gonna put like the look PT in and then what you're gonna do is you're gonna go to your account see that pity the transfer and then you let them know I received a penny they gonna take the people back say ok your account being clear that's what friend pop does la people be thrown off man like man and you know what's that I was crazy I checked my analytics on that video it's all other people looking at that video like people ages what was it bad life 45 through 60 or something like they're looking at my video like that was like 38% of the viewing people in their 40s and 50s we're watching my shrimp on video and it was like maybe 20 to 19 percent our age like 20 to 30 was looking in on my dad alright so what's a 20 or 30 year old crowd fight they got guap they hit all the way like a sweaty like that but do it the older people or look at it too freely pop more than young people that is amazing who said what missus automatically here for review oh oh okay what happened what are you saying who did yeah yeah baby I for account how much I'll put her in the bed I'm chopped I'm gonna go look look few more minutes yeah I know me I good looking out yeah so I was just pretty like this man like do it people but let's go be real with Charmin if y'all so worried about your security but Dad they info did go go all the way to caveman style you say hey no way you can to be truthfully honest ain't no way you can really protect yourself right like this is not even being protected you know saying like being on YouTube like you can't guarantee day yes you can't even guarantee they're protective of people you know people you know they they wanna praise Apple oh you can you can no get all your stuff had you can never get a viruses you can never get that's a damn lie man everything yet anything and everything that's a on the Internet can get hacked alright don't ever let ease people are you what I phones and stuff tell you dad they start more security duffster cuz it really ain't alright we say allegations we say we you know we we seen the harassments you know a certain we see we see the news we see knows about Apple iPhones and all that stuff like that with the face ID we see no issues pop up man so ain't no you don't say ain't no guarantee yeah yeah and gotta be careful with jailbreaking and rooting in and all that stuff told the thing even guarantee so you know if it's what you like man is really what your way if you cool you're cool you're not it don't deal with you don't deal with it you know to the regula stick to the Plain Jane rito-san stick to the plain Jane straight up you know go back cave me ah I mean go back to the cave man you know you don't want to you know deal with deal with all the stuff man you know say but oh nice a ton of good the apks they come from they became married that's legit though that's licensed if you look on they became mirror row that's licensed man that's licensed right wait yeah man come on we're like you know we going back to no cake man so you just gonna do what you gonna do man you gonna do what you're gonna do you gonna download what you gonna download or install you gonna install you know saying my you go yeah I'm gonna read the agreement you go agree you ain't no agree cause you won't you go out because she won't man that's it you gonna agree cause you wanted like you ate the agree buddy agree cuz you you won't he doesn't they tell you hit their agree button to agree get the set but it doesn't think I'll tell you that's what they gonna tell you hit yourself but you want something he did agree with it because I mean if you don't you don't get you're kidding I mean this is it hospitals doctors offices tax on no stores you go to it'll matter what you do you gotta hit they agree you gotta hit their self you gotta sign some type of document because if you don't you ain't no Guinea anyway no Guinea and I mean yeah – you can fake your signature that's true you can like at a grocery store or something you don't have to put out the real signature you can just scribble something boom there's up the signature I mean that's good that's creepy that's scary but the same time you know that that gotta wait a hacker or whatever can trace your exact sick and because you changed it up every time you use that same debit card credit card gives you the tool you won't mind doing something you know how to use the safe signature every time right man right I mean it's scary but that's what I learned man that's why I learnt from working at these these uh you know retail stores day I've noticed people who do not use their real signature and the people that don't they're smart but at the same time it's like okay are there the card holders you know I'm saying it's dirty Oh their real names this you know you could be going by the IDS you know but you gotta look at their faces that's why I look at their faces okay okay this matching okay your age okay that match you okay alright so that's you that's how you got a GoBot but then here we are we're praising Apple sales so although with the face IDs and stuff like that like we you know we put promise into this though we agree to the story agree you to take our face on the phone okay just I want unlock my phone okay so come on man like yeah man people give an apple too much credit it's not cool it's not cool for that man it's not cool you got half was I here taking your signatures and all that stuff like that in taking your fingerprints honest the way they because they don't anytime in Japan and on it right now they're doing it a career right now no I'm saying a hacking new fingerprints already right now so come on me that's a fake works for the percent of the time what a boss Oh [Laughter] what's happening baby what's happening man look look man up man I wanted to join into yours Oh Wendy Jordan I wouldn't you join in the chat don't get me wrong bro I wanted to Jordan Allah Chad but man look if you wise you gotta watch my first spring for the name after this one and the spring before some doing ham T man whatever his name is do we having a donation of in donation back inside man my lady but like what the hell like this can't be real do by yourself the dog but he was going out there Yeah right and y'all I gotta give you credit hi I never imagined somebody give a shit for the iPhone 10 iPhone X whatever you wanna call it all look I feel you on that man that Devils that was Fe that was epic man I was waiting on Ellen okay all right wait look look okay hey y'all know I'm the budget me you're known the budget man a lot of people still say out of budget King I still see that capoeira Nadia Daniel I checked I got a budget keke gonna fool still hey hey I'm surprised Coria total chicken came to like me million owe me look look though hey hey I kid y'all neck flossed quality like money like my ass dead he liked my hashtag he liked my head steady fool Steph fall playing a king of the fools there flow he like my hashtag oh now I got a little flossy for that well Instagram hey what up man look oh man that funerals are the budget night I I like steak oh yeah sit all day eh oh okay holiday very tidy it's that subject to be pluggable okay yeah okay so y'all really no look t-mobile Verizon AT&T Sprint gonna be throwing out the holidays Motorola I'm pretty sure Google press to an apple of Samsung's et I'm pretty sure all these companies are going to be thought out there oh by the way for your lady and you get the phone for free or buy this one for full price and you get the second fold for have fall that's gonna be there that's gonna be the scheme I'll tell you what else on that's gonna be this game oh did you lady this get you man y'all need to phones to phones hey I need that trade what to fault everybody get to falls on Valentine's Day due to Falls look I should be the spokesperson for all the conversions like drop it like you know like what somebody say hey get to phones to down I just gonna be like to pose to pose hey hey we spelled to phones like this like you change you spell to phones like that that's how you spell to phone like that we'll see that yes we will do it we're doing now use easy phonics we use phonics well which is I said tell uh earlier on a tiny piece video be folding sound like there we we looked on phone each day vacuum ability that's what somewhere that's a song there and that's that's no we could upgrade oh we could upgrade we get we can upgrade we get our players ready for the s NA plus I like hey I know you work going back to eight I know you want to get back on the Galaxy Note the Galaxy Note get the SI plus and hit stylus we tell me winning the to four idea eighteen she won't somebody you know this brick somebody variety the two without that's what's covered man oh I'm not sure me I'm not like I really don't know but Colonel Pappas that's not even got going of coming up I haven't heard anything about time deals from now oh maybe project five guy deal coming in Google and project I have something coming oh yeah so this yeah man how many more days oh it's the foot we're now into the Sun not be someone February 4th 9 to 7 foot so technically you got nine days you got not because we really can't count the day oh so you got nine days to figure out what you want to get your significant other what you want to get your friend your phone your friend your phone yellow you got free always by IG like sprint oh that's a good question dang I'm not sure for man we gotta we gotta we gotta discuss that with them on Twitter and Facebook man we gotta bring that up that's a good that's a good question are they gonna get a file G with Sprint gets it but I mean if the reports so right sprint wants to raise data prices when Fozzie hits you know worldwide when Fozzie hits the states they want to raise the dollar prices so expect our prices I mean we don't find master boost up their you know their production right the boost up their sales you know sense so we we don't want that need we go kick you know I still – Fozzie man and I'm buddy ready for the 5g man like who's really getting out hundred megabytes down right now he'll to eat like let's be real who's getting who's getting 500 megabytes down or guilty right now I've been saying even the biggest youtubers let's do a source 75 megabytes down or Figgy or you know when they do the speed test on you know new you know phones whatever like that i phone galaxies they're not even showing a 100 no 200 or 300 megabytes down I mean some like you know spray shot on Twitter about that black I mean one game per second come on now come on now is the world ready for one game for a second I mean yeah t-mobile no t-mobile gimmicky man t-mobile and Verizon they go Eddie hey Cody and each other's roast man shot shots to see your team nobody's allows he don't give a shit that's exactly our job man Johnny were Johnny he would tell you like they hit like I don't give a s right I'll give a rat's ass man I'll give a rat's ass with rising hey Chauncey your Sprint's doing it cuz they suck they all do man they all do this is be honest ah be so fine now for glt is good enough for me I mean look great we just now getting away from the 3gl yeah we are let's be honest we're just not getting away from the 3G error that's why friend pop got really their global sales already it was just kind of crazy how they just set that braid up now yeah I guess a lot of people when jumping on to it I want filling it because it was an LTE but then that's another thing we tried to piss these guys off right why don't you just put out an LTE gullible SIM card but then they know everybody will jump on any they they will run out so fast it they couldn't blink their eyes because there see so many people pre-order pure for the LT Global Silk Road west south while Liberty back everyone tell you man if freedom pop ever did they ever did another light promotion let's say they did it with viber or they did it with line and they did it with on another message in our even Facebook messages oh hell will break loose hell will break loose hell will break loose to that man everybody jump off ramp up their Facebook Messenger for free everybody would jump crazy right that's good man that's good me ha ha now just stand over like oh look okay don't get your ladybug just what it is I Love You Man go do around oh look go go get your lady don't fall they don't fall look get your lady some roses little tips and tricks for valentine day you got a lady got a girlfriend a chick you wanna you wanna take no say you know you wanna you wanna make that deal with y'all ready yeah get up some roses girl some flowers candy you know sweetheart sweet tortes it all that good stuff don't fuck her up a little bit you know take out so one our favorite movies you want to watch no sir oh I mean ok alright well for you take you guys out there you want to set the mood at the crib you know get you those smart lights you to the smart light y'all said say ok Google dip down the lake get the lights going you know and say say ok Google Turtles love music and something like that love songs you know Google planning planning tools oh that's how you do it that's how you do Valentine's in 2018 you said like then its 28c your boy I check you I got a check a two phones you know I just lay down the romance as a Robbie yeah I know don't wait for that don't wait exactly for that I mean well so people can't no no some people gonna have to celebrate this next weekend coming up or the weekend after something like oh hell talk through the week so I mean I mean to be honest I mean Valentine's Day truthfully I mean you know this why I don't like this wildly holidays only holidays celebrations like this because this that that type of stuff you're supposed to do on a daily basis regardless I mean you should do it or you could do at least once a week Oh every so often you know doing like that you know that's why I like Black History Month tell me why is it Black History Month why is he have to be the month of February all of us in a in a freaking and don't get me started with all that man don't get me started with the world history and wear a black skull where White's don't even get me started with me because it's all falsified it's all false for everything we've been learned but then we talk about ballots are they all as though it's fake man it's on sale it's all a sales pitch it's a sales pitches up is for busting out there start spending money on each other stop boy like ash everything man telling us all the money give me everything that we've been taught that we've been you know put in our brains in our eyes we watch it every day 24/7 listen to it on the radios the radio wave frequencies everything all that man this is true and yeah all except cell you know it man you know this is all true man it's all money it's all me that's why I like holidays I like celebrating it man because this why this starting top people want to go horn it's only time people want to go ham you know what so they're fixing it's on d-day or the week or on the month why is it have to be the day the week or the month why can't it be 365 why can't we celebrate Black History every week why can't we do it every and if you listen to the radio stations this is the only time I make award for this stuff they promote the black people a video they promote the black channels the black TV shows oh yeah check out the Sojourner Truth or early February blah blah blah I can't rewind every day but see see what people fail to realize is it's been exposed it's already been exposed documentaries Netflix YouTube it's all exposed to my Google do we even expose them in Google Play Movies expose the freaking government the whole IRS the whole all it's all been exposed man it's all big it's like it's like people don't want to you know they don't want to realize they're dying is cool man it's all good you know wait don't don't even beat don't even trip about yourself being single bro celebrating its valence house black history Ollie it's for everywhere it's really for everyone it's not just for a particular person man don't don't let the man don't let this don't like this commercialized up get you bro really Oh personalized I'm telling you man my lady might hate me for it but it is it is man when will you will you start to wake up and realize it is I'm just saying I'm sorry I'm sorry when you start to wake up we start to wake up and see what it is for what it is did you understand do you do you understand this stuff I'm just saying like oh I just say you start understanding and then people that don't believe daddy is what it is they gonna hate you for it then they can stop being your friend they gonna stop loving you they gonna stop some torn you for what you do for what you stand for because you stood up for yourself step up for what you believe it and then you stood you stood up for your own rights everyone has right so it is your right to believe what you want to believe in so right to say well I don't want to be part of that cuz you know debts that's not right because it is what it is I mean why are we this is this is the thing when it comes to these holidays is these madness all this crap like why do we really celebrate it for yeah we you know we want to give props to the to the military want to give prize to nation we want to get prize to does though the Marines and all this stuff like that bling can they get props to it every day why is it a certain day or a certain time or some month a certain year we have to do this because it's in a freaking book is in a freaking law like who like okay so you so even the persons even a people that are objective they still have to agree to this but they they they have to agree no well what I've cheated on what up but uh no that's what I'm saying is they have to agree to this even the people that objected they have to agree with or what did you keep down the crunchy get out of the states Kiki stops eating he kicked out at schools they get kicked out of it the college think ecology jobs because they disagree they they don't feel like okay I don't want to be a part of it you know I'm saying like this it's like we're forced it don't matter what you do you still force to do something then you you don't know agree to list that that's where we going we're being forced that's where we going we we will become we become outsiders because okay you become my outlet okay said something if you beloved if you believe in love at first sight somebody else done you're gonna kick them out you're gonna stop being a friend because you believe in love at first sight or you believe anybody can fall in love like that but they never fell in love with somebody or you don't say it took them a while to fall in love with somebody so you gonna stop being a friend you gonna stop giving them advice alright just okay cuz somebody don't poor this was good this word is going like okay we you know everybody don't support down workshop we know this we know that we can get we can get to the nitty-gritty okay be honest no okay hey we're still here hey still doing what we doing you know I'm saying it might take us a lot longer but we're doing will be doing it we're doing we do what we got to do and then at the same time yeah it's not gold it's not gonna be an overnight success not gonna be an overnight kick out look how many times you know people want to impeach people want to kill murder wait let me know what what what time in days so how can we know when it happens this is what I'm talking about we not we not no no way all right you know I'm saying I'm not we not you come on man I mean okay this a promise but I'm saying don't you go kicking you out of your whole life because you know I'm saying like I'm gonna kick you out of my life because or some stuff like right no I like we still did we still here we're still here it don't matter it don't matter we still hurt look I mean it can get set down out of the date it can get said everything gets set down date I will turn it down all right look I guess I'll talk to which I guess I over talked mind working I guess I'll get over dere mus day so wait you know what how I talk to you all I enjoy the conversations we have oh you know I just I just like the group of people that like me we go on this mad cuz I mean for like and up tell people this all the time like like you I mean you you are who you are man it don't matter your skin color and I'm really taller smarter man big fat no matter you muscle are you squatting you you are you all right and there's nothing you can do about there I mean you can't if if that's what you want to go based on because somebody told you you need to do this you need to do that you want to go based on that if you don't want to do that you don't have to do that just because somebody don't like how you look or because somebody don't like how you are and what you do and I'm doing that don't mean you have to stop going by what you like that's how you do yo that's how you do your life that's how you treat you like that's how you are we we should base our lives other people and what they think man this is this destroy whole I think this is where relationships go wrong this were family relationships go wrong that's what friendships go wrong it's just this is where the whole industry go wrong we we want to put everybody in that one box everybody can't fit in that box man y'all we all can't fit in you know we all can finish squirt we all can't fit in a circle we all can't we can't there's no possible way how how Tim tell me tell me how can we fit all right and this is so I would want to leave you are we tonight industry like I say I got some work to do video eyes blah cause I believe everybody's links coming sex I mean in the description boxes please subscribe – everybody's YouTube channel support other youtubers because you know what it's not it's not about yeah we know that YouTube is commercialized now we know that we just have to you know wake up and realize that but don't stop being you don't stop broadcasting what you want to broadcast don't stop dropping videos that's what you want to do don't stop drunk don't let these haters and trolls control you don't do it you know I'm saying if it ain't come for you don't worry about oh that's one thing I learned from LeBron James just recently he even said to the media look okay you heard it from kids okay you heard it for my wife if you didn't hear it from me it ain't the truth so don't even buy so if it ain't come from me personally if I didn't say anything if I come out and entrust anything and that's what I mean yeah hashtag myself to Marilla Brian James later only we on the court but he can talk game he talked a good game to reporters I give credit to Russell Westbrook he knows how to talk to to the reporters I mean these two guys they not I keep this self elevating outside you know asada you know the business of sports because they know how to talk so my thing is and I'm ending like this don't let nobody stop you from doing what you doing you can only let yourself stop right that's it that's our two phones I take you I gotta say I hope you all enjoy this stray for other news new viewers please subscribe to the channel I would have some more challenge you guys me subscribe to cool feel my brother tails they got again camels my god Landis he has a music video channel and my lady she does our daily vlogs on my blog so subscribe to these channels leave links in description below of guys have a good night that's for watch



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