Lenovo Yoga S940: Hands on With One of the Best Looking Laptops

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The new Lenovo YOGA S940 laptop delivers razor-thin bezels around its beautiful 14-inch 4K HDR display. And while it no longer has the signature 360-degrees folding design, the screen is still the star of the show with a unique contoured glass edge that blends into the aluminum chassis. With powerful new internals, AI smarts and a beautiful screen, this is a laptop worth considering in 2019. In fact, it could be the prettiest laptop you’ll ever see. Announced at CES 2019, the YOGA S940 will be available in May 2019 for $1,499.
this is one of the most exciting consumer laptops I've seen so far in 2019 I'm Josh Smith gotta be mobile calm and this is the Lenovo yoga s 940 now one of the first things that you'll notice about this is the display so this is a thirteen point nine inch display but it looks much bigger and part of that is because it has these cool contoured edges and so kind of like the edge of your smartphone how that curves around you get a really cool look and it allows for there's a really big really beautiful display this is a 4k display 500 nits brightness and you get support for Dolby vision so you have a really great-looking display you'll be staring at this whole time you're watching content maybe creating some content and it's really cool looking now throughout here we also have some nice features so we have front-facing but we Atmos for your sounds you're getting a good sound out of this we have a nice keyboard this one with a 4k display is rated at nine and a half hours of battery life there's a full HD display model that has four hundred minutes of brightness and that's gonna be rated for a little bit better battery life if that's something that's a premium to you you have Intel Core i7 processors up to a terabyte of SSD storage we have a variety of ports we have USB C on that side and same over here as well as a headphone jack so you're covered for your basic connectivity with most modern devices you may need a dongle or two to connect to some displays or things like that at 2.64 pounds this is a thin and light machine it's available starting in May for 1499 dollars



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