I turned my old xbox 360 into a gaming pc

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I know this has been done before but this is how i put a computer inside and old broken xbox 360 case. It runs off a 250watt pico power supply and a 12vt 6amp laptop charger.
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what in the world can you do with that a first-gen xbox360 remember that ugly one I didn't even have that HDMI on the back well this is what you can do you can transform it into a cheap mini ITX case that is fully functional with their 250 watt Pico and a GT 1038 if you stick around and check it out I just want to go ahead and make a template here so I can trace it out and window up this Xbox 360 that way people can see inside and let's see what kind of PC I got going on in there fill in these holes beforehand just ensures that I don't over cut when I'm cutting and I'm I'm actually using a angle grinder in the house yeah it's been raining a lot making sure you cut inside the line helps ensure that you can clean it up easily either sanding or you know filing it down do where exactly it needs to be to be smooth and you know squirt it up and looking good actually had this piece of plexiglass laying around from a different project I usually cut my own pieces but this one else I already done I got it from a hardware store and you just want to make sure that you know you know you'll mock up that your project and drill your holes before you paint it because it's a pain in the butt to go over and retouch stuff let's stand off saying I can go ahead and test fit the motherboard now I have a good base to work with so I can take the chassis go ahead and paint it and then go from there it's really humid where I live so I went ahead and even baked this just a tiny bit takes a lot of practice I messed up a lot of things doing this but I think I got it down pat now anyways for the paintings dupli-color bed armor and that basically rubberize it so you know nothing grows out once it's in there you know that's the plan anyway [Applause] I'd love to say that this project went together smoothly but it just didn't you're gonna run into problems when you're doing something just out of your head I'm gonna think ahead and think of where this could go and where it can't go you know like the graphics car didn't plan to be where it was I didn't plan on using that long cable I had to take out the PVC that's what I had Piko power supply mounting it to and actually ground it out when I put everything back together so I ended up double-sided tape it and I had to remap the power button because it just wouldn't work where it was in Yatta Yatta I did it off camera and you know I just hope you really get to general idea you know of how this was done and you know if you plan on doing something like this you know just give him on keep a couple steps ahead try



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  1. Can you fit my old hp beats audio motherboard in one of those Xbox cases? I don't wanna throw out the motherboard that still 100 % functional, i just have problems finding original shell case replacement

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  3. I’m sure it’s a pain in the ass to clean when it gets dusty. Also if you want to upgrade but this seems to be a unique modification so I mean I wouldn’t used it for gaming but to display

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