First Look: AirPlay 2 Multi-Room Streaming Audio in iOS 11.4

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AirPlay 2 brings multi-room audio, stereo HomePod pairing, and speaker HomeKit support. It is currently in beta in tvOS 11.4 and iOS 11.4, with an expected release this spring/summer.

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hey everyone it is anchor here for Apple Insider airplay – is inching closer and closer to release with the launch of iOS 11.4 in CBS 11.4 currently in beta airplay – is the next generation of Apple's wireless streaming technology has better throughput better audio quality and the biggest thing it allows you to use multi-room audio sending audio to multiple speakers at the same time it also brings airplay to devices into home kit in the home app hopefully for further automation currently the only devices that support airplay – because we're so early are going to be the Apple TV's so you have to have TV s 11.4 installed once you do it'll walk you through the process of adding your Apple TV to your home and you can change the setting at any time by going into settings then airplay then going down to room you can see in the bottom left-hand corner through airplay now you can actually put it into multiple rooms in your home at the same time you can select your room all this is pulling from the home app on your phone or your iPad any rooms that you set up or any new suggestions that the Apple TV can kind of give to you or you can create your new room and name it whatever you'd like from your Apple TV you can then throw the audio to any airplay to speaker and multiple of them at the same time so one in your own kitchen living room bedroom upstairs whatever it may be on the iOS side of things once you have an airplay to device be it an apple TV or a compatible speaker you can see them right inside of airplay the difference is is the airplay two devices will have this little circle and a check mark option where is the non airplay two devices like my dining room home pod and my Leibert unzip those currently don't support airplay – so they don't have an option I can only choose one of those to play audio – but my living room Apple TV and my bedroom Apple TV both work with airplay – and I can tap on that little circle it'll put a check mark there then I can play audio from my phone whatever it may be Apple music something else I can play – all of those at the same time and I can control their volumes individually it is really really handy you're also being nursed a couple other changes inside of control center or these airplay – preferences when you add it or tasks to those airplay two speakers notice the individual controls will disappear down from the bottom of your list both the bedroom Apple TV and the living appletv disappeared because i can no longer control what they're playing individually because I'm playing audio from my phone just a really nice touch to hopefully simplify things because the audio working is here in control center have historically been a bit confusing so of course you can access it here from control center but you can access it really from any audio app any audio app that supports airplay least so if I jump into the Apple music application of course there's the airplay button down at the bottom again you just cast to any of those airplay 2 speakers if I try to send any of the non airplay 2 speakers just a standard airplay speaker it'll kick me off any of the airplay 2 speakers that I was currently casting to so of course it works in Apple's music application but again it works in any others as well like audible so you're listening to an audiobook you can go into airplay throw it to all the speakers in your phone home and you can walk around your house listening to your audiobook in any room that has an airplay speaker you can see here sometimes it takes a couple of seconds to join that second speaker and we're just really early in the beta thing obviously we saw this in Iowa's 11.3 for a little bit before it was removed it was really buggy back then but honestly it is actually quite stable here I've been using it for the past day and it it works really really well with those Apple TV's I really can't wait for it to add more support for other devices like the home pod and third-party speakers now as I mentioned that those Apple TVs will now show or any airplay to device will show in the home app you chose the room so if we jump into living room you can see there's my Apple TV if we go into the dining room you can see my home pod which is not an airplay to speaker yet but of course it's the only way to manage the home pod so it does show in the home app and then tapping it again we can go check out the bedroom where my last Apple TV is again updated to airplay – right now there is basic support for play and pause inside of the home app just tapping on the icon will play or pause depending on what's currently happening on your Apple TV long is pressing and then pressing on details will give you the option to edit a few things like the name or changing the room of your Apple TV of course ice will be reflected inside of the settings on the Apple TV if you happen to change something here and then of course you can include this in favourites or not which will just show up on your home screen the first page there of the home app now there is one pretty big limitation at least right now there's no automation that you can do with an airplay to you speaker eventually we're expecting Apple to add support for any automation so when you get home you can have your welcome home they start to play when you wake up in the morning you can have a arm set on an airplane to you speak like the home pod and have a certain playlist start to play or have your morning scene you in or even a scene party mix whatever it is tied to a scene but right now that's simply not possible one kind of cool thing is you can actually use Siri with airplay too so I can ask Siri to play the killers in the living room and the bedroom and she can do that only she will be able to do that because right now it doesn't work and actually just starts to play some audio on my iPhone and doesn't do anything with the speakers but that should be remedied as we get closer to the launch of airplay to hopefully the next month or so airplay to will also be bringing stereo pairing back to the home pod it does require audio as 11.4 currently that's just not available but once that is available it'll work with the home pod and third-party speakers can take advantage of this as well link the Libra tone zip which will be updated shortly after launch to work as an airplay to speaker I hope this give you a better understanding of airplay – as we get closer to launch if you have any questions let us know down below in the comments if you enjoyed this video like it and hit that subscribe button also check out a price guide which makes it extremely easy to find the best deals and Apple products updated daily be sure to follow us on social media and we'll see you in the next video



25 thoughts on “First Look: AirPlay 2 Multi-Room Streaming Audio in iOS 11.4”

  1. I need to say, that apple’s airplay 2, does not integrate with it’s very own devices : “airport express” or “AirPort Extreme”. I have purchased no less than 6 of these in order to create a home stereo system. I tied these devices to receivers and treat them as “speakers” on my notebook and iMac. I am unable to get the home kit to identify or integrate with the express or extreme deivices…what’s up with that!

  2. You said you have an Apple TV in your living room and one in your bedroom can someone be in your living room watching the Apple TV with two of the speakers and you be in the other room at the same time watching something different on the other Apple TV and sound coming through with those two pods in that respective room

  3. I want to know the import bit. What is the buffering lag like when you press play on AP2 compared to AP1.

    Find myself using AirPlay more and more at the minute but the lengthy 2-3 play lag doesn’t exactly make jumping through your music library fun!

  4. Hi, here is a time capsule in early 2018, Please Comment a couple months after this has been posted, how many IPhones are there? Did Apple Stop Making Phones? What do you think of the IPhone X from what time you are at? Do You Have An Iphone SE 2?

  5. You need to work on your word comprehension.

    tvOS not TVS…..

    Throughput not thoroughput….

    iOS not what ever you said "audi-os"

    Also your accent is so fucking douchey and annoying.

  6. Considering using AirPod as center speaker for my AppleTV. Currently we have AppleTV connected to receiver with two speakers (L+R). With new TVOS update, is this possible?

  7. Can you stream different songs to different Apple TVs from 1 iPhone? On the iOS 11 site there's a picture of the airplay 2 menu, showing different songs streaming to different speakers and even another song on the phone itself.

  8. @AppleInsider Hey, do you know any trick or App that can set the alarm/reminder every 24 hrs not regarding to the time on the clock? I have to take a medication every 24 hrs and it is very confusing how many hrs has passed by when I have to travel in different time zones and my phone clock is set to auto-adjust on local time.

  9. If you search AirPlay2 on Google and view images, you can see what hopefully the finished product will look like. Looks more seamless and grays out speakers that are currently playing.

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