Plantronics Rig 800 LX Review

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The Plantronics Rig 800 LX are an amazing set of Xbox One wireless headphones that deliver great sound and are comfortable for long gaming sessions.
this is the best Xbox one wireless headset you can buy for under 150 and it might just be the best one you can buy for under 250 I'm Josh Smith we've got a mobile comm we're gonna take you on a closer look at the Plantronics rig 800 LX this is a Dolby Atmos certified headset and so when you buy this you actually get a code that unlocks Dolby Atmos on your Xbox one what that means is you get positional sound so you're gonna hear things above you below you and all around you and this is done virtually right inside the headphones and with that you're gonna have better positioning inside games this is really helpful to hear where footsteps are coming from in a game like pub G or if you're trying to figure out if something's above you or below you in a game with some verticality it can really help it also makes movies sound really amazing so some of the standout features on this headset is it's really comfortable I can wear these for really long gaming sessions and the headset kind of snaps apart right here and then I can choose where I want to put it so I can get the best fit there's a soft rubber or a soft cloth band here that adjusts using some like elastic type material so that you can get a good fit on your head the ear foam is very cushioning I have no problem wearing these with glasses which is what I wear when I do most of my gaming the headset has a microphone that slides down so you get a really nice easy it's there when you need it and when you flip it up if mutes automatically so it's really quick to go in between if you're in game chat and then another feature that I really love is there's a party mix button so this dial right here allows me to choose what's more important game audio or the audio from the voice chat from someone I'll play a game with and I can dial in that perfect mix so I can still hear footsteps or other in-game noises but also hear a teammate doing a call out or something like that they have insane battery life I think it's about 24 hours I rarely have to charge them they're good to go for a long gaming session and there is a little EQ button here there's four different eq's so you can kind of pick the that matches your game best if you really want to heighten the noises the little noises like footsteps or things like that you can do that or if you need the big booming base to be immersed you can go to something that does that these are $149 and honestly they could be 200 and still be worth the price and worth what you're getting here they're super comfortable super easy to use comes with a really small base station that you just plug into the back of the Xbox with USB and that's all there is to it you don't have to do any other setup they pair automatically and they sound really great these are my go-to gaming headset I do like some of the razer headsets and throw beach headsets but for the price this sits right in between those and its really the best that you can get out there right now for the Xbox one it's the Plantronics rig 800 LX with Dolby Atmos sound you can share how moreover I got a Google car



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  1. Just got these over the weekend. First true wireless headsets. No latency issues that other wireless headsets have. My biggest complaint is no voice monitoring. I'm sure I'll be shouting a lot since I can barely hear myself talk. They become uncomfortable after about 2 hours since the earcups are a bit small for me. The Astros and Turtle Beaches are more comfortable, but these are definitely my favorite pair I have owned so far. The price is a HUGE plus.

  2. Dolby Atmos Support:

    Hear things around you – check
    Hear things above you – check
    Hear things below you – umm, I'm not sure even Dolby Labs are aware of such feature, not to mentioned sound engineers creating content 🙂

  3. Anyone else having issues with these losing their pairing? I haven't yet found a need for the button on the puck, or the pairing mode from head set (Hold it up towards on for several seconds), all the other times it just synced itself automatically. Now I can't get it repaired for the life of me..

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