Bluedio F800 Bluetooth Headphones REVIEW – Active Noise Canceling

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The review of the cheap Bluedio F800 Bluetooth Headphones with Active Noise Canceling

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The phone used in this video it’s called the Xiaomi Mi Mix and here is it’s review:

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what's happening YouTube my name is Alex and welcome to a new review for today I have a pair of headphones from China that look very very cool they have active noise-cancelling and they only cost about $50 a couple of years ago if you know to get some headphones with active noise-cancelling you'd actually have to spend about 200-300 dollars but these days you can actually get something for about 50 bucks and that's pretty awesome first of all I was quite impressed by the box when you first get this it makes you feel like you bought something that costs two three hundred dollars so yeah they give you that premium feeling of course the box is not made out of premium materials and you can easily tell that it is a rather cheap box the headphones are packaged quite nicely inside the box and as soon as you remove that plastic cover up they do give you this premium feel there is also a user manual in that that's got a whole bunch of information about the headphone sender there is another box and inside that box you're going to find a 3.5 male audio jack and a charging cable and aside from that we even get a little carrying pouch here for these headphones looking at the headphones from a distance they do look like they're made out of leather and metal however if you do look closer Egremont is that there is a lot of plastic in there as well starting with the headband this is made out of some type of synthetic leather that's rather soft but it doesn't have that much cushion on top of that there are two metallic bands that keeper the headphones tight on your head you can also extend them by pulling down on them and I believe that there we get big enough for everyone's head that's where the metal ends as well so the ear cups are made out of plastic and synthetic leather the ear cups cover your ears completely and of course that will help with sound isolation wearing this for an extended period of time will get your ears rather hot and sweaty on the right ear cup we have the on/off button for the active noise canceling mode we also have the multi-purpose button the volume buttons and the charging port there are also a couple of microphones at the bottom of each here cap and a clip off I mean audio jack on the left one you don't have to use these headphones with the active noise canceling mode on all the time so you can just turn that on whenever you actually need it the multi-purpose button that if you actually keep that press a couple of seconds that's going to open on Google now on your phone you can just ask any questions right through the headphones and the answer is going to come on the headphones and of course on your phone if the phone it's on these headphones can be used over bluetooth but if you run out of battery you can always plug in the three point five mil all your jack that comes up in the box if you can listen to music that when this you don't actually need battery on these headphones that being said we can use these headphones for about twenty hours son with the active noise-cancelling on and about twenty five hours some over beautif of course if you have the active noise-cancelling off and now regarding the active noise canceling technology that they used in these headphones so this is not as good as on those other headphones that you'd find for around three hundred dollars or so but these are good if you're liking traffic or in a plane even though i haven't actually been on a plane with them but i've been outside on the state and you can really hear the cars outside but again the active noise-cancelling it's not as good as the other headphones that you'd buy for around three hundred dollars but it is good enough and rather decent for something that costs about $50 and keep in mind that these go over your ears so that helps a lot with sound isolation as well for some quality these remind me a lot of the beats soul on those headphones that i had down four years ago or something like that so there is a lot of bass and the mids and highs around rather decent as well however if you turn this up all the way so the maximum volume they do sound a bit distorted so the best listening experience with these would be around 75 to 80 percent of the power because otherwise the sound just gets a bit distorted and it's time to conclude this video so for about fifty dollars the f 800 is do offer a lot of value we get the active noise-cancelling that's something that we don't actually get done found cheaper headphones like this ones and even though it's not the absolute best noise canceling technology that they use them in this headphone so they're going to be awesome more like we're on a bus or something like that in traffic or anything like that but there is a lot of external noise the sound isolation is good and the sound quality it's average but again if you want amazing sound quality you're going to have to buy some headphones around 200-300 dollars but for 50 bucks you do get some very cool looking headphones that offer a lot of value in that price hopefully this video is useful if you guys liked it press that like button don't forget subscribe and I'll see in the next time thanks for watching



25 thoughts on “Bluedio F800 Bluetooth Headphones REVIEW – Active Noise Canceling”

  1. Hello for you which one is better bluedio f800 vs t4s vs faith2 why?please answer… and which one has more bass and t4s and f800 is uncomfortable for using all day long these ones have good bass? And which one is small than others? (not foldable like which has smaller wreathing ears things including peds , buttons and the logo on the ears)thank you..

  2. I don't think you have to spend $200 for good sound. I've listened to several different ones that didn't seem any better than any of the headphones I currently own.

    I own the AT M50X and it isn't that much better than my Status OB-1 or Bluedio Vinyl. They are all different (especially the open-back OB-1) and I enjoy them for different reasons. A loose review you could say the AT has the bass of the Bluedio and the clear highs of the Status. The Status a little bass shy but still enough to be enjoyable and sound lifelike. The Bluedio is warm and bassy but not unmusical on 90% of tracks. The M50X has a nice clear all-round sound but needs the treble tuned down, the OB-1 peak in the 125 and 250, and the Vinyl I turn the bass down and the mids up slightly.

    I would maybe pay $100 for the AT if the OB-1 or Vinyl were only about $60 but truthfully if I had either the OB–1 or the Vinyl, I wouldn't really care so much about the M50X, I think. The OB-1 matches the M50X in mids and highs and having the open-back I think is a nice addition for the slight lack of bass. The Bluedio Vinyl is the best value being that it's wireless. has good bass output, and has an enjoyable overall sound with almost always amazing mids and slightly recessed highs but the Vinyls are the most uncomfortable. The OB-1 is the most comfy being over-my-ears for sure – no touching my ears with the pads.

    But the real surprise, I think, is that I like songs I have never liked before most on the Status OB-1, which means probably my choice for winner is the currently $59 OB-1. Most comfortable, most enjoyable, most musical and about the cheapest one. If they had wireless I would love them even more. They are such a clean neutral and open sounding headphone that leaves nearly nothing out.

    I just ordered the F800 and look forward to checking them out. I may get the Victory as well and/or the Vinyl Plus.

  3. most people like over ear comfort and sound but won't wear them because their 2 big and don't fit close 2 your head the only company that has done this right is sennheiser with the momentum 2.0 please China copy this look and fit and you will sell millions

  4. wouldn't be caught dead wearing these outside its ashame bludio audio is so good but their builds are awful wish they would make a copy of the sennheiser momentum 2.0 they would be a hit. the momentum are the best looking headphones made

  5. Great review man, and nice meeting you at Stan's place.
    Just got my Ausdom M06 wireless headphones from gearbest and they are great. But should have checked out your review first as mine are not noise cancelling. Learning slowly through your videos


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