Audio-Technica ATH-ADG1x Review Open Air Gaming Headphones Review!

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Audio Technica ATH M50X are amazing headphones. Audio technica is trying to recapture magic with their gaming headphones the ATH ADg1. How do they compre in this full review?
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the ATH m50x are amazing headphones and they can be found on hundreds of youtubers desk and also near the top of the charts on Amazon for top-selling monitoring headphones Audio Technica is trying to dominate the gaming realm too offering two brand-new gaming headsets today we're taking a look at the ath ad g1x these are open back at gaming headphones that has a sticker of $300 is it worth it let's talk about it these headphones firstly are open air meaning they're not closed back like you see with other headphones what happens is that you get a more natural sound and that sound is coming around you and not to you and they also are much lighter headphones compared to the clothes back alternative these headphones weigh in at 10.05 ounces and the clothes back versions weigh 11 point to 8 ounces these headphones are 53 millimeter drivers and they push out frequency response of 5 Hertz to 35,000 Hertz the connection on the tip of the headphones is a standard 3-ring 3.5 millimeter jack and it's a pretty long cable at 1.3 meters and it also has an extension that you can extend it out by another two meters on the head they feel great they're very light and extremely comfortable the open air design comes into play when gaming for several hours normally after about an hour to I start to feel fatigued and my ears start to sweat well with these your ears are still cool it's very breathable Audio Technica has coined the phrase 3d wing support system which houses the non traditional headband now some adjustment time will be required but once you have it fitted correctly and trust me it feels weird at first they do start to feel great and it does take a little bit of time to play with and once again they just feel light and you really start to forget you're wearing them as far as performance the clarity is top-notch a game I like to test with is overwatch as it uses proximity sound nicely and from a distance I can hear Winston's large thumping steps and I also hear tracers pitter-patter of feet it was great being able to hear such mid and lows at the same time without Distortion now one thing that does happen however is that some of the highs can simply escape your ears now it's not a big deal and with the gaming I didn't notice it too much but when I listened for it it definitely does happen the on-board microphone is small and it's nimble but is not detachable as you can hear from a sound quality it is actually pretty good for a pair of gaming headsets now there's other ones in the market that's pretty comparable but for this set right here the microphone is really good and you should have no problems at all holding a conversation and it actually does a pretty decent job at getting rid of the background sounds – now there's a few other gaming headsets on the market especially the ones from turtle beach's but they don't have the same range when it comes to frequency so these are really great hybrid headphones for gaming and for not gaming as well these are open ear headphones you need to understand that you know it doesn't close out the sound so if you're playing somewhere that people are around you and it may bother them then look at the clothes back alternatives that's very important to know what you're getting when you buy these headphones and also you can hear the surrounding area around you so once again if you're in loud environment these are not the headphones for you check out the clothes back version regardless these headphones are still one of my favorites there's SuperDuper light comfortable and they sound really good there are a bit on the pricey side at $300 which is $100 more than the tournament edition of a turtle beach's but these headphones do have enough range to become decent music playing headphones – once again guys I'm Kevin the tech ninja if you liked the video give it a thumbs up and also hit subscribe if you like my videos I want to be notified when my videos already anyways guys take care



33 thoughts on “Audio-Technica ATH-ADG1x Review Open Air Gaming Headphones Review!”

  1. Also imo these are very uncomfortable. I have somewhat bigger ears and idky anyone would make ear pads round. Are people's ears round ? No so on my ears the top and bottom touch my ears and the wing design is horrible amd slides off just like everyone says. They are a very light but feel very cheap and plastic. Bad purchase on my behalf

  2. Have these and I'm already returning them. I'll tell you why. When it comes to "console" gaming weather by itself or combo with a Astro mix amp there really isn't much of a difference between headphones/headsets. My 10 dollar Panasonic ear buds sound just as good as these on my Xbox with the mix amp. Now I'm sure on a pc we're games are really optimized there is a big difference. Save your money if your only on a console. The mix amp makes everything sound good on console. Console audio isn't very optimized.

  3. These look like a gamer version of the ATH-AD900X ie they added a mic. If so then these are definitely a pretty good pair of headphones, but I think I'll stick to my trusty old pair of ATH-AD700 for my gaming needs. As a side note about the 3D Wing headband, it general fits better on people who have larger heads. I had to mod my AD700 with some elastic hair ties to snug up the fit.

  4. kevin, you should show off how the microphone performs getting rid of typing sounds and if the compression is any good (being able to scream and whisper while keeping the intensity at the same levels)

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